Danny Boy (the singer) answers to this questions I gave to Fourth Sin this may 2007.:

When and why did you start to play?
The band was born in 2004, the intent was to re-create the sound of the furious years of the Italian hard core mixed up with some old school sound. In the beginning the line up was different, the actual line up goes on from September 2005.

Please tell me a little about every member in the band, age, family, interests, work and something bad about every one?
-I am the lead vocalist, my name is Danny, I’m 32 years old.
Valerio is the bassist and the former of the band, he’s 24 years old.
Pekkio is the lead guitarist, he’s 23 years old.
Ceyen is the drummer, he’s 24 years old.
Me, Valerio and Pekkio are blue collars of different types, Ceyen is a well famous tattooist. We’re all involved in punk hardcore from a lot of years.

Italy as a punkcountry, how is that?
-Italy has a large history in punk/hardcore and oi!. From the early 80’s there were a lot of good bands such as Nabat, Negazione, Wretched, Rappresaglia and hundreds of other good bands. Nowadays we’ve got a strong hardcore movement (especially in Rome), and some good punk rock bands who use to play a lot away from Italy. Unfortunatly there are just few places were a young punk band can play and that’s sucks!

What does punk mean to you, is it only a musicstyle or is it a lifestyle?
-I think that it’s impossible to think to the punk movement as a mere musical movement (I believe that if it was so punk would not exists today), for me it stills the way in which I express my disgust to the society, it offers me a different point of view to face the reality of the contemporary world.

How is Rome a musiccity nowadays?
-Rome is a musical universe itself, we’ve got every kind of styles but we’ve got only few places to play in and so we usually play in squats too.

Is there any good bands around ....and in other cities than Rome?
-In Rome I can suggest to you: Strength Approach, Payback, To Kill, The Difference, Taxi, The Bone Machine and Klaxon.
Other good bands from other cities in my opinion are: Gonna Fall Hard from Venice, Gods Of Gamble from Cagliari, Rebelde from Bologna, Blood 77 from Formia, Klasse Kriminale from Savona but there are a lot of good bands and it’s very difficult for me to choose some…

What do you know about Sweden?
-I think that is a great place. I’ve always been attracted from the great north and the Viking culture and religion.

Have you heard any good swedish bands?
-Of course Anti-cimex, Crude SS, Filthy Christians,Sskitslickers, The Jinx and Ultima Thule(even if I’ve heard some strange rumours about them) and Perkele (even if I’m not sure that they’re Swedish)

What´s the best and what´s the worst of being in a punkrockband?
-The beer, the birds, the fights and the concerts. I don’t know if those are the good or the bad sides of the story…

How would you describe your music in three words?
-Fast, loud and furious.

Which type of people comes to your concerts?
-We’ve got a large and variegate public, usually you can find punks, straights, skinheads, skaters, bangers and all kinds of people who likes to have fun listening to good music.

Which type of people do you miss on your concerts?
-Top models?

When you do a song, which is most important, is it to have a good lyrics, a good melody or to have a refrain that people remembers?
-The lyrics are very important but good words without good music are useless…I think that a good song is made by a perfect mixture of powerful melody, strong lyrics and a lot of choruses.

Politics and music, does it go hand in hand?
-It depends from what you mean for politics, we don’t consider ourselves as a political band even if you’ll always find social oriented lyrics in our cds. We think that using the music to promote obsolete ideals is stupid and useless, punk is something which concerns chaos and anarchy the way you live your life and not the party that you vote!

Best political band/artist?
-The Clash and Dead Kennedys (this is my opinion).

Please rank your five favourite records , five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?
-Records (it’s very difficult to answer):
The Clash – The Clash
The 4 Skins – The Good, The Bad and The 4 Skins
Youth Of Today – Can’t Close My Eyes
Sick Of It All – Just Look Around
Motorhead – Rock’n’Roll
MDC/Ratos de porrao (the first punk hc concert in my life)
Stiff Little Fingers
The Clash Of Titans (which featured Slayer, Testament, Suicidal Tendencies and Anthrax)
The “Questa roma mica…fest” (which is the annual concert with the best band from Rome)
Nabat/Ghetto84 (a lot of years ago…)
Things in life:
True love

First, last and most expensive record ever bought?
-First one: More Dead Cops (MDC)
Last one: Dead Baby (Taxi)
Most expensive: Skin + Punk = TNT (a very old and rare compilation of Italian punk oi! bands)

Most embarrasing record in your collection?
-A lot…maybe a 7” compilation with 47 bands and 71 songs…

The record you bought for the cover and become so dissatisfied with?
-Warzone (Warzone)

How is it to live in Italy otherwise, I mean politically?
-Sometimes I would like to fly away from here…

What do you think about the government?
-We’re now ruled by the left wing coalition which, in effects, hasn’t done a lot of left wing politics…

Before many italian punkband ssounded hardcore as you, but nowadays Italy have got a load of good poppunkbands, how come? And do you like the new poppunkbands?
-I think that pop punk and punk hardcore has nothing in common. Pop punk is now so diffused due to the Mtv influence and the diffusion of skate oriented clothes. I don’t like poppunk bands at all!

I understand that you being compared to other bands , which are those bands?
-Usually we’re compared to Sick of It All, Pantera, Nuclear Assault and Negative Approach which are bands that we like very much so it’s a pleasure for us!

Do you care about reviews? Which do you turst the most, the good or the bad ones?
-Reviews are very important, of course a good one can help you a lot but we’re not scared of bad ones…(I hope that your review will be good).

Which are the most peculiar you have got?
-We play the stuff that we like, we goes over any division of gender and style.

Which is the biggest audience you ever have played for? The amount of people I mean?
-In Rome we use to play in front of 500 hundred persons each time, in some festivals the number rises up to 2/3 thousand.

Which is the biggest band you have been a support act to and which is the biggest one you have had as a support act?
-We consider great bands each band we’ve played with!

Futureplans for the band?
-Travelling around Europe making concerts.


For yourself as a human being?
-Find a new job and a house…

-Someone do it for the fame, others for the money, we’re into this shit ‘cause we love it!

Something to add?
-Thank you very much, it’s important to know that there stills someone who cares about the scene worldwide, we hope that someday we can meet personally in Sweden or here in Rome. Thank you again, keep the faith!