With members from Asta Kask, Cosa Nostra so comes Frost as a interesting ”newcomer” and here answers the band and Jenz himself on some questions in the end of august.



   The band: Jenz-Jönsen and Old-Bjurre played together the last time in Cosa Nostra and there they started an embryo to a cooperation because they have the same view on punk/punkmusic. Jenz which lived in Jönköping at the time took his things and moved over to Mariestad. And then the first attempt to start Frost came. Bjurre which also plays in the hardcoreband DENY, forced his mates there (Jonsson and Johan) to come into Frost. And Frost was a fact. amrater där ( Jonsson och Johan ) att rätta sig in i Frostledet . Och FROST blev ett faktum .


Please tell me a little about every member, age, interest, work and something bad about every one?

   The band: Bjurre – 22  – 23  – Industryslave  –  Jenz  – Johan  –  37 – lives with a girl – 220voltslave– 22 – Carpe-Diem – Jonsson – Asta-Kask –  Cosa-Nostra – Have cut his finger off – talk smålandska( a sort of Swedish)- Deny  –-  Manpowerslave  – Have puked during a recording without being drunk- Have been to a concert with Michael Jackson.


You have been playing in Cosa Nostra, Asta Kask and so on , is it something which is bad thing for Frost when you´re out and play? Do people wish many old songs?  

The Band: It´s both heaven and hell , it can open doors and it can be a thing which is bad. But we will do the same line as Cosa did, Frost is a new band and then we do Frostsongs, people who wants to hear other stuff can be home and listen to old records instead. Or wait to see reuinions with the old bands. 


I was sure that you would play hardcore with english lyrics, why did I think so?

   The Band: Isn´t that we play ???? We have only translated the lyrics to Swedish so we all can understand in Sweden and plays the songs backwards so it´s Discharge´s first record we have taken the music from!


How would you describe your music in three words?

   The band: Nerdy , shit or as you would have said in Finland, yellow, brown and blue.


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or a lifestyle?

   Jenz: Definitely a lifestyle which have formed to the one I am today. A group community I feel comfortable with and I´m also a pain in the ass of our societys rules


What do you think about the gig swedish punk 25 years, is it silly or is it a good way to get up the interest of punk?

   Jenz: It will be really fun to see old punkers running around sweaty on the stage and I think that it will woke up an interest for punk. But I´m really worried for Asta Kask because I´m a stand in bassist when they rehears in Mariestad without Ernie( because he lives in Stockholm and he can´t be on every gig). Then after every rehersal I must give them artificial breathing so they can survive. But I can´t give them bad critics in Gothenburg because then I will get deathpenalty from the old punkuncles on the next rehearsal.



How is a good gig with Frost?

   The band:Small stage, intensity and a lot of slamming from the audience !

 How does your audience look like, which types are coming to your gigs?

     The Band: All styles of handicaped  people of the sort homosapiens but not so often right wing and small children.


When you do music, what is most important, is it to have a good lyrics, a good melody or to have a refrain that people remembers?

     The band: Energy , something to say and sing along refrains. It´s things which comes together so we can communicate in the best way with the ones that we want to communicate with.



Who does the songs in the group, are you doing them together or do you do some songs each?

     The band: Who do what in Frost is really uninteresting, it´s together we  make the interesting. All in the group do something so we get the things we need to sound like we do.  We think that bands who want to tell the world who did what have problems….they´re egoists or they want to be seen.. 


Do you do any covers, if you do why and why have you picked just them?

     The band: Answer no … but we maybe do it in the future  We´re ready to do a cover, but if we take it out on gigs, we will see.


What do you think about musiclife in sweden today? Is there any good places to play?

     The band: It´s not so many places to do livemusic on today but two of Swedens really good places is Dixi in Falköping and not to forget Cafe 44 in Stockholm.






Some good bands?

     The band: It´s really big differences in the band and it varies through time and space…..but here you have … …Bad-Religion , N.O.F.X , Charta 77 , Dead Kennedys , Die Toten Hosen , Troublemakers , Wolfbrigade and so on..


