Mats Zetterberg from Fiendens Musik took some time to do an interview with me, or rather, to answer questions from me ... This happened in late May 2013 and continued in June 2013.


How did the Fiendens Musik came together from the beginning?

-Mats Bäcker, saxonisten, and I worked together. He as a photographer, I'm a journalist. We made reports and interviews with all sorts of musicians, met including Iggy Pop at the Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen in autumn 1977. He was a little goes a long, would rather talk about golf, but the subsequent concert at Dad's Dance Hall became a memory for life. Beastly good. The following week, we heard one of prog rock movement flaggskep to AF in Lund and it was deadly dull. Somewhere we thought that there ought to be possible to do better. So we formed a band with friends and friends of friends. Mats Bäcker played the flute at the first rehearsal but was not heard at all. So he went and bought a saxophone.


Sax in the new wave / punk is an instrument that I just love this music .... X-Ray Spex and today there is a band called Gatans Lag using saxophone... right from Roxy Music's time, I liked it .. . are you playing much today ... are you a band today?

-Lora Logic's saxophone playing in the X-Ray Spex was cruel, very peculiar and personal. But that it became saxophone in our case it was mostly because it did not work out with the flute. Fiendens Musik started playing again a few years ago mostly because we could not resist. Mats Bäcker has moved to Stockholm and his saxophone hold on to rust from the inside, but he'll probably be in all cases on the new album to be released this fall. He and 2 other saxophonists. Saxiophone are still a part of our sound. Sometimes we have a trombone, too. He really is too good for us, but he does not know about.


New album tell us ... how does that sound .... is it punk? Sounds like you used to?

-We have never brought us out to be punks themselves, but we liked the energy and attitude. We sympathized with punk bands, although we were a bit older. We played together with bands like Ebba Grön, Grisen Skriker, KSMB, TT Reuter and Garbochock. We sounds heavier today, thanks to the new guitarist Björn Almquist, who played in the English group The Pirates of the 90s. And so the band is tighter than ever. We have rested ourselves in shape. But you will hear that it is Fiendens Musik.


When it comes out, and in which company?

-8 Songs of 10 is recorded. We hope that "Elefanter kring ett vattenhål" - it should be called that - is released in November. Several companies are interested, but it leans towards Heptown Records in Lund. Nice guys. They give out rockabilly, ska and punk.


The same members as before?

-Same composition as played on "Häftiga Hästen" aside from Mats Bäcker and rhythm guitarist Peter Kempinsky moved to Stockholm and therefore they are not anymore. But the left is the Gamle-Harry Schiffmann, guitar, Ulf Karlberg, bass, Ingvar Krupa, drums and me, Mats Zetterberg, singing. And as I mentioned earlier, the formidable Björn Almquist on guitar.


What other bands do you play and do you have played through the years?

-Mats Bäcker played with Docenterna in the early 80s. He has also, amazingly, visited Magnus Uggla and Ulf Lundell with his bellowing. But today he is probably best known as Sweden's best photographer. I myself formed the Bluesblocket in 1980 that was parallel to the Fiendens Musik, and the blues band has been around all the time. The funny thing is that both Bjorn Almquist and Ingvar Krupa since some year back are solid members of the "Blocket"  too. Harry Schiffmann played keyboards in The Sinners some time around 1983.


There will be no more with Svenska Musikrörelsen?

-Svenska Musikrörelsenwas more a project that made the CD "Musikens Makt", released in 2001. I saw the movie "Tillsammans" and got such a kick out of the music that I wanted to do a cover record with songs from the era. Then I took with Ulf Karlberg on bass and Ingvar Krupa on drums because I had missed them so. Can say that I like the best from Swedish music movement  the blues in general and timeless rock music, it can be pubrock, progressive, punk / new wave and Southern rock.


Did you often hear that you were too old to play punk? You replied with a song .... how else did you defend yourself in?

-We have always been too old, typical "late bloomers." The song you are referring to must be "Unga så länge vi vill" from "Häftiga Hästen." It came in 1980. Then it was "Gamlis" 30 years and Mats Bäcker full 22 ...


What does punk mean to you, it's just a word or is it a lifestyle?

-Punk, yes. In England, it was probably quite literally, but in Sweden more a musical rebellion, a return to a more primitive, easy to play rock music. People had had enough of the international arena rock, while the Swedish music movement had stalled and was idling. After Tältprojektet became a bit artificial respiration of the whole thing.


