Hi Peter Sorry it took a while to get these to you...The Encore band has been very busy doing shows and working on new material for a half live / half studio album for late summer...Here are their answers to your interview..Thanks so much for your interest...Tim Beaire ( manager).... This way writes their manager and I was “forced to dfo an interview with this young band. So talented and you will see in the future…march 2011



How did Encore become this band?

-(Riley) Well  our dad mine and chases has been around the rock and roll music scene for a lot of yrs and he has a lot of connections so when we started Encore we had an easy time finding a bassist and drummer..We have been through a lot of lineup changes as well but you'll have that in this biz. It's all about finding the right pieces of the puzzle.So putting this band together was pretty quick.. From the start we knew what we wanted in the style of music we play...We all love Classic rock and that’s what is basically born into us. It's strange because most people our age don't appreciate what we call real music. Nothing against rap or hard core or emo but what we do is what we feel comes directly out of us as young writers and we will continue to pursue our passions as long as we live.


And this sort of music?

-(Chase) As my brother said,We were basically raised around this style of music at home it was what our parents always listen to. Our dad never forced us to be musicians, he just waited because he knew that it had to be our choice...One day we both asked him to teach us and the rest is history..Plus we have heard a lot of other different styles around our friends but we choose classic rock as our main passion.


Please tell me about every member,family,age interests and something bad about everyone.---(Zach) I am one of the newest members.(16 yrs old) I  replaced Paris Stewart because he has his own solo project he wanted to pursue.and we all wish him the best of luck. Anyway Chase is the youngest he is 11 yrs old and an incredible rock vocalist, Riley is 16 and the main guitarist and easily one of the best around our area. He really is better than most guitarists that have been playing for a lot of yrs.Trevor is our drummer (17 yrs old)..Encore used a session drummer named Scott Cain who is definitely one of the areas most experienced drummers and tours constantly with his own band. just to get the album done but Trevor has mastered all the studio chops in a live setting. The only bad thing I can think of about any of the guys is that Riley has a bad habit of never putting down his guitar...And I mean literally. His dad has had to take it off him while he is sleeping. He plays himself to sleep...lol..As far as all our families go we were all basically brought up similar being around this style of music so I think we were raised right...ha,ha. Basically you could say we were all raised on rock and roll!


You haven't got a drummer to the group yet? Who played drums on your album?

-(Trevor)Encore has always had a drummer who did the tours..Encore only used a studio drummer because they hadn't found me yet..lol. I am the permanent drummer.It was hard for the guys to find a young drummer that was dedicated to playing and writing this style of music..I have been with Encore since October.


You´re not so old and 11 year isn´t a very high age to be a singer of your caliber, which are the comments on your voice?

-(Chase) Well I think my voice is good I guess. I really don't like hearing my voice on recordings,but everyones their own worst critic. Everything people say about my singing is not negative so I guess I have a pretty good voice.


Do you think you get more attention just because of the fact that you´re young? If you get that is it annoying or do you understand that?

-(Riley)We definitely do understand that ,and some people at the shows the ones who have never seen or heard of us, when they first see us perform,I enjoy seeing their faces and then they realize that we are NOT just a bunch of kids sitting at home playing guitar hero. So no I don't find any of it annoying.


You have a lot of songtitles on your record which reminds me of old classic rock songs...how did you thought about that?

-(Trevor) We don't really choose the name first. We write the song and then we try not to be so cliche on the titles..The songs kinda basically write themselves and we pic what fits best for the title.(Riley)Basically we try to choose the title that best fits the attitude of the song..


Which band best influences you?

-(Chase)My favourite band is probably Wasp or Aerosmith,I really like the doors.I thing the Doors influenced  most of the music we hear today. (Zach) Kiss influences me greatly because they are my favourite band.Other bands like Motly Crue,Megadeth,Black Sabbath and Cream are also my favourite bands. (Trevor) The band that probably influences me the most is AC/DC. Metallica influences me a lot also. (Riley) Personally I think bands like Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Queen, G & R and Aerosmith are the foundations of our style of rock and roll. I really dig groups that are really diverse musically, yet they can still stick to their own roots.


Which are your relation to a music style as punk?

-(Trevor) It is similar because of the raw sound and basic riffs..(Riley) I love that raw non polished in your face attitude that Punk music has. It's definately a huge influence on me as a guitarist.( Chase) I relate our song that’s titled "Life" on our cd as a poppy Punk style song, but a lot of our songs rotate around Punk,Classic Rock Hair Metal and good ole Blues!


What do you know about Sweden?

-I know that Swedish fish are delicious.. ha,ha, I don't know a whole lot about Sweden but I do know I would love to go over there to Rock their Faces off!!


Have you heard any good swedish bands?

-(Riley) Chrystal Light is pretty good..They have a real Maiden feel..


Many young people download their music for free...how do you listen to music?

