Filthy McNasty is a nice band which plays happy punk with really nice touch. Staffan and Freddie have answered some cozy questions. Kim and Björne have tried to be little funny in the background too. Down below is the interview which I did in the beginning of april 2001. 

The history was told from Staffan which tells us that Freddie hit him on his mouth a late evening in Nybro and then thought Staffan that they must start a band so they could drink beer in fridaynights. Freddie stoled a Les Paul and came home to Staffan with a sixpack. Their first songs began to take form. Then they found Björna in the pub and they thought he must play drums. He didn´t want to be inthe group but they forced him. Kim is playing guitar and because of that he had a rehearsalroom. Filthy McNasty was born. These things happaened in the autumn 95 to spring 96. 

Please tell me a little about every member, age , family and everything?

-Freddie:-I´m very out of wrongs so there is nothing with me , evrything else you hear isn´t ture. But about the other guys we can say much. For example Staffan who´s whoring a s a troubadour and he does commercial shit in secret. Kim he isn´t nice against his working mate Robban. Bjarne doesn´t do any horrible things unfortunealy, maybe when he force the dog upside to have sex with him. But here is things that we don´t take up here because I want to protect the families.

Staffan:-I plays the bass and I´m just 30. I work in the sawingindustry but I´m right now out of work because of my firstborn . Have a girlfriend, cats and a one year girl. Have played in a danceband and had hockeyhair. . Freddie-guitar, 28 years and he works a smith and he has an own company with excavator and other machostuff.  Have a girlfriend and a 8 year old boy. He farts so it smells and he have long straight hair on his chest.  Kim -guitar, studioman, 27, lasercutter in the tinindustry. He has a girlfriend and a two year old son. He collects vinylrecords and Fords. Can trash up bands in the studio.  Björna- drums is 19 years or something like that. he has no girlfriend but he´s sleeping with his neighbour and are for the most of the time unhappy in love. He drinks much and often with Foss and the guys. 

Kim:-Kim Erik III Edsenius,27 years, son and a woman, Interests: records(vinyl), buses, guitars, amplifiers, echo,space, something horrible: I have no driving license or internet.

Björne:Henrik Tyrone Björnsson, 25 years,  milling machine operator, no, Interests: beer, rock n roll, hockey, football, porno, golf, handball, tennis, pools, play at horses, fucking and so on. 

I have two records with you which is Nya Tider and Skilda världar, it sounds like Tv-programs both, have you done anything else? 

Freddie:-We have done two demos I think and we have been on many compilations, we have sent songs to compilations. But Holy Shit 1,2,3 is we on. What you mean with TV I don´t know anything about.

Staffan:-TV Programs?I don´t understand really, we have done two demos too. Filthy McNasty -96 and Masshysteri 98. And then we have been on some compilations like Holy Shit 1,2,3 and so on.

Kim:-Cassettedemos 2, liverecordings(not issued) talkingrecordings(definitely unissued) and except TV programs we have done a long movie.

What do you think about punk in Sweden today?

Staffan:i think that people fight to much in the punkmovement. What is real punk and so on. Punk is a big conception. I see the punk as so much more than music. Punk is a subculture with many different directions there everybody can put out their opinion. Difficult question.


 Is there any good bands in Sweden today?

Freddie:-Musically I can say Holy Shit 3 which shows out a good picture of good bands today in Sweden. But Bison is the toughest.

Staffan:-Ahh...i ahet these questions! Good bands and records depends how you feel that day. There´s many good bands in the punk like  Sterbers, Asta Kask, Cosa Nostra.....hmmm, not one of they play today. Bison, Nangiala, KKPA, Hellacopters and so on.

Kim:Not Bison anyway, Nagiala is good. 

Björne, Deep Purple,Pink Floyd for example.

Why don´t so many bands sings in swedish do you think?

Freddie:-I think it´s more difficult to write songs in swedish for many people and get a good connection in the lyrics which I think not so many can do good. But most of the bands which is singing in swedish do it very good. And englisg is only to save a bad lyrics, it´s the case in punkmusic.

Staffan:-The bands I mention all sings in swedish except Hellacopters. Me myself I have very difficult to write in english and I´m worser on finnish. But many bands see it´s like a chance to get out of Sweden if you sing in english.

Kim:Bad vocabulary maybe ?

Your name , have many people react on it?

Freddie:-I don´t feel that is makes any people angry. The name is a good description how we in the band are. 

Staffan:-Freddie came up with the name once and we were all satisfied. Here in Sweden so is it not so many comments on it but from USA have we got some questions. It was obvisiosly a guy in USA which did countrymusic and sounded like Eddie Meduza named Filthy McNasty. Kim have succeed to get the single "The garden song" with him. Filthy McNasty is an old jazzsong and there´s a whickeycafe in London named FM too. 


