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please find here the answers from Flattbush, they answered them in 2 groups of people, the whole band was involved so I hope it doesn't result too messy for you, I'm totally swamped & didn't have the time to put it all together,I hope that's ok for you. If you still need anything please let me know & I'll do what I can.

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(from a letter from their promotor)



B & R = Bradley and Rico

R & A & R =These answers are mainly from Riko with some inputs from Arman & Ray as well



B & R: - Well, that's a broad question. The bio on our website explains it all.

R & A & R : - Check out Flattbush Bio. Sorry.


Please tell me a little about every member , age, work, interetsts, family and something bad about every one?

B & R: - Arman - bass 27, works in a hospital changes colostomy bags all day, and sometimes does blood transfusions. It's a shitty job, and he like all of us can't wait to quit his bullshit job. Interests include social activism, music, and serving the people.

Brad - guitar 23, works as a waiter for minimum wage,serving the bourgeoise and hating every second of it. Can't wait to be a full time musician/activist. I enjoy the arts, and serving the people through activism.

Ray - drums 22, free lance comedian on the side. The ulimate blast beat drummer! Enjoys listening to Sade in his spare time.

Rico - 25, works @ a Fast food chain flipping burgers all day, fucking hates it! Can't wait t o be a full time musician/activist. Enjoys drawing and painting in  his spare time.

R & A & R : - Riko _ 25 works in a fast food restaurant.

Arman _ 27 Health clinic.

Brad _ 23 works in a fast food restaurant.

Ray _ 22 works in a wherehouse.

We all have our shortcomings but we correct them by applying criticism and self-criticism. We believe that people change as long as you are patient and give them time to reform themselves. The question is, are you perfect?

No offense but we do not want to get detail about our personal life. Soon.


You come from the Phillipines some of you, do you have any contact with the country today?

B & R: -Yes, we are in touch with several human rights organizations.

R & A & R : - Basically this is directed to me and my brother Arman.Yes. We still have relatives in the Philippines. We are friends of a human rights group KARAPATAN ( RIGHTS ),and legal mass organization like BAYAN ( New Patriotic Alliance ), and the like.


Is there any punkmovement there? Any good bands as you know?

B & R: - Yes, there are many punk bands forming and a growing scene. Some bands are Brave New World, and the Dead Ends.

R & A & R : - I just got a package from the Philippines and it is full of CD_s and tapes of punk bands. I am not familiar with their names yet because we are very busy. All I can say that they are raw and very energetic. It sucks that they do not have a support system. We would like to help them out.


What do you know about Sweden?

B & R: - We're not familiar with Sweden, but hope to tour the area next summer. We are interested in the political movements, the culture, and the politics, and would be happy to receive info. on all of it.

R & A & R : - Honestly, nothing yet.


Have you heard any swedish bands worth to mention?

B & R: - Not sure, is Decapitated from Sweden? They're pretty good.

R & A & R : - No.


Is there any good bands in USA today?

B & R: - Yes, but not many. Some that come to mind are Fantomas, Tomahawk, Primus (just got back together), Frog Brigade, Oyster Head.

R & A & R : - Music has a different types of styles, genre, or whatever. People are divided into different types of conciousness and taste. Personally, I like Fantomas because they are breaking that traditional repetitive stuff you hear in the radio over and over. I think it takes a lot of dicipline to get something tight like that.


Your music is really angry, how come you play that angry music? Is it a way to get out your feelings and don’t become murderers and so on?

B & R: - Our music is the story of the people, the true story,not candy coated by the media, We are the voice of the voiceless. Of course we're pissed off due to the ongoing exploitation of the worlds people. Our sound is also based on the revolutionary tactic of agitation to get people to think, and be aware of what's actually going on out there.

R & A & R : - We are mad to this rotten society. We are affected by this _ I do not give a fuck _attitude. I think because I had a lot of direct discrimination from different types of ignorant people trained and thought by the schools in the center imperialism. So I can relate to those protestors insecurity. I think we are going to get indirect murdered first by the ruling elite in the White House before we even get to punish them for their crimes against the people.


Somewhere I read that aggressive music will get people more aggressive, what about that?

B & R: - Well, the meat heads will always get riled up of any heavy music, without questioning what it's all about.There's a lot of heavy music being regurgited. Our music try's to raise political consciousness, and therefore is justified because it's pro people, and serving the people.

R & A & R : - I do not know Pres. Goerge Bush Jr personally and what music he listens too. But that motherfucker has a blood stain on his hands. You should asked him what type of music he listens to and what made him a barbarian. Personally, I_ve listen to heavymetal, death metal, GG Allin in high school and I am very quite and the rest of the members of FB are normal when talked to


How is a concert with you? Is it violent?