-(Zach) I use the music I have or go to You Tube and the radio. I actually have never downloaded music. (Trevor) I don't listen to music for free I generally buy a cd then put it on my MP3..(Chase) I just go out and buy a cd,I'm not really into the whole Ipod MP3 thing.I like goin old school..( Riley) I usually just get cd's and pop em into the stereo.I would like to get a record player,because everything sounds better on vinyl..


And you want people to buy your record?

-(Chase)Yes,of course,they already are..ha,ha...lol


How have the reviews been on the record?

-(Riley) Oh they have been great. And great for us promotionally. ( Trevor) So far the reviews have been awesome haven't heard any complaints. (Zach) All positive from what i've read so far (Chase) They have been FANTASTIC!!


Which is the most peculiar review you have got this far.?

-(Trevor) I would have to say the one that said that they feel sorry for our parents when we get older and Women and alcohol get involved...lol (Riley) We got one that was comparing us to Zeppelin. They also said like Motley Crue but with talent. Also one that said we were like Hanson on steroids.lol.. But it was a really heartfelt appreciation about our music.


Do you care about reviews?

-(Chase) Of course,It's always nice to hear what other people from around the world think of us.


Who do your lyrics? Is it important to have something interesting to tell people in the lyrics or can you sing only about love (even if that is important)?

.(Chase) We all contribute to lyrics,mainly Riley but we all try to get a message out to people with the words.(Riley) Chase and I write a lot of the lyrics and we do write about life. I'm proud to say that this album does have one ballad but it is no Def Leppard "Hysteria"


Which is the best lyric writer in the world?

-(Chase ) Jim Morrison because all his songs meant something. Like Moonlight Drive. It's all about California and the beach. It has a lot of soul because he wrote it when he lived on the rooftop on Venice Beach...He wrote about what he saw and experienced. (Riley) I think Steven Tyler because he wrote such tongue in cheek lyrics and he could write a love song and make it the least cliche lyrics that I have ever heard. (Trevor) Dio I think was the best song writer because his songs are emotional and deep and they ROCK!! (Zach) There are way to many good song writers out there to pick just one.


What do you think you do in ten years ahead...are you ruling the world with your music?

-(Trevor) In ten yrs with so many gigs we are doing, and all the big opportunities that are being offered to us...Yea in ten yrs I think we will be huge. (Chase) Definitely, I want to be the one to bring back good blues and Classic Rock and Roll!  (Zach) I can actually see that happening, You can tell when you hear the band that it's gonna be huge. (Riley) In ten yrs I hope to be eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...Fifteen yrs from then..


Which is the biggest audience you have played in front of?

-(Riley)We did a show on the main bill with Lou Gramm from Foriegner and Mini Kiss a kiss tribute band  I would say there were at least 4000 people there and we had a nice huge stage to jump around on....(Chase) Same here that was a rockin event. We did some similar ones at bike fests and things with as many people but the Headliners weren’t as big as Lou Gramm.

Which is the biggest band you have played together with? (

-Riley) Thats a hard question we have played with bands such as The Last Vegas,Steadlur,Aranda,X.Y.X.,The Godz.Bullet Boys, and so on.I don't know who takes the gold out of all the National acts we have done shows with.(Chase) I don't know because we have played with and met sooo many famous musicians..


Encore...how come it became that name?

-(Chase) We wrote a song called  "ENCORE"when we first started wanting to be musicians.so we decided to call our band that name. (Riley) Plus we always play our songs like they ARE  an  Encore. 


Is it important to have a good band name? Which is the best band name you know?

-(Trevor) I think a good band name is important especially if your starting from the ground up.My favorite band name is Metallica. (Riley) .It's extremely important. My favourite band name is Savage Animal...It rolls off the tongue.lol.  (Chase) A good band needs a good band name..My favorite is Iron Maiden, Just think about it..It's AMAZING!(Zach) Yes it is important,The name defines the band. I think Led Zep and Black Sabbath are two of the best.


Which are the future plans for the band?

-(Zach) to stay with Encore and work hard to make it to the TOP! (Chase)I would like to tour Europe,Japan,the U.S or wherever our music takes us. (Riley) To play all over the world and make a second stop at Sweden again. (Trevor) The future plans for our band is to be heard all over the world and have people like our music and I think they will.


Futureplans for yourself

-(Chase) To stay involved in music and tour the world and maybe get me some microphone endorsements..(Riley) I would like to be recognized as a guitarist with an original and distinctive style.(Trevor) I don't really have any future plans for myself except for staying in Encore, being committed to it and rocking hard! (Zach) To live life to the fullest and make the best of it.


Any words of wisdom?

-(Whole Encore band)  LISTEN TO ENCORE...LOL


Something to add?

-(Whole Encore band) Well as a band we would like to say that we all appreciate the readers,the listeners and of course all the Encore fans out there who take the time to come to our shows, buy our music, and when they write and tell us that we made a change in their life for the better from something they got from our music, it makes all the hard work of rehearsing, recording and touring well worth it...We love all our fans and we want more people to be able to experience the Encore band...Here is our facebook link..  www.facebook.com/encorerocks