Final Strike is a really good polish hardcoreband which I love. They took their time to answer a lot of questions from me in november 2023.


Please tell me a little about every member and the history of the band? Tell me a little about every member, previous bands and band on the side of Final Strike, work, age and what do you work with besides of the music? Have you anything with the other band Arcy Mlyn to do which you sent to me in the same time?

R: We formed in 2003 on ashes of „Oprava hoinek” and „Evil nation”. Realsed two records, „Demo” in 2004 and „Przeznaczenie” in 2010. After few cast changes we established our crew in 2018. S on drums K on guitar W on guitar B on bass R on vocals Our personal lives are ours;)


Your music is a style which came foreward many years ago, old favoruites which you like today)?

R: In genre it would be DBD, irate and nasty. But I listen to a lot of gamers.

S: I was born as a punk rocker and raised on some old polish punk bands that are still deep in my heart. Liberum Veto, Apatia, Post Regiment, Stress, Smar Sw are some of them. Then i have discovered hardcore and similar and started to bands like Shai Hulud, Minor Threat, Fugazi, Abhinanda, Indecision, Cold as life and Within Reach.


The name Final Strike where did it came from? You weren´t afraid that not any other would be named so before? Why nothing in polish?Your absolute favorite band name?

 -I do not even remember how we came to this name but I suppose it was the idea of the previous drummer Zryty. We had no internet that time only zine magazines so we did not gave a fuck if there is any band called the same. And so it is today as well. My favorite band name is The Pindols which I have formed many years ago as a side project which you cane call in english „ The Cocks“ 😊Still got a self made tshirt with the dick font on front and a porn movie title on the back „dead cocks dont fuck“. The band lived for a year maybe and gave one or two gigs 😊


Is it important to release physical things? Or can you feel that you have done a record if you only release it digitally?

S: For me both forms are ok. I do listen to music on Spotify or other media but I also listen to it from a vinyl or Spotify. The most important thing is to support any bands with their releases.

R: Physical are more important for us. It gives more connection with listeners. And maybe one day when Internet dies there will be a lot of good music to listen to.


You have never been to Sweden and played or been here as tourists? With this band or any other band you have been in? If you not have when do you come?

S: I´ve never been to Sweden and wish to play a gig there. No one has ever invited us there.


Which countries have had the pleasure to be hearing the band live?

R: Only Poland and Germany for now:)


Please tell me a little about the following lyrics….and who wrote it and why?




R: I have wrote them all. „

Bestia” is manifestation of hate toward sexual beast which can be anyone in our life’s.

Pies” is song about police brutality. I have encountered it few times and I hate when pig don’t think by himself and use only orders. Here in Poland we have big problem with this fuckers. „

Żart” is about my personal fight with depression and things what people from outside tells every time to people who need help. For everyone who’s reading this. If you have problem get some help.


Is there any subject you never will sing about?

R: I don’t think so. Humanity is full of shit and stupidity. Subjects will never end.

S: What you should not do is to sing shit or offend people that dont deserve it.


How is it to live in Poland nowadays, racists, politic, the election ?

R:Poland is beautiful but hard. We love our country whatever it does to us. Love is based on that.

S: Poland is a very beautiful country with lots of good bands and people. But the history was always to divide the nation to have more control over them. You can still feel this shitty „spirit“. I do not give a fuck about the politics. They are all the same. Two faced pigs with their own business as a priority. I mean nothing to them, they mean nothing to me.


Is it better to live in Poland nowadays if you compare for say about 25 years ago?

R: I’m 34 so yes. Skateboarding and be careless about everything was cool. But I think it was not thing you want to ask for. Maybe other guys can talk you more:)

S: I was 15 than. It was much easier of course cause I was just a punk kid with a few trivial problems. Now as a father and a guy that has to go to work and take care of the everyday problems it seems a little bit more complicated. But still better than in a countries where people have to fight everyday for food, water or dignity.


Do you have any favorite football team(I support Arsenala nd a Swedish team called GAIS myself)? Or any sport favorites at all?

R: Our local „Pogoń Szczecin”

S: Not my sport. I like something more extreme. Fishing and chess 😊


Beer is expensive in Sweden. I have a very big interest in beer and brew myself? Your favourite beerstyle ? You don´t have an own Final Strike-beer? If you do that or will do that what is it going to be called? Or maybe you are straightedge? I can imagine that your song Bier is a livefavorite?