You is 62 years old this year and what do you do? (I myself am 50) Do people think you're pathetic still playing rock music?

- People feel free to think I'm pathetic that continues to play rock music at once stuffed 62. One of the songs on our upcoming album titled "Bob Dylan is always 10 years older than I," and in it is the answer. When Fiendens Musik went to the grave in 1981 I was involved in used discs for 20 years. In the 70's I was a journalist and wrote the book "Do the Left go to therapy?" together with Janne Josefsson. Lately, I have translated five American novels to Lund publisher Bakhåll - Jack Kerouac, JD Salinger, and three of the contemporary writer Willy Vlautin. Then Fiendens Musik and my blues band Bluesblocket in full swing again after a few years.


Do you listen to any punk music today?

-Listening happy to Dalaplan from Malmö that is insanely good and fun live. Like their energy. However, they say themselves that punks do not like them, they might be more garages. Skurklandet, including those from Malmö, are also good. but it's not raw punk directly. Rawpunk got enough my fill of the late 70s. But many punks ignores the fact that it was made magnificent music earlier than 1977.


The ten best albums regardless of genre?

-The ten best albums regardless of genre? I'm glad I get this question, the closest that I never had it before. Let me ponder and come back as soon as possible!

... this was harder than I thought. Would have been much easier genre to genre. The order of the list is just how they popped into my head. Had as well have been standing in the reverse order, or, better yet, alphabetically. Realize to my surprise that I almost just seems to listen to 70's music even if it is not quite so. But somehow it is the composed, for me anyway. The only woman on the list is Chrissie Hynde, that's bad. Like understood even Sandy Denny, Beverly Martyn, Patti Smith and Melanie, but then it's more individual songs rather than albums.

1.Legend (Mickey Jupp): "Red Boot Album" (1971)
Lynyrd Skynyrd: "Nuthin' Fancy" (1975)
3. November: "En ny tid är här" (1970)
4. Cornelis Vreeswijk: "Poem, ballader & lite blues" (1970)
5. Joe Jackson: "Look Sharp" (1979)
6. Steve Gibbons: "Caught in the Act" (1977)
7. John Mayall: "Memories" (1971)
8. Tony Joe White: "Continued" (1969)
9. Bob Dylan: "Blood on the Tracks" (1974)
10. Pretenders: "Learning to Crawl" (1982)


Best Concerts?
-1. November, Pub Skåningen, Röstånga, 1970
2. Iggy Pop, Dad's Dance Hall, Köpenhamn, 1977
3. Rockpile, AF, Lund, 1978
4. Steve Gibbons Band, Cupolen, Linköping, 1977
Mescaleros/Pontus Snibb, Glorias, Lund, 1999


How do you think it is to live in Sweden?

- My family and other members of Fiendens Musik has it rude good. Being young today is certainly tougher than it was in my time. Would not change ...


What has deteriorated / changed since the Alliance(the right wing) has taken over?

- Do not think, seriously, that there would be some little difference if the Social Democrats had been placed at the helm. But after the election they get the chance to show what they can.


Do you understand what is happening in Husby today and things are smoldering around in Sweden?

-It can not be a bed of roses to stay in Husby, one of many Swedish communities that have been hit hard by social downcuts it's probably directly crunching. That said, I don´t think the police should look away when the cars are set on fire.


Music and politics ... hear it together?

-Of course music and politics go together. Sports and politics too. Politics related to just about everything. But there is a difference between politics and party politics. Politics is much bigger than that. What I mean by that. But I stand by!


Best political artist / band?

-Bob Dylan, especially since he stopped writing protest songs.


Are there any other bands in Sweden today that you like and that you think makes really good music?

- I love Dalaplan and The Brimstone Days from Malmö because both have punk energy without it would play punk itself. Problem and their psychedelic garage rock, I have always been weak. Nomad likewise. And then we have Henrik Franzén & Fria Progg from Stockholm that we are planning a little cooperation. Gothenburg scene, I have poor, check on but I get excited every time Gunnar

Danielsson from Risken Finns releasing a new album. And I think that the Nationalteatern should be writing new songs and not just go around with their greatest hits.


We thank Mats for the interview and I'll certainly have a reason to come back to the group and to him in the future. They're still young as long as they want .....