En Svensk Tiger is something unusual as a really angry swedish punkband. They answered questions about the group precisely before the christmas-2007.

For how long have you played?
-Since 1997 in more or lesser style. Todays lineup have been together since 2006. .

Earlier bands?
-Local and meaningless bands.

Göteborg is known to have very good music…is the musiclife goes along well or.
Favourites from the city?
-It depends how you see on that thing, there´s a lot of good bands but today´s musiclisteners is like animals so there isn´t anyone who listens to music which isn´t played in radio or which is been written about in Nöjesguiden.

Your lyrics is a little bit angrier than we´re used to…from where comes this hate for Hasse Aro?
-There´s one thing why Efterlyst have been having such high amount of viewers through the years. The hate of foreigners. For a coward and afraid bastard it must be wonderful to sit in the TV-sofa and build up their hate to the weakest group in our society. And then he´s really ugly too.  

Do you care about football…which team do you support(I am supporting GAIS a whole lot)?
-2/3 IFK, 1/3 totally uninterested.


How will it end for the gothenburgteams 2008?
-The gold will come to Kamratgården 2008 also.

GAIS will come on a respeactble 7th place but they should never released Martin Dohlsten to ÖIS.  !

Punkmusic isn´t so modern right now but I understand that you don´t give a damn about trends but how does it became this sort of music?  

-That we don´t give a damn about trends is too much too say but we don´t let it influence the music. It became punk just because that we´re too bad on playing jazz.

En Svensk Tiger?
That´s a name…do you think that the swedish people are a people which is hold their mouths shut?
-We´re still in 1941 and we don´t want to say anything about things which will risk our country´s safety or future. We´re looking foreward to when Beredskapsmusem will give us the shit for this.   

You have played with some wellknown bands, which is the most wellknown?
-Asta Kask I will think. But we managed to be drunk and missed their gig. .

What does punk mean to you?
Is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?  
-”Punk” comes from the american slang for something useless or eventually the male word for the female ”bitch” .We´re useless bitches.   

Is there any good bands in Gothenburg today? In Sweden?
-A lot of them of course.
Will you push for something not so known so is Tysta Mari from Stockholm  really good. I saw them here in Gothenburg some month ago. Good shit.

How do you think it is to live in Sweden otherwise after the election?
Was it a good or a bad choice the swedish people did?
-Politicans is a choice of work, the ideology doesn´t matter so much in today´s politics. I don´t think that anyone of us voted the last time

You´re many in the group….how does it work when you´re so many?(This was written to another group)
-It´s hard to remember all names when you´re three persons in the group.  

Please tell me  a little about every member in the group, work, age, family and something bad?
-We´re between 26 and 27 years all of us, we work with anything which gives us money to pay the rent.
Interests….Music? And beer of course. Something horrible. Except that we have so many stupid things throug the years so we should have been many times you mean
Tja, Wide is depressive, Tag he cares too much about his look and Päkka have recently given up all his futuredreams.

Is it many interviews? Is it boring?
-It was a long time since we became interiewed, so it´s not so boring.  

Write the question you never get?
-Can I borrow you a beer?

Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcerts and the five most important things in life?
-Favouriterecords right now. Wide: Spice and the RJ band, Päkka: Dan Berglund ”De mördades fria republik”, Tagan: Timbuktu ”Oberoendeframkallande”
Favoritkonserter: Thåström on Röda Sten around 2000 sometime, choose which Danko
Jones concert, Black Debbath on Sticky Fingers 2007

First, latest and most expensive record ever bough?
-Håkan Södergren and the ishockeyteam ”Nu tar vi dom” single, Kapten Röd och Majorerna ”Stjärnorna finns här”, Hmm, the most expensive...
Yeah the Ebba-box did cost some money.

The most embarrassing record in your collection?
-Pontus och Amerikanerna ”Följer ett spår”. Can it be more embarrassing?
Yeah, I forgot, Mange Schmidt ”Greatest hits”.

How much do a record with Square sell?
-Around 500 ex.
Or what the fuck... Who is that?....../(Here it became something wrong/RED)

What do you think about mp3 and where do you stand when we talk about mp3?
-We really feels with Per Gessle and the rest of the radioelite….fuck them. The problem for unknown bands is to get record contract when the companies is down on their knees. Do you write good songs as we do, it goes well anyway

Is it anything you do for yourself and in which purpose?
-Yeah, it´s really wonderful to listen to a bands all records, and then check out some soloproject and then get inspiration to your own music.  

Is it good or is it bad that people download music from a small band like yours?
-It´s really really wonderful. We haven´t anything to sell yet, the things which is record is only on our website.

You will record a fullength together with Johan Johansson?
tell me…record company, when does it come and so on?
-It will be recorded in the old proggstudio Nacksving in January. Isak who will be the technique guy have mastered some things for us before and when we thought we was forced to record an album or quit he thought it was a very good ideas. Releasedate is hard to say, but we hope to get it out in march/april. Then can we take the summer to play around in Sweden.

How does you advertise yourself? Does people phone you and book you or do you do everything yourself?

-Our manager Mia, get us the most gigs. Often contacts people her and book us.

Futureplans with the music?
.It would be more than good if we didn´t have to loose on our gigs. Fucking alcoholtaxes. And then we will release a record

As an human being?
-Quit the job.

What do you want for christmas?
-Tag: Pontus without Amerikanerna.
Päkka: A table tennis.
Wide: A Glock almanac.

-He´s not so stupid, he´s only unlucky when he thinks – Bert Karlsson

Something to add?
-En Svensk Tiger will say thank you for this time and we will be back with the best punkrecord through all times.