B & R: - Well, people just stand there, and stare at us. We go into convulsions and beat ourselves up. Of course there's the mosh pits, but it's friendly, and they help each other when some one falls. Usually we all want to die when we're done because our bodies are in so much pain. I (Brad) usually have asthma attacks after our shows the fans buy books from us on Mao, and other progressive material.

R & A & R : - Most of the time, our fans just stand and stare at us. It is very uncomfortable. But sometimes they would be mosh pit in our middle of our songs and then stops and stare again. I think because our music has a lot of changes in them and by the time they run in a big circle the song is already done. So Flattbush fans are very attentive and intelligent. The people are very creative and they will come up with a flattbush dance or whatever in the future


How does the average Flattbush fan look like?

B & R: - Regular people, Metal heads, punkers, hip hoppers,nerds, geeks, and activists are all there in solidarity.

R & A & R : - Regular guys, death metal, punker, lumpen proletariat, college student, activist, organizer etc.


You sing in your own language in some songs, why and what does the language been called?

B & R: - There are hundreds of dialect in the Philippines. Most of the lyrics are sang in Tagalog because this is the general languange of the country. Their is also a specific song called " Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is a U.S Son of a Bitch" sang in kapampangan. This is the dialect of the current installed president in the Philippines. She should be fortunate that I even had a time to sit and write a song about her.

R & A & R : - The language is called Tagalog and it is one of the hundred dialects in the Philippines. I also sang Kapampangan on one of our song which is my native tongue and so is the new installed president in the Philippines _ Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. So if you listen to the album closely there is a song dedicated to her calling her a U.S son of a bitch.

Why? Ricky Martin can get away with his Spanish, why not Filipinos or other nationalities?


Which is best to sing in english or your own language?

B & R: - Both and the more I learn the better. I think it's healthy to think as internationalist rather than narrow nationalist and learn other people's culture, languange etc.

R & A & R : - Both and the more the better because we are internationalist. But that is very time consuming to learn a lot of languages in your life span. So we will just leave that to other nationalities to represent their communities or countries.


What does the word punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

B & R: - To sum it up it means Change and evolve. Although it has been packaged and commercialised by the media and MTV the true punks and its meaning are still around, you just have to sort through all the bubble gum crap.

R & A & R : - Revolution will change everything and I think that is supposed to be punk and not a fashion statement or a change of hair.


What does the name Flattbush means? Who came up with it?

B & R: - Refer to the bio because we're sick of answering this. No offense though.

R & A & R : - We have our bio in our website or visit www.koolarrow.com   for more information. Sorry.


When you do music, which is most important, the music, the lyrics or is it to have a refrain which people remembers?

B & R: - It's natural for us, and we try not to over think it. If it requires too much thought, or doesn’t feel natural we through it out. We've got 100's of songs in our brains, it's just a matter of finding the time to put it all together.

R & A & R : - The process is vice versa. But the important thing is that, it has to be interesting or else we will shoot ourselves for doing something that is very repetitive.


When you do lyrics, what influences you?

B & R: - The people, by the people, for the people and it goes on and on into a big circular process.

R & A & R : - Peoples struggle, surroundings, my self, self-criticism, reflections and serving the people.


Is it easier to write music when you´re angry or do you do better songs when youre happy?

B & R: - Vice versa or sometimes we have to force ourselves. It is not easy process. It is our work. We have to do it.

R & A & R : - Actually when I am calm, quite and collected. I get bothered when somebody is behind my shoulders. Writing is not easy for us because we did not have any formal training. It is a struggle, a process, it grows, and so on and so forth.


Smash the octupus is your CD called, who is the Octopus?

B & R: - The Octopus is the symbolism of U.S Imperialism spreading its tentacles around every country of the world and squeezing tighter as the capitalist society slowly collapses trying to squeeze out  all of the peoples wealth and natural resources.

R & A & R : - U.S Imperialism controlling the third world countries. The octopus is dying from a capitalistic  cancer and it has no choice but to overstretch its tentacles to get other resources and labour power from other countries or communities in able to sustain its festering self. So basically the Octopus is already doomed, frustrated and it will kill anybody at any cost that opposes its own interest. We need solidarity in able to smash this monster and built a new one socialism.


Have you done anything more than this CD, if you have how can I get it?

B & R: - Old demos no longer available at this point in time. Guess you'll just have to wait till the next album.

R & A & R : - We have some demos on our hands but we are not releasing them anymore because they are in poor quality, and unfinished.


Koolarrow is it a good label?