Björne:Yeah, we cannot fuck so much.

Have you hear anything from any labels?

Freddie:-Take that with Staffan.

Staffan:-We is still in the compilationrecordstadium and we´re always will be there I think. No, not any company. we give out our own records but surely if any label will be phoning us so haven´t it been wrong to get some help with the economic part. 

Kim:-Only the ones which have cheated Staffan on money.

What do you think about the new way to communicate with email and internet and all that?

Freddie:-I´m K-marked(it means that old houses don´t get demolitioned and so on) and I don´t have so modern things like parabol, mcro and these things but for the people who uses it it seems to be a really good way to came in contact with people they never have met otherwise.  

Staffan:-Email is good when you don´t get a virus.

Kim:-No comments.

Björne:-To little of good pornomovies.

Whats best and what the worst thing with internet?

Freddie:-The bad things are the illegal things which is spreading.

Staffan:-Internet is so good. Unfortunealy it takes time from the family. The world have been so small. I don´t think we would have sold so much records if it haven´t been for internet. WE have sold to Korea, Australia, Indonesia, USA, Germany and so on. It´s always bad things with it too. For example pornography and rightwing organisations which can work together easily. But it´s the same thing for everybody and even for the undergroundmovement of the punk. 

What´s best and what´s worst with Sweden ?

Freddie:-The best thing with Sweden is that you can change your situation with schools and so on. The bad things is that not anybody thinks it´s fun when the stubborn succeed. 

Staffan:-It´s a wonderful country to live in which is democartic but is it really so. The politics are so bisexual and equivocal. I think about our own lyrics in   Byråkratins Direktiv.  But of course we have it good because we can say what we want without being locked in and tirtured. And Sweden is a really beautiful country.

Kim:-Best. the climat, no snakes and dangerous fucking ants and the nature. Worst: Nazistscum, and dangerous badgers and rich bastards. 

First, last and most expensive record you have bought?

Freddie:-The fist one was The Clash(The Clash). I´m so mean so I haven´t bought any expensive record. I don´t buy any records at all because the records costs 200 swedish krona and that´s hell. But in the past I bought many records. 

Staffan:-The first record I bought was Rainbow-Long live rock n roll from 78. really good heavy metal today too. The latest in my collection was a punkrecord with Valium "Mörkrädd" which I found in a cheap store. The most expensive I don´t know but Kim have some expensive things, he ´s a vinylqueer. 

Kim:-The first one was Varning på Stan with Uggla, and the latest was many vinyls for example Hoola Bandoola,Slade, Beatles and and so on, The most expensive was Yardbirds live for 650 swedish krona.

Which is the most peculiar review you have got?

Freddie:-The most peculiar review we ever have got was by Staffans working mate which thought we was really good and that we sounded like a mix of Ultima Thule and Drängarna. "What a fuckin idiot" 

Staffan:-An american review in a heavymetalpaper which have find us on the net. He was hoping that not all swedish heavy metal sounded in this way. And then it was a doped festivalarranger from a swedish fevstival and said that we was the best which happened swedish punk in a long time and he compared us to Hoola bandoola Band. The call ended up with that we didn´t get the gig. 

The best review then?

Freddie:- The most of the reviews are Ok so we´re really big.

Staffan:-Skrutt alwyas give us good reviews and when you write that our record always going to be in your heart we cannot to anything other than get a blush and wonder what have gone wrong.

Kim:-For god´s sake, please don´t ask this hobbyjournalistfucker. 

Björne:-Yeah, it was a chick which  wanted to fuck.

What is the most peculiar which have happened during a concert with you, on stage or in the audience?

Freddie:-Peculiar things happens allt he time but often it´s clumpsy arrangers who´s fucking up. 

Staffan:-It always happens odd things when we play. The most boring and most silly was when Trolle(a local Kalmarpunks) said negative things about us before we should play and said thet we were pereverse idiots and womanhaters. It´s a really boring thing to say because we fight for humanism and a equal society. we refused to get up on the stage that time. 

Kim:That we didn´t kill Trolle Ohlsson in Kalmar.

Whihc is your force on record if you compare if you´re on stage?

Freddie:-Our strength is that we plays good even if we´re drunk and that´s seems to be a little silly but it´s a long wait before you get up on stage and that gets so boring without beer.

Staffan:-I think that we a sa liveband is really tight together and on record we like to experiment a little more than other punkbands. 

Kim:What the fuck, the idiotquestions again.

Björne:We´re good.

How does the average Filthyfan look like?

