Funhouse Strippers is a group which I really like. Their 77-punk have really much attitude and I can hear many old bands there even if they have a modern sound. Look into this small interview done in march-07

-Karen and CT were in the Shifters and Trust Fund Babies in San Francisco. David was lead singer of indie band here in Oregon. Karen and CT moved to Oregon in 2001 and had kids then got the itch to play music again found David and started a punk band called Watson’s, after some line up changes and desire to play more rock n roll the funhouse strippers were born in summer 2005.

Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, work, interests and
something bad about every one?

-We have a lot of members but Karen and CT are married in late 30s and have kids, David and Chrissy married, Jaime and Toby in early 20s single, all of us like to drink too much.

My review of your record is like this FUNHOUSE STRIPPERS-TFS(CD-SHARK RECORDS # 1) Really cool this one. Fat distorted punkrock in the same spirit as the early punkbands and the sounds as this group have is very similar to the 77-punkbands. 8 songs which sounds really dangerous and have this came 1976 so hade people shit their pants. Alittle bit distorted music and they have a sound which is typical timedocument how it sounded then and I like that fact really much. In Good time girl I almost hear David Johansens voice in the music and that´s really fun.(EIGHT) 12/3-07
What about it?
-Thanks for the kind words, It was recorded in our practice space by Rob from the Minds/Flip-Tops in a day drinking many beers.

Is there any other bands you´re being compared with?

-New York Dolls, Damned, Heartbreakers.

Do you care about reviews?

-It´s cool to see what is said.

Which is the most peculiar review you ever have got?

-Not got that many reviews – kinda lazy getting our stuff out.

How would you describe your music in three words?

-Fun Punk Rocknroll

How is it to live in your homecountry?

-Great, easy living and lots of places to play, and some even dance!

What about the government?

-Bush smells pretty bad – but hey the partys almost over.

Do you think that music and politics goes hand in hand?

-Not really – wanna have fun and forget about that crazy shit .
1Best political band?

-Circle Jerks.

Is there any good bands in your homecountry now? Favourites from the past?

-Yah tons of great bands – Bodies, Moneychangers, Flip-tops, Stitches, Trends, - old favorites – Heartbreakers, Dolls, Stooges (oh forgot they got back together)

What do you know about Sweden?

-It has great bands, and CTs friend Johan lives in Norrkoping.

Have you heard any good swedish bands?

-Yah – love the Diamond Dogs , Accidents.

What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle? Your relation to punk?

-Just have fun and mix it up.


The best with have two women in the band??

-We have threee in the band now – lead guitar and two back ups – really help to get the crowd going .

Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five
most important things in life?

-Records – Circle Jerks-Group sex , Kids self titled, Heartbreakers LAMF, Teengenerate –anything, New York Dolls.

Concerts –Ccircle Jerks 1989, Stitches 1996, Briefs 2005, Bodies 1997, Ramones 1988 .


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-Gogos single, Exploding Hearts re-release, most expensive = Nipple Erectors first press .

Most embarrasing record in your collection?


Do you do any covers on stage? Why or why not?

-Yah we do a Gizmos’s cover – the one on the cd, Covers are fun and a great way to develop a sound as a band.

Is it many interviews? Is it boring?

-Interviews are a great way to see what all of us think.

Which is the question you never get, please ask it and answer it?

-Why do you do it? We love to party have fun and get together and go wild – music is a great outlet and way to keep young.

Is it any chance to see you in Sweden soon? Have you ever been here?

-Send us 6 tickets and some beer money and we’ll leave tomorrow! Hahaha – would love to go over there, seems like people go wild.

Where is the best place to play?

-In our hometown –its small outside the big city of Portland – so the fav place is a café that’s all ages and serves beer! Pretty fun. In the city some great bars like the Tonic that has bigger bands.

How is a good gig with you?

-Lot of dancing and craziness.

Which type of people comes to your concerts??

-All ages and types, we like to appeal to wide variety. In our small town we get kids up to grandparents out to our shows.

What shall we do about all rascists?


The best band in punkhistory?


The most important punksong? Your best song?

-All by myself – Heartbreakers,,, Rock n Roll – the Kids

The label Shark Records, is it your own label or?


Futureplans for the band?

-Have a record coming out next mo on Radio Rec (label in California) – has bands like the Bodies, Shifters, Sore Thumbs, Radio Reelers, etc

For yourself?

-Keep having good time.




Something to add?

-Thanks for your interest and time – sounds like you’ve got a great thing going out there and wish you the best!