Epidemics are a really good punk band from Umeå that I had missed completely. But now it's fixed and I got their two albums that were filled with extremely good punk rock. October-2014


This is the continuation or rather the aftermath of Disconvience (severe spelled, good that the name was changed;-)). What other bands did you come from?

-Hehe, Yes except Disconvenience we had played in, for example, The Rats (Erik), Personkrets 3: 1 (Richard) and The Koo-Koo's (me, Emma). Richard now plays even in Misantropic, and Erik in Fukushima and Eaten Raw. We have changed the bass player a number of times, and now plays with Emil, who is old death metal guy and now a double bass player in folk music band Ye Banished Privateers.


Tell us a little about each member, age, family, job and something bad about every ... something that almost no one knows?

-We are: Emma, 33. Together with Richard and mother of two blonde whirlwinds. I'm a freelance writer and lecturer on DIY culture, and gender equality and inclusion issues for Crossing Boarders. A terrible thing about me is that I visited the Nobelbanquette once.

Richard, aged 37. Together with me and owe my two pregnancies. Take dietician degree in the fall. He can get the wrist to jump out of joint on purpose with the flick to it, which I think is pretty horrible.

Erik, 29 years. Girlfirend and weekly commuters to Dorotea in Lapland, where he works as an environmental inspector. He can pull terrible snoring after enough beer.

Emil, 31 years. Dad to yearling, partner. Actor and director. Went once to the United States for 6 weeks to solely and exclusively engage in disc golf every day.


I can imagine that your music goes good home abroad, you have been abroad a lot and played? Where is the best?

-Yeah, We have made many  punk tours with gigs at clubs and squats across Europe. We have mostly focused on Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic in recent years, to where are the best!


How are your music being described, or rather what being compared to?

-We have been compared with classic punkbands, often with Avengers and X-Ray Spex. We are described as often as melodic punk rock.


How would you describe your music in three words?

-Catchy Political point


How is it that there's so much good music from Umeå do you think?

-Distance using to Stockholm which means we have to get together and create themselves, the legacy of a red universitycity, and inspiration from a lot of creative maniacs that forms a continuous spiral of new bands.

Is there any good bands there now?

-many, in different styles. But in punk and hardcore so do we have bands like  Misantropic, Fukushima, Fru Dörr, INVSN, T55's, Hellre Vargen, Trots, Jenny Nilsson och Demonerna, Lesra, Eaten Raw, Håll Det Äkta, Skörbjugg, Kira, Desolation State Riot and lot more.

Where you involved in SxE wave? Is there anything left of it?

-Not me, who grew up in Småland, but the other managed to take part of it. No one in the band was however sxe but they were on all the gigs and stuff. There is little trace remains, and still plenty of people who are sxe; both old timers and younger kids.


Are there any good bands in Sweden right now do you think?

-A lot of. Check out the poster from Umeå Punk Fest 11 ... We collected a lot of the best right now, in my opinion. I love that there is so much good from completely different genres, and not so anxiously trend sensitive as it was before.


Your latest album is released on the Troglodyte ... tell us about that company?

-Troglodyte Is a sub label to Transubstans, which gives out sick a lot of garage rock, hard rock and punk related. The seat is in Skivarp in Skåne.


Do you think it is important to get the discs physically (I think it's great because I collect and just think music is for real if you have it in your hand)?

-Yes, it is a good way to get along and share the music when one is on tour. It's still cool to get to keep a vinyl with their music in the hand, with accompanying artwork. Then I'm not so much for the consumption of gadgets, but purely economic, the physical sales are still necessary.


What do you think of downloading etc? It benefits you?

-It's cruel that music is so accessible, and at the same time, there has definitely devalued its value. I gave the music so much more honest chances before, when I had bought a pig in a poke, and paid a lot of money for a record. Then I gave it time and put me into it thoroughly before I shed my opinion. Now, it is almost impossible to sell even so much that you can walk around on musicianship, so I tend to think that it was better before. We need to find a solution that makes it possible to live on music again!

Do you buy the physical discs yourself ... what was the last thing you bought, the first thing you bought and the most expensive thing you bought?

-Yes, But not as often as I would have liked (due. Broke). Last purchase was Tikkle Me's latest album. Fucking good!

My first album was probably one with Madonna, I guess. My first and foremost identityshaper household gods. Do not know if I bought some really expensive record actually. I´m not a collector, so I do not own any direct rarities. However, put a lot of money on the Joy Division records, and have two sets of very many.


You have released some singles as well ... no thoughts on getting the CD format?

-It has been discussed, but nothing that is relevant right now at least! If anyone out there wants to release a singles collection on CD, just get in touch.


What do you think about living in Sweden?

-Sweden Is still a very good country, but it says something about how most cash in most other countries is, purely political. It is nothing more than a massive failure to demolish the castles received the country's welfare in eight years. I love Sweden who became a successful country regarding welfare and social security, but it is long gone. There remained, however, a whole lot of fighting spirit, and a fantastic autonomous movement. It just needs to be bigger and better organized.


What do you think about the election? Does it matter who is in control? What do you consider the most important issue?

-See above. The most important thing of all is that we start talking ideology again, get people to grasp class issues, and smash the patriarchy, of course.


Is it better for punk rock / rock music with the right government so you have something to sing about?

-It is never better with the right rule, and we can always focus on the better things about our existence is not attacked. We should all be ashamed that we let a liberal agenda to tell us that it's uncool with political lyrics in the 90s and 00s. As if we did not have struggles to keep time, or resistance to engage!


Politics and music does it belong together?

-Everything is politics, so yes! There are few better eargasms experienced than to punk songs that make us both want to dance, burn flags, make out and feel class hatred at the same time!


Best political band / artist?

-Shit What hard! If the band could agree on an answer so maybe it will Discharge.


Can you change someone's personal life with music and lyrics do you think?

-Absolutely. There is music that has changed my life and shaped me, so I know it is possible, and that it happens all the time.


What does punk mean to you, it's just a word or is it a lifestyle?

-It's definitely a lifestyle for me. For me, punk is a free zone, a context in which I found the home and a sphere where it was ok to be angry with society, like to express it in music, and to remain in it year after year.


What should a young punks do today to shock their parents, before it was enough to cut your hair and color it a bit and have a pin so became a man spat upon? Now if you want to shock anyone, then?

-I think that that goes a long way for some people today. But rather than to shock for the sake of it, I think that one should engage in activism. Do you have pussy: Take the right to have the same freedom of action as a person with cock by example go bare-chested in public. Be creative, express what you feel and do not back!


The future of the band?

-Write new songs and record eventually. There might be a new EP. We will probably do some more European turn before we release new, and we have quite a few gigs booked in Sweden during autumn.


Plans personally?

-Write and babble about everything I'm passionate about. Some things of it I even get paid for.


Words of wisdom?

-No. The question gave me performance anxiety in these election times when I would just like to stand on the barricades with a megaphone, put together all the world's wisdom and not give me until it is printed into the brain of people.


Something to add?

-Thanks for the interview and stay punk.