Freddie:-I don´t think it´s so many Filthyfans but I think he can looks in any way. J

Staffan:-I have never met any average Filthyfan but the ones who´s hanging aroudn us is much to grown up teenagers ar goign to be something like that(laughing) 

Kim:Unwashed and drunk


You have a little record company also, what have you done there and is there something to review?

Freddie:-Ask Staffan and Kim, they´re the record label bosses. Björna and I don´t know anyhting, only pay. 

Staffan:-Ou company Filthy Sound records is an underground label where can put out compilations with bands which have recorded in our studio. It´s not only punk. we´re open for most things. We have worked with techno, pop and raw punk. Maybe we can develop this is in the future, we will see. 

Kim:we have released many interesting things, in your case I would recommend  Extremt Hat, Rocka Gill(mini CD), the compilation Straight off the railroad for example.

What do you want with your music?

Freddie:- With our music we want to have fun and together singing and playing about things that moves poeple, maybe someone open his eyes.

Staffan:-Of course we ant to have fun. I don´t see us a pure punkband, we are swedish rock n roll. When you sing in swedish and have critical of society in your songs so can you easily get the punkmark on you. If people like what we do and we can sell one or another record I see it as a bonus. I don´t think we can change the world but we can get one or more to hear what we have to say . We don´t do anything revolting with our music because it´s thoroughly rock n roll.  

Kim:Rocking,rave ,

Björne:Get fucked

What does punk mean to you?

Freddie:-Punk for me is to make an existence when you´re satisfied without stamping on any other people but it´s seem to be impossible. 

Staffan:-As I said before, punk is a subculture. Even the hiphop is a protestmusic in todays society like the progressive music was in the 70´s and that punk was in the 80´s

Kim:Teenagers & Tinnitus

Björne:Teenagerspunkchicks who wants to fuck. s

You have an own website, is it important?

Freddie:-Website is important to us because then can people write us and so.

Staffan:i don´t think it´s so important but I think it´s make things easier and it´s fucking good to have. We have reached a bigger audience that way

Kim:-Yeah, it´s more important than life.

Björne:-Yeah, if you want to fuck so.

Any favouritezine on the net or on  paper?

Freddie:-I have no net but Skrutt is the best or ?

Staffan:-We get some zines sent to us and I´m think it´s fucking fun to read them. I have worked on my own for five years now but I haven´t decided the name yet. so it´s never come out I think. Any favourite I haven´t but the ones that not are like evrybody else I really want to read.  Skrutt I really read gladly.

Kim:-Pulp(and No Rule zine and if I want to wipe my ass)

Björne:-FIB Aktuellt,Dax,Pussy Inferno(Is it really zines or???)

Where do you stand in Mp3,Napster question?

Freddie:-Not so peculiar when record cocts 200 krona that it exists. The bosses of the labels have their self to blame and it´s good for every musicinterested people who wants to take home Filthy McNasty. 

Staffan:-Mp3 and Napster is wonderful. Release everything for free. Of course must artists get paid for their music but it can´t go to far. Personally I don´t  give a dman about it. You can do bootlegs of our songs but we must have a record of it. I know many people who are agaisnt Napster for their own music and then they sit and take home music themselves. It´s swedish moral x 2 in a nutshell. 

Futureplans for the band?

Freddie:-We have not played for a while but you never know where you have us. I hope we rock much very soon.

Staffan:-first must our record out official.It´s some money problems. And then we´re coming out in Sweden and play.  i have many new songs on it´s way and I hope we can play very sson only we can get the time.

Kim:-To be a bouy in the bay

Björne:To fuck more

Futureplans for yourself?

Freddie:-My futureplans is to make a society where I´m satisfied with my child(one this far), my girlfriend and my friends.

Staffan:-I´m soon release ten solalbums and I´m going to be a rockstar. Move to Barbados and sniff some coke, break hotels, hit Trolle and die. 

Kim:To go home from work(because I write this on worktime)

Bjröne:To fuck more.


Freddie:-Believe in yourself and you can if you only give a damn about it.

Staffan:-Remember that the skull isn´t a tough symbol for us. It shows that evrybody looks the same under the skin.  

Kim: It´s easy to sit on the oven with another mans arse.

Björne: Its guuuut!!!

Something to add?


Staffan:-Nice to be interviewed by the fan zinelegend Peter Thorsson, can I get an autograph.T

Kim:haven´t you any fax, you idiot?

Björne:-Do you knwo anyone who wants something?

As the last words you can say that this groups consists some different personalities as a sexmaniac, a man who don´t want to talk, one who have a little problems with the spelling and one intellectuell. Please write to me and find out who´s who , you can win records.