Ejected was a really nice and fun and good band in the 80īs oiwave. They had hits like Have you got 10p and they have done a reunion and here is it Jim Brooks from the group who answer some questions from me in October 2014.


Youīre still playing, have you been playing all the time since you first started?

- No. We reformed earlier this year because a promotor got in touch and said there was huge world wide interest for us


Please tell me about the members today, age,family, work, and something bad about every one?

- Johny Romain on guitar, Danny Blair on drums, Paul Berry on bass, Big Jim Brooks vocals. They are all in their twenties are great musicians and recreate the Ejected sound


A touch of class and Spirit of the rebellion....when does your next album comes?

- No record deal yet mate so don't know (we will consider any offers for record deals).


Have you got 10 p was a hitsong, how high did it came in the charts?

- Have you got 10p got high in the INDIE charts back in 1982 but never got in official UK pop chart.


If you have done any new songs, how do they sound?

- Go on to You Tube to hear new song Judgement Day. We also have two other new songs called 'Dead Man Walking' and '(This is our) Love Song' but fans really just want the old songs at out gigs.


How is it to play nowadays if you compare how it was when you started to play? Any difference?

- Much better. We are playing to people who love us and the money is better than back in the old days plus the fans are so lovely


Many old punkbands are still going on and play, any favorites of the old ones and of the new punkbands?

- Not really seen or heard any new punk bands but I like Rancid, Distillers and UK Subs of course. Am sure we will see and hear more new punk bands once we start playing gigs and festivals etc.


You came in the oiwave....now you have been called streetpunk, which is the best name on your music?

- Punk / Oi is what we will always be.


How would you describe your music in three words?



Which type of people comes to your concerts?

- We get young and old fans that grew up with our records itís fantastic that we appeal to both.


Is there any type of people who you miss on your concerts?

- No


Is it many interviews nowadays? Is it boring?

- This is our first interview. Itís only boring if you questions are boring.


When you do lyrics, what influences you?

-Catchy chorus, real life subjects such as war, drink, love, sex, drugs, people etc.


Is there any subject you will never ever write about?

- Monkeys ( I fucking hate monkeys).


Politic and music, does it goes hand in hand?

- Yes, because politics is in everyday life big or small but we are not political, we're just opinionated.


Best political artist/band?

- Rancid.


Your most political song?

- Man of War.


How is it live in England right now?

- The recession sucks but music, film and tv is good here but better in the USA.


How is the punkmovement going on in England right now? Is it easy to get gigs?

- Itís not that easy to get gigs here in England. The punk scene is very underground here but hopefully we will find places to play in the future.


Have you been much abroad and played through the years?

- Not really. USA a month ago thatís all but gig offers are coming in slowly so we hope to visit a few countries with our blistering punk rock sound


Where is best to play?



If you could choose five bands from now and back in time, live and dead artists/bands to have a concert together with Ejected, which have you choose?

- Killing Joke, Stranglers, New Model Army, UK Subs and Rancid.(Wow that concert I would like to be on)


Where do you stand when we talk about mp3 and downloading and that stuff?

- Itís a technical age I don't bother with it but my band are young and hip to it all so they love it.


How much have your records sold through the times...any idea?

- Have no idea. Have you got 10p sold 5,000 copies originally but our albums have been selling over the past 30 years but have no figures you would really need to ask Riot City Records and Captain Oi Records.


Futureplans for the band?

- Tour the world. Europe, USA, Japan etc just play to the people who want us.


For yourself?

- Live til i die ha ha.



- Motherfuckaaa!!!  


Something to add?

- Itís great that we've found fans of my music after 30 years. My band are the best live. I think we can blow away most other punk bands because all our songs are well known and catchy. We love that punk rock is still alive and paying.

Cheers Jim Brooks of The Ejected