Politically then? Is music something which goes hand in hand do you think?

     The band:  Absolutely ! Punk is for us , dare to think and say what you want and then it´s politics and we express ourselves through the music, so it goes hand in hand for us.


Who does the best politic lyrics?

     Bandet:  It depends where you stand politically but in our way to see it you can´t name some specific political view because in some questions you stand different in different questions. But it should be leftwing …


Where do you stand when we talk about euro?

     Jenz: EMU is for people with money and power, I as an usual man must stand with my hat in my hand and eat the things which will be left which not will be bigger when we take the euro.So I will do everything to stop the big EU-thing. First they wanted to take the political power from us and now they want to atke the economic power….All must say no! Refuse powercentrating!!!


Is it important to care about politics or can you understand the people who don´t give a damn?

     The band:  Of course it´s important ! It´s nothing wrong with politics , it´s only wrong on the people who do the politics today …

The ones that don´t say anything and don´t give a damn about it cannot say anything when someone else drives over them…because it´s going to happen. Don´t let them take you. To have people who don´t give a shit about things is the beginning to doomsday….a community like that is like having a bomb under your pillow, it´s only a matter of time when it blows…


Please rank your five best records, five best concerts and the five most important things in life?

     Jenz: Absolute-music 1 – 5 . Backstreetboys , A-Teens , Britney Spears , Jimmy Bölja and Motorhead . The most important in life : Watch the TV, go out with the cat, be mad at your neighbour, shop in the big centra and go out on camping.


First, latest and the most expensive record ever bought?

     Jenz: First ? I don´t remember but the first punkrecord was Med Is i Magen with Asta Kask and the latest was the Svenska Punkklassiker which was released by MNW. Haven´t bought some expensive, but all records are expensive today….if you see it that way.


Where do you stand when we talk about mp3, is it worng or right to download music? Who´s the one it´s worst for? The established or the new bands?

     Jenz: It´s both good and bad … The downloading will get rid of the record companies, but it shouldm´t come as a surprise, the companies should have find new ways earlier to give us music. But this will maybe be so that the companies would have so much money and they don´t dare to let new bands come foreward. We have already noticed that but I have no concrete answer how to solve this problem. People who download have no knowledge about how much it cost to produce a record but I know that the most records don´t go around economic. And it´s not so fun to pay yourself and somebody download it for free.The musicbusiness stands will go through a steelbath but it´s maybe necessary but it´s not so nice as a band to work under those terms…


Do you download for yourself? If you´re doing it, are you feeling guilty?

     Jenz: No, not so often  . I want the real stuff with a booklet and so on.


Is it much interviews? Is it boring?

     Jenz: I don´t see it like something which is hard, it´s not so many. But it´s really fun that people are interesting of the things we´re doing.


Wgihc is the question you want to have but you never get, please ask it and answer it?

     Jenz: Is the king going to be allocated? Answer : Yeah, he could wash cunts in Öland.


Is there any good zines on the net or on paper you can recommend?

     Jenz: Spawnzine , Fishzine and Skrutt to mention some .


Any other websites to recommend?

     Jenz: Frosts own webiste ( x3me.net/frost ) . And a new punkportal which our webmaster Johan have done ( x3me.net/punk ) a site done for punks by punks , Use it man or die !







Futureplans for the band?

     The band: During the autumn we will go out and really spank bottoms and we will tattoo the Frostlogo in the skulls on everyone which will be in the way. And then we´re going to recorda fullengthalbum and get some maniac to release it. It seems like we have a solution on that today. And continue playing and to have sadosex in our rehearsalroom with extrasalty Bregott between our bottoms. And then we want peace on earth and release all prisoners, join V.B.F.(The Greenhouse Liberation front)


And for yourself?

     Jenz: I go where time take me….



     Jenz: Styvallå Börje!!!!


Something to add?

  Bandet: Hope we can see each other out on the barricades / FROST