Andreas which also is called Skägget(The Beard) is the man who is playing bass and sings in this tough hardcoreband Fredag den 13:e and he have also answered the questions i gave him in the beginning of march or the end of february 2011. He is not saying so much in the beginning so we must say that you shall read on their My Space site too…Anders(vocals) Stoffe(Guitar) and Niclas(drums) and and last and the least Jakob(guitar/vocals) is the other members in the group.  


-It´s an OK history on our website.…

Just tell us a little bit about every member , age, family, interests and something bad about every one?

-Not interesting. We´re a band , a collective.


Some other groups beside Fredag den 13.e?

-See My space

I think that you play some sort of crust, what do you think you´re playing?  

-Ah, a musicquestion! We also call this crust sometimes but it´s somewhere some sort of rock inbetween. Which isn´t any problem for us. We have a really wide style when we listen to our music. You really never know how it will be but the most important thing is that the song feels good when we rehearse. We have no mall how we do songs.  

Punk, what does that mean to you, is it only a word, or is it a lifestyle?  

-Punk is absolutely more than a word, but I don´t know if it have the same relevance as before. The commercial style is totally when we talk about wellknown bands and I have difficulties to see that any band will start any social revolution. But I´m maybe wrong, no one thought that a lonely selfburner in Tunisia would start a revolution which would get the whole North Africa on it´s fall…. I think that punk for us is to do things on our own and do it as we want it. No idea to say too much.  

Käng is a musicstyle which is really broad and popular is the sweidsh crust in foreign countries, what do you think , why are we so good at doing crust, is it the hard climat?

-Hardly the climat. Or poverty because then we had heard more and better music from the middle east. I think it depends on that many people thinks life is empty and boring in Sweden. We have it Ok economically the most of us but we have more difficulties with meaningfulness. The music fills in there, you can meet, do music and play to other people. Filip and Fredik gave us the epression DDR-SWEDEN about Sweden before the crisis in the 90´s. I think that says a whole lot. Everyone would be the same and noone could stick out and on television there was only two channels which gave us statecontrolled programs. Todays Sweden is more like China, ”fascism with a human face” . Fredrik and Anders looks nice when they talks in the television and then their politics destroys everything which is build up for under 100 years  no one cares about. But except that fact so does bands like Anticimex and later Refused and Skitsystem just to mention some, gives a rumour and inspires bands after. And I think that you can get paid from Studiecirkeln is one other thing. They pays for the rent anyway.

Have you been playing a lot outside Sweden?

-Some actually. On the latest tour we did Central Europé during the two weeks we were out.  

Where is best to play?

-It´s best organised and the biggest chance to get a good gig is not so surprising in Germany, that´s obvious. Don´t go to France. They have some really good people who burns for it and make gigs but there isn´t any audience. Or it is no audience for us anyway. But Italy and in the east is also good.  

How is a good gig with you?

-We can be really good sometimes and then we drive over all. The whole sea is storming and both Bismarch and Stena Dancia goes to the bottom for our cannons. It happens that we´re doing bad preperations sometimes but I must say that we have a high lower level when we´re talking about liveperformances. We´re more sweaty than other bands afterwards but it have maybe with our health to do. Our drummer got corrosion on his drums after the last tour because of sweat. If I shall give an emotional refernce so can I mention the party/orgyscene in the movie  Der Untergang , a more suitable environment for a gig with Fredag den 13:e is hard to find. A room full of pigs which knows that the end is near is our audience.

The same name as your band is the movie with the same name, is horrormovies something you like and do you have any favourite?

-The serie of movies with the same name have nothing to do with our band.

Is the name of a band important? Which is the best bandname around?  

-Hm the name yes. Yes it´s important, it have a meaning. Maybe nothing we have come foreward to together but the meaning behind it is desperation, anger and a black view on the most things. To see the world with Fredag-scissors on. Had we been name(Allt är skit och vi förtjänar det”(All is shit and we earn it) so had it meant the same as ”Fredag den 13:e” do now.

How do you think it is to live in Sweden right now?

-Nasty and really boring. Slow suicide.


-We can say like this. Had you asked me when I was going in ninth class if I thought that SD would be in the government had I laughed high. The refugee politics is unreal and I don´t think it´s so long time until it´s called Sweden Inc. The socialist party will not find any inspiring new leader so it´s up to the partys outside the parliament to show their strength. And not to win the election after four years of condensation is a weakness sign. I´m not a socialist but I rather have a wolf in sheeps clothes than a pure wolf. Even if it´s only cosmetic difference. I don´t want to think about it more now.  

Any good bands in Sweden right now?

-I cannot come up with one. Night Fever? No not taht…OK should be Trubbel then.

Your lyrics, does it feels important to sing about important things or could you do a ”simple” song about love?

-Interesting question- The only criteria is that the things we sing about is important for the one who writes and that the lyrics is something that the one that have written means. And then it doesn´t matter what is all about and we have one lyric about love on the record we have released.

Politics and music, do they go hand in hand?

-As body and soul does this goes hand in hand. Butt hen you don´t have to sing about the partymanifest just because of that. To say that you don´t care about politics is politics in itself.  

Which band or artist is the best political act?

-Checked shirt and beard seems more important than politics right now so I say Tragedy for old times sake.

Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and the five most important things in life?

-Ok, I got the mission to do this and then I give you my personal favourites. I don´t say any concerts because I haven’t seen any good for a long time.  


Carnivore – Retaliation

Motörhead - Bastards

Genocide SS – Superstar Destroyer

Mastodon – Levithian

Danzig – IV

Five important things in life: Friends, music, friends , friends  , friends.


The first, the last and the most expensive record in your collection?

-First: Shout at the devil/ Mötley Crue, Latest:Trubbel / Snedstegsvalsen 7” Most expensive: Type O Negative / Origin of the feeces  (originalcover) 1500 swedish krona.

And when we talk about records, where do you stand when we talk about mp3 and downloading?

-Download but buy it if you have money and like the band. And then we becomes better and do more music. Booze and drugs there is always money to

And we talk about records again…have you done some more than  Under iskalla fanor?

-Yeah. A 7”Fredag den13:e” (Out-of-print) and a split 7 with Dobermann Cult, released on Kranium records.

Which icecold flags are we talking about here?  

-The listener must try to come up with that .

Black seeds Records, please tell me about the label and have it released some more stuff?

-It is there on the net, the one that seeks will find.

Which is your next release?

-LP planned


Do you sell much records, much merchandise?  

-Yeah, it´s enough. The record will be repressed.

Futureplans for the band? 

-Continue to play without murder each other.

For yourself?

-One breath a time.


-Be nice to your mum.

Something to add?