A punkband from Czech republic.....that´s fucking good. Read for yourself and 2009 last interview.


-We are a rock band from Czech Republic, from known city Prague and we are playing since 2000. After six years and some demos, in 2007 we recorded first official CD “Průser” (being in shits), which lunched us into focus of Czech and Slovak punk scene, where till then only a few bands played so called PUNK77, which developed from bands like Ramones, Vibrators, 999 or Cock Sparrer. Next CD was issued in 2008 named “Šance” (The Chance). Both albums were issued under local underground label „Papagájův hlasatel“


Please tell me  a little about every member in the group,
age , family, interests,work and soemthing bad about every one?

 -In our band we are all employed, because it’s a need. We’re all 26 and punkrock and plazing in the band is our lifestyle. And we’re all bad asses J


To play punk in Czech republic, how is that?

-It‘s perfect I think, because punkrock has a great tradition here and we have lot of older band, which created a path for our band. However we have always been a little bit different. We are not playing to hard as much of local bands and even in lyrics we are not advising stuff to anybody, we just describing our lives, which includes drinking alcohol, derogation, as well as love and that’s what makes us different.


Any new album on it?s way?

-Yes, we are just about issue a 7 inch vinyl with 6 new record to our 10th anniversary.


 The same style I hope?

-Yes, it would be punk77 again, as we have been played always.


Never any thoughts in singing in english?

-No, we want to sing in Czech


You haven?t any plans to release a box or something like that? (This question came wrong)

-Not yet J


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is a lifestyle?

 -I think that it’s more than a word. But for everyone it means different values, so it’s difficult to say “ you’re living as a punker”. As we are seeing punkrock – We are living it, for sure!


Do you like anything else than punk?

-Sure we do! But punkrock is above everything J


Is there any good bands now in your homecountry?

-There are plenty and even in Slovakia.


What do you know about Sweden?

-We don’t know much about Swedish bands, except Abba and Roxette J But we know your greatest Oi! Punk band Perkele, which is quite popular in our country.


Have you heard any other good swedish bands?

-As I have said, we know actually only Perkele.


Have you ever been here and played?



How does the average Fialky-fan look like?

-It’s difficult… I don’t know … Perhaps should wear miniskirt and have long blonde hair J


Where do you stand when we talk about mp3 and downloading and that stuff?

-It’s just like it is…


Is it good or bad for a band like you?

-I think it might be helpful for underground, But it’s very hard to say…



Which is the biggest audience you ever have played in front of?

-Maybe on some festival where supposed to be more than 1000 people… but the best shows are in small clubs around 100 people, that’s best.


Which is the biggest band you have had a s a support act through the times?

-On most our concerts we’re the stars J We have concerts mainly in smaller cities. Once we played with The Vibrators and then on some festivals with Deadline, Mad Sin, 999 and a lot more…


Fialky, what does it mean?

-It means nothing, exactly it could be translated as violet (flower) J However as well bruise on eye can be called same way.


Politics and music, does it goes hand in hand?

-If some era need’s it, then yes. Otherwise if it’s used only to attract people to your music, then no.


 Which is the best political artist/group?

-I don’t know such stuff. Ramones are best artist of whole time and it’s enough for us J


Which is most important, to have good lyrcis or to have a good melody?

-The lyrics are important, and we’re trying to sing simple stories about our lives, which can be chippy on the first sight, but it has always a point, that’s important to us. The should give the sprit to these stories.


Is it a good label you?re on?

-Yes, we’re on the underground label and we’re happy. ( www.phr.cz )


Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?


Ramones- all

Clash- Clash

Zóna A- all

Billy Idol- songs: Dancing With Myself, and Rebel Yell

Vibrators – Pure mania


UK SUBS and Vibrators – they arrive every spring to Prague.

Adicts – are allways perfect

Most important:

Everything should be OK!


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-Which was the most expensive - I don’t know. First original punk CD I bought by a coincidence, when I was 14, was Clash – Clash and since then I’m addicted to punk.


The most embarrasing record in your collection?

-What I don’t like, I don’t have in my collection J


What is the most peculiar which have happened during your career?

-What I’m doing might seem to others as strange. But for me all strange things are normal J


Futureplans for the band?

 -I would like that it remains like it is further and as long as possible.


Futureplans for yourself?

-The same as above…



-After the rain, it will be dry again…


Something to add? 

-Thanks for the interview! We meet at some our gig! Punkrock forever in our hearts!


Answered by: Kečup – band leader – author of 99% lyrics and music, The Fialky – Prague – Czech Rep.