Joseph from the group Garrison answered my questions 26/5-2000

-We've been a band for just shy of 2 years now.previous to that we had
ventured into the juggling business but didn't find much success and after
a horrible accident with Ed and some juggleing torches we decided to devote
more of our time towards music.  Since then we've putout a couple records
toured the states once and are going out again this summer in support of our
newest record "A mile in cold water"  on rev.   (absolutely shameless plug
for a superior product)

Please tell me a little about every member?
-Well, Bobo-  is really funny he jumps all over the place and Jello sort of
rants and raves while trying to be taken seriously and Ian is really the
heart of the band, he runs the label and is just an all around nice guy. 
Actually,  Ed and I(Joseph) have known each other since the 4th grade and have been involved in this destructive relationship of song writing for quite

How did you came in contact with Revelation?
-We sent them a demo tape 2 summers ago before our 1st tour and they called
us a week later.  They actually listen to those things.  Crazy.  We talked
for a bit with them about doing a record and they were pretty interested.  I
think it mostly had to do with our previous juggleing expertise and as you
can see by Rev.'s back catalogue they really like a band to put on a quality
show.  We take that to heart.  "it's for the kids."  granted ,usually for us
that quote applies to birthday parties and school outings that require
juggleing and music,  but I think the same ethic is present.

Is it a good label? What do you like the other bands on the label?
-Yes,  Rev.  is a great label.  Everyone thinks of them as a hardcore label
but they've released so much diverse stuff over the years (Iceburn, Kill
Holiday, Gameface, Shai Hulud, Texas is the reason,)  which is pretty cool. 
And an honor to be releasing records with them.   I'm always interested in
new music and so I'm constantly checking out the new rev. bands. I remember
when we got signed Rev.  Had just released the Damnation a.d. record and we
were so psyched be cause we were such fans of those guys and it was great to
be on the same label with them.  Sometimes I wish they provided us with more
cocaine, but that's neither here nor there.

Why do you play just that sort of music you do?
-Odd question. We just do.  I think if you and the people you play with are
somewhat on the same page then you just get together and what comes out is
what comes out.  Less of a concious decision to play that way and more like
something you have to do.

How would you describe it to soemone who never ever have heard you?
-To my parents-  loud, aggressive melodic rock
To the cop who pulled us over last week in Georgia-  all-american rock and
roll.               To scene kids-loud  aggressive melodic rock
To most old people- all american rock and roll

What do you know about Sweden?
-You are part of a peninsula and are very close to the former Soviet union.
You give out the nobel prizes and have an unbalanced population of beautiful
people.  You are also only one country removed form a bunch of fiordes and
that in and of itself is pretty righteous.

Have you heard any swedish bands worth to mention?
-Roxette.  Just kidding.  I'm not all that sure.  Abhinanda, Ace of base,
Refused,  pretty much rule the planet as far as that last record goes.   What
are some that I should know?  Fill me in.

What do you think about the new way to commuincate with e-mail,internet
and that stuff?
-Email is fascinating to me. It opens up so many possibilities for
communicating.  Almost all the corresponding that I do regarding my band is
through email, be it to the follks at rev.  or setting up a show in florida
or booking in europoe or just saying hello to someone that got our record
and got in touch.  The internet is pretty interesting from a sociologigal
point of view but I don't find a lot of enjoyment from surfing around.  I
never owned a computer until a year and a half ago so it's all pretty new to
me still.

Do you have an own homesite, if you have who does it?
-No,  the best way to find out any info about us would be at  or for booking and show
info.  Or just get in touch with me at

Do you have good contact with your fans? If you think you have, in which
-Yes, we try to.  I like to think that the sort of people who would be
really into us are the sort of people I would like to grab a cup of coffee
with.  When ever we tour we've had the opportunity to hang out with some
fans and it's always an honor to be let into a little bit of their lives. 
What are they up to in school, or work, do they play music , what was
childhood like, etc.  I kind of feel that this is all about communication
anyways and if I can meet someone cool because they dig our record or
because they came out to a show  that's pretty awesome.  There are a few
people I keep in contact with via email who first met me because of this
band and now we know each other better as people.

Garrison, where does the name come from?
-My grandfather used to keep a "garrison"  belt on the back of the bathroom
door to hit the kids with if they go out of line.

