Fed Up have been sending records to me for some years now and finally they did an interview with me or if it was so that it was finally me who did the interview with them…Dennis sings in the group and have also answered my questions in november-2010.


You started , which year and why?

-We played our first show in 1997. We started practicing in 1996 and came up with the name then. We we're just bored of the horrible HC bands of the time rap-core, metal-core, crybaby-core, crap-core. We wanted to do our own thing and bring back some real NYHC.


Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, interests, work and something bad about every one?

-Well I'm Dennis the singer. I'm not dead yet. Our drummer Efren is the FED UP! Drummer since the beginning he played guitar in a band Anger 4 before FED UP!. On guitar is Jr. he plays in Oxblood, Carnage Krew and Offensive Weapon as well. On Bass is Tyson he plays in Offensive Weapon as well. We're all Working Class. We're all old enough to drink. There's nothing bad about us we're good fellas, hahahaha.


To still playing this sort of music in USA, how is that?

-We play what we like and we don't care what the others do.

Is it so that people who plays this sort of wild music is calmer as persons?

-I can't speak for other people but I'm not that calm but my drummer is pretty calm. I guess it's to each his own.


How did you came in contact with this musicstyle in the first place?

-I started to go to shows at CBGB's and see bands like Youth of Today, Breakdown, Agnostic Front, Raw deal, Warzone, the list goes on and I got into a lot of the hc, punk & oi! of the day.

How is musiclife in USA right now?
-I think it's pretty good. We're on a new Cd compilation called UNITED STATES OF DECEPTION and it has a lot of good bands. So it shows that we still have alot to say.


Is there any good bands there right now?

-Yeah I like Reason to Fight, Social Cirkle, Nomos, Sexual Suicide, Everyday Dollars, Downlow, Hub City Stompers just to name a few.

Are you only listening to bands who sounds like yourself or how is it?

-Nope. I like HC, Punk, Oi! bands. Some ska,metal, thrash too. The new Oxblood record is good and that's Oi!

What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-To me it's just a word. Most punks now are all about fashion. When I was younger punks had more balls to them but not now. There's still a few that keep it real, so up the punx!


How would you describe your music in three words?

-Loud, Angry & Fun.


Your lyrics seems to be important, which is the most positive song you have done?

-I think are lyrics are fun, silly, angry and important. As humans we have different moods not just 1 subject all the time. I would say Aimless Youth because it's about not giving up and growing up.


What influences to do your lyrics?

-Everyday life. Work, friends, enemies, family, shows, strangers, women, strange women, hahahaha.


The record label is it good?

-Yes UNITED RIOT RECORDS has been real good to us. We have worked with other labels from time to time and they allow us to do that. UNITED RIOT put out our New Cd Sheer Poetry and WELFARE Records put out the vinyl Version.


Any good swedish bands you have heard and you do like?

-I heard of the early bands like Mob 47, Crude ss, Moderat Likvidation and few of the oi! bands in recent years but I don't have much knowledge of swedish music overall.


Have you been to Sweden? What do you know about Sweden?

-I have never been to Sweden, if I go will you give me a place to stay? I really don't know much about Sweden, I heard the girls are pretty. You would know better than me.

Where do you stand when we talk about mp3 and downloading and that stuff?

-I listen to records. I don't even own a mp3 player and don't think I ever will. This is a new culture, people want the quick fix of music to there Ipod but the music never sounds as good as a actual physical copy. I want a record or cd for pics, lyrics or even just a logo cover. Something to identify with the band. Sometimes there's good music that you can only download but then your like I wish I had a image or more info on this band. That's the way I feel.

Have you been abroad and played a lot or how is it. Which is the most peculiar country you have been to?
-We play mostly in the USA, we have gone out of country just a few times. I don't feel other countries are peculiar just different.


Where is best to play?



Which is the most stupid thing which happened during all these years?

-Someone got stabbed out 1 of our shows. We only did 4 songs.

Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?
-I just name the first 5 I think off. Cro-Mags - Age Of Quarrel, Negative Approach 7", Last Resort - Skinhead Anthems, Warzone - Don't Forget The Streets Dont Forget The Struggle, Circle Jerks - Group Sex. The last time I saw Warzone play, the Raybeez benefit with AF, Madball and more. Skindependence Day with Youth Brigade, A7 Reuion show we played and The Abused, Antidote, Urban Waste played as well and The Ramones the last time I saw them. Plenty more shows but this is good I think. Family, Friends, Sex, Food & FED UP!


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-I think the first record I ever bought with my own money was Pass the dutchie single by Musical Youth. Last record I bought was Off! 7". I think I paid $40 bucks four the Young and the Useless 7".


Most embarrasing record in your collection?

-My music doesn't embarrass me but I guess A-ha Take on me 7" is pretty silly.

Music and politics, does it goes hand in hand?
-No. Some bands sing about nothing and some bands sing too much about everything. All music is different.


Best political artist/Group?
-I'll say Black Flag


Could you do a song which is about love with your style, I mean a regular lovesong?
-Yes, but we haven't done it. Maybe we will, maybe we wont.


Have you done some covers?

-Yes we have covered AF, 4 Skins, Breakdown, Warzone, Side by Side, Sick Of It All, Negative Approach and some more.


Which type of people comes to your concerts?
-The usual. Skins, HC kids, Punks and mentally disturbed.


Futureplans for the band?

-Record, Play and Destroy. We're gonna be on a Christmas Compilation called Cashing In On Christmas 2 coming out in a few weeks.

For yourself?

-Having a beer.


-Have a beer, hahahaha. Start a band, play some music, make yourself be heard.

Something to add?
-Yeah what's up to my boys in 211. Check us out on
www.myspace.com/fedup and www.facebook.com/fedupnyc . Pick up the new FED UP! LP/CD SHEER POETRY and thanks for the interview.