R: We have so many good beers in Poland we never thinked about releasing one. And in our case it could be pointless because it would not be released. We would drink it all:)


Is there any good bands from Poland worth to mention? And how is the punk/hardcore/oi scene living on in Poland right now?

R: Each one of us have their favourites. Mine are Frontside 1125, Dice Deal, Lochy i smoki.


S: There a lot of good bands in Poland. The old ones as well as the new ones. The list would be too long. I think that the scene is a very good condition.


What is your strength when you play live? What is the most difference between playing nowadays and if you compare when you started to play?

B: Because I can play while drunk - I have developed muscle memory

S: We can play completely drunk and some still like it.



Which type of people comes to your concerts? Which type of people do you miss?

R: We are and will be at first place „local band” we have a lot of friends in many groups so gigs are very diverse

S: The average age is somewhere between 30 and 45/50 years old. What i miss the most is the young kids. When the scene members get too old who will play punk rock and hardcore? I do not see many young bands forming. Only some shitty hiphop…


Do you buy much records, or is it only Spotify and those type of things to listen to music? Any good record store in your town?

R: I collect a lot of LPs and CDs. And best place to buy them are concerts! Buying direct means supporting band, not any company.

S: There is maybe one music shop in Szczecin. In Gryfino none. The last one was closed many years ago.


Are you selling any merch on your gigs, do people buy it? What sells best?

R: We have tees but every drop of them is different and limited. I have designing them. We have also „blunt papers” and I’m thinking about other weird things.


Which is your own favoritesong among your own songs? And which song is the people choice?

R: “Pies” I think

B: Mine: Pies. The people choice is propably "Urodzony morderca" from the 2010's record.


Do you care about reviews? Which is the most peculiar you ever had, with this band or any other band you have been to?

R: We don’t care at all, if you don’t like it go and make it better.

S: Reviews are important. But only the good ones 😊


If you could choose five bands from the past and the history and nowadays and both dead and living bands to have a concert together with your band. Which five have you been chosen? Or have you already shared stage with all these bands?

R: Suicide Silence, Whitechapel , Suffokate, Comeback kid and maybe Emmure.

B: - Slayer, Death, Czesław Niemen

S: I would love to share the stage with Fugazi. I regret that I had no chance to see them live.


Is music a good way to get out frustration and become a nicer person outside the music?

R: It’s the best way to do it

S: Of course it's always a break from everyday life. It should be a form of self improovment and make you a better person. Unless you're a hypocrite and things you share with your lyrcis and music are made up.


Politics and music, does it belong together?? Which is your most political song or do you not want to put politics into your music?

R: We don’t let politics be a part of our music. We don’t want to divide people. Everyone of us have different views so fuck it. Most political song is Pies but it refers to not politics direct but pigs who makes them wishes come true.

S: It is up to the bands if they want to sing about politics. But Only if they sing generally about it and no  try to convince anybody to choose any political option.


Any good Swedish bands you like?

R: Meshuggah

B: Bathory, Entombed, Tiamat, Ace of Base

S: ABHINANDA! MY top favorite. The have reunited and I wish to make them a gig or to see them soon live. I really love them. Within Reach is a very good one. Separation  - they played short time but what a band….


Is it boring with interviews? Is it much interviews? What do you prefer Telephoneinterviews, face to face or as this one via e-mail?

R:We are open for everything but interviews face to face are hell. And not for us. For the interviewer. They run away crying and broken brains XD

S: I dont mind any of the form. Every type of promotion bands from the underground scene is good. Maybe some will even read an interview with a small band from Poland like us.


Futureplans for the band?

R:Play, record, play, record…

S: Live and play. Even small gigs, even rehearsals. Thats the air to breathe.


Futureplans for yourself?

R: Don’t change lifestyle

S: Loose a little weight. But seriously – raise my children to be a good people.



R: „Life is to short for not getting that tattoo”

B: „Life is too short to harbor hatred”

S: „ Punks not dead!”


Something more to add?

S: So when is the gig in Sweden? 😊Thanks for an interview. That means someone has heard something about us.

R: Yeah! Thanks!