Are you satisfied with A mile in cold water?
-Extremely.  It's the best thing we've ever done.  We recorded it with our
friend Kurt Ballou (Converge, ex-hippie)  and it was the so much fun to have
the time to throw around a lot of ideas and try new things as far as the
flow of the record and different guitar sounds.  It was the first time
garrison has made a full length and I've found it's really hard to pick and
choose all the things to go on  a record that you will be comfortable
listening to again and again.   To create 40 some odd min.  of music you
love and get it right is one of the more difficult things I've had to do
thus far in my life.  But I'm very proud of this record and I think it is
really something we can build on for our live show and for future

What have you could done better?
-Everytime you record you can look back and say "oh, I should have added
this, or not played it quite like that," but I find that way of thinking
pretty useless.    I enjoy listening to the record for what it is,  not what
I would do to it a month or a year later.  It is a document of where we were
at as a band when it was recorded and sometimes that can be the charm  of a
record as well.

What have you done except that record? And how can I get it?
-We recorded a demo which is way out of print, try ebay.  A 7"  for a local
Boston label called Espo records (   which is still in
print as far as I know.   we released "The bend before the break", a 5 song
ep, on Rev.  last summer and then this new one.  I think that covers

How is a good concert with Garrison?
-Crazy.  Lots of energy and a real feeling that people are listening and
being inolved. We usually enjoy a lot of talk between the aud. And us while
we tune and figure out what song is next.  I've always had a wekness for the
basement show atmosphere and if we can create that sort of unity whether it
be in a 1000 person club or in our friend's back yard then I'm satisfied.

Are you playing much gigs, where´s the best place to play? Have you been
to Europe?
-Yes, we play all the time.  Good places we've been to that stand out:  the
Che Café in San Diego, The Space in Worcester, the Cog Factory in Omaha,
Gainsville fl.  Is pretty rad, Chapel Hill, nc is cool too.  And we'll be in
Europe come sept. 2000 for a month or so.  Burkhard from Green Hell is
booking it and we can't wait to get over there.

Is it violent to live in USA?
-No.  it all depends where in the U.S. you are living but I live in a major
city and random acts of violence are not something I often consider in my
life. If I was in a really depressed part of Maiami of nyc it might affect
me more but as for right now,  I do think about it. You can't really live
in fear of that stuff any way.  Conversely you can't walk around in certain
sections late at night being stupid but for the most part I feel pretty

Is it many interviews? Is it boring to being interviewed?
No, not at all.  I am always amazed at the fact that someone want to talk
about things with me, and hear what I have to say about them.  I wish
sometimes that more interview could be done in person because you get a
different, conversational dynamic but I enjoy them a lot.

Five records you can´t be without?
The Cure- Disintegration
Drive like jehu- Yank crime
Quicksand- Slip
Swervedriver- Mescalhead

The first record you ever bought?
-Bon jovi- Slippery when wet in the 6th grade on cassette

Are record collectors pretentious arseholes?
-Not the ones who I have met.  More just geeks. I used to collect comic
books and D&D stuff when I was younger so I understand the collecting
mentality,  I think it's just fun for most of them.  No 15 yr. Old sxe kid
is buying a copy of the Minor Threat and trying to prove that he was there
"back in the day"  it's just "hey, look, isn't this cool"  kind of thinking.

Have you bought any really expensive record?
No,   but I would pay a lot for certain things that are out of print and
only available on vinyl, such as Tortoise's  Gamera 12"   if you find it let
me know, please.  

What do you think about following things Ramones, Iggy Pop, Bill
Clinton,Soccer and European people?
-Ramones- cool classic rock as far as I'm concerned, but still very cool
Iggy pop-  what is up with that guy's chest?  I've never met him and I feel
like I know too much about him
Bill Clinton-  a happy puppet
Soccer/Football-  awesome,  I played for years in school and think it's a
sport with a lot of skill and finesse
Europeans- wow, broad category there.  I lived in London for 6 months when
I was in school and I loved it. So going to Europe in sept. will be chance
for me to see a lot of that stuff all over again.  My girlfriend and I just
went to Italy and it was amazing, so I love most of Europe that I've been
to.  I find all of the history fascinating coming from such a young country,
like the USA .

What does love mean to you?
-I could write a book on this one.

What does punk mean for you?
-A few things: a fashion movement that didn't do too much for me, an ethic
in how we deal with things and each other (diy)  and a genre of music that
has influenced the way I make music.

What is the most boring thing to be in a band and what is the best
things with it?
-The best thing is traveling and playing our music for other people all over
the world.  The worst thing is being gone so long sometimes that you forget
where home is.

Future plans?
-Lots of touring and continuing to challenge ourselves as far as the music
we make.

Something more to add?
-Thanks for letting me go off in your 'zine about all this stuff.  Hope to
see you when we get to Europe. Rock.