Elmo calls himself a young man which makes me really happy with his music which feels like an hybrid between Broder Daniel, Beatles and other melodic artists and he gives us music which will be with us for a long time. Magnus as Elmo is called tells me a little about himself.. 26/10-07

Tell me a little about yourself?
-My name is Magnus Ekelund, is 21 years old, born and raised in Jokkmokk and I will soon release my debutalbum Kamikaze Heart under the artist name Elmo.

Elmo? From where comes the name?
-I donīt know.

-Jokkmokk is a little place over the pool circle.  Itīs a bout 100 mil north of Stockholm. The veideo to the song Unbreakable is recorded on a mountain in Jokkmokk.

I become fucking happy when I hear your music, what do you want with your music?
-Itīs good to hear that you become happy of my music. Kamikaze Heart is about l trying to live uncompromising. That you find a feeling so you can follow that. Not see the bad and the good things and then take the hit when it comes.
Excactly what the listener feels I donīt want to know. Itīs a win if the listener only feels anything.  

As a mix between Beatles and Broder Daniel I think?  
-60īs smelling gothenburgpop I have heard many times.

Something else you hear?
-The ones who is older says that they hear early Magnus Uggla, some classical music and some other things. As a newcomer so is it many who want to tell me what they hear.
But that it isnīt anything I think of.  

You have been a lot on TV i Understand?
-Yeah-thatīs right, the first single The Anthem was a lot on Z.  

Is it an important forum?
-It doesn’t matter where they see me and explore me.  .

On the radio then? Are you being played there?
-All three singles have been played by P3 and that’s mostly there I have been heard

How do you think the musiclife in Sweden is right now?
-I heard somewhere that it never have been releasing so many records as this autumn.
People seems to be creative anyway.  

Good artists/groups?
-Erik Zettervall is an artist who should have bigger audience than he have.

Is there many chances to play gigs?
-Yes,there is.

Where is best?
-Festivals and streetparties I like!” But everywhere there you can reach an audience which appreciate good music is a good place to play.  

How does your audience look like?
-Young girls and boys in my own age is the one who likes me most.
And maybe…the ones who dislike me most too. Itīs the ones who thinks anything about me. But I think itīs very mixed

What do you listen mostly to right now?
-The theme song to Flying Doctors and Gummi Bears.

Your five favouriterecords right now?
-Jakob Hellman “ Stora havet, Magnus Uggla “ Livets Teater, Some Greatest Hits-record with ABBA, Beach Boys “ Pet Sounds and then I litsten a lot to  The Make Up “ After Dark also.

The latest record you bought?
-Americas Greatest TV Themes.

The first record you bought?

-A vinyl single with Michael Jackson. Black or White it was.

The most embarrassing record in your collection?
-I donīt really know.

How do you think it is to live in Sweden right now.?
-I havenīt anything to compare with. But in the same time I have no plans to move from here either.  

Do you notice any difference after that the government changed colour last year?
-No, or I donīt know.

Politics and music ?
-I have no problem with that? I like a lot of political music.


Is it something for you?
-I have had some subtile political messages in some of my songs. But itīs not my main thing. It would feel natural for me and I donīt know so much about politics.

Best political artist?
-Ebba Grön or maybe Bob Dylan.

Is it many interviews right now?
-Yeah, thereīs alot of interviews right now before the date of release.

Is it boring?
-Sometimes. It depends on which kind of interview it is. Which questions it is and how things are showed. But itīs important to show yourself and find new listeners.

Which is the question you want to have? Please ask it and answer it?
-I have no dreamquestion.
But I like mostly to talk about my music. All everything feels uninteresting. .

Where do you stand when we talk about m,p3 and downloading?
-Itīs many people in my nearness who asks me about that. I often download music for myself and if I like it I buy it and see it live. Music is much more easy to get today than it was before.
Thatīs good.  

Who is it good and who is bad for?
-Itīs not good for the record companies.
For the artist itīs both good and bad. But I think that the good things are more.

Is it good for an artist to come out in that way and in that way get a hype?  

-It depends on what the artist thinks himself. Surely can it often be good. Itīs so that you can get a big and fast can get a big audience. And then it kills a little bit of medias power. But so sure isnīt it.  

Have you got any reviews on your record?
-Yeah, some.

Do you care about reviews and can you imagine that you could change anything just because of what reviewer said ?
-No absolutely not. They can think what they think, thatīs their work but I donīt put any heaviness on the things they said. I do music that I think is good. Thatīs the way it is.

Have some reviewers too much power?
-No, I donīt think so.

Futureplans for the music?
-7th of November comes my debutrecord.
Longer than so I cannot think.. I want to come out and play in the country. But no longer or bigger plans I donīt have. Maybe I do some more songs but not so maybe..

For yourself?

-But something to eat tonight and cigarettes.  



Something to add?