B & R: - It's the best label. Really an ideal situation for creativity, we couldn't ask for a better situation at this point. Besides that working along side Bill Gould is the opportunity of a lifetime.

R & A & R : - It is great because it is very democratic and artist friendly because it is own by an artist _ Billy Gould ( ex-Faith No More ). He knows where we coming from.


I compare you to Systems of a down, how about that? What other bands are you being compared to?

B & R: - We don't listen to that band (SOAD), so it's funny that you compare us to them. We like the bands that probably influenced them like Mr. Bungle and Faith No More. We get compared to Dead Kennedy’s too, but that's funny cuz we never listed to them either, but we're always open to check out bands we haven't heard.We also get compared to Napalm Death, and of course we're big fans!

R & A & R : - I used to hear SOD but not really got into them because that time Faith No more are still together. I would like to get their records when I could afford them.We are compared to Brujeria, Faith No More on crank, RATM, Fantomas,  Dead Kennedy’s ( I do not even own one of their records), Mr.Bungle, etc. As long as we are being compared to great bands, I think that is fair because who is original anyways?


Do you care about reviews? Which do you trust the best, the bad or the good ones?

B & R: - All of them are good because they give us exposure negative or positive. Honestly we're waiting and excited for the bad reviews ( censorship or repression from the state ), but have yet to get one. All the responses have been positive!

R & A & R : - Of course, it is a good exposure. We are not going to loose anything? Even if they kill us fighting for a cause, we are not going to loose anything except our chains.


Which is the most peculiar review you ever have got?

B & R: - Nothing has shocked us yet, we got compared to Mr. Bungle and of course we were excited, but all the reviews have been pretty consistent.

R & A & R : - I read some in our website. But most of the time they are all sounding the same and consistent. I am more looking forward getting a letter from the FBI saying that we cannot continue this stuff we are doing. I think that is going to be the best review ever because we are just a band and we are hitting the sensitive parts of this exploitative oppressive racist system through musical attack


Please rank your five bets records, five best concerts and five most important things in life?

B & R: - Well the band varies on all of these, but here's me and Ricos.

Brad -

1. Disco Volante - Mr. Bungle

2. Mr. Bungle - self titled

3. Torture Garden - John Zorn

4.King For A day - Faith No More, all the Faith no

More albums are amazing!

5.Dark side of the moon - Pink Floyd

6. Head Hunters - Herbie Hancock

7. Houses of the Holy - Led Zeppelin

*could go on for ever.......

Rico -

1. Bee Gees - I got all of em

2. Elton John - I do not have the new one

3. Bob Marley - Legends

4. Diamanda Galas - she is a godd vocalist

5. Quilapayun from Chile

6. Faith No More is my first concert ever and I got the drummers stick - badass.

R & A & R : - Riko answer:

1. Patatag: Nagbabagang Lupa

2. Buklod: Bukid at Buhay

3. Super Robot Soundtrack sung by Ichiro Mizuki

4. Tambisan

5. All Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Diamanda Galas etc.


1. Faith No More

2. Mr.Bungle

3. Portishead

4. SN3


Arman answer:


1.Faith No More; King for a day.

2.Primus; Seas of cheese..

3.Joh zorn; Big gundown

4.Brujeria; Matando Gueros

5.Rage Against the Machine; Battle of Los Angeles


1.Melt Banana

2.Napalm Death


Ray answer:


1.Morbid Angel


3.Napalm Death


5.El Debarge


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

B & R: - Brad-First album I ever bought was New kids on the Block in 3rd grade. Most recent album I bought was The Secret Chifs 3 Live. The most $ ever spent was probably a John Zorn double cd.

Rico-Ennio Marricone Soundtracts are expensive.

R & A & R : - Ennio Marricone soundtracks or John Zorn stuff are expensive until I discovered the  Let me borrow it, I´ll just copy it .


Futureplans for the band?

B & R: - Stay alive, write songs, be activists, tour, tour,recored, tour.

R & A & R : - Write music, tour, and so on and so forth.The end is when we drown ourselves into the stomach of capitalist lifestyle and living the so called  norm. This is when people will condemned us on the final countdown.¨


For your self?

B & R: - Masturbate more often.

R & A & R : - My future you mean. I just take it day by day. I have my short-comings, and no one is perfect, struggle, fight for the cause, very optimistic on winning this protracted battle against the ruling elite. The other members pretty much answer the same as mine.



B & R: - All power to the people!

R & A & R : - In time of poverty, emulate those who serve. In time of ambition , remember those who humbled themselves.


Something more to add?

B & R: - Hope to see the people of Sweden Summer of 2004!

R & A & R : - Seize the Time. Revolution!!!