Gröten and his guys in the group started up the old group E.A.T.E.R. again and that´s appreciated by me anyway. They have precisely relesed a compilation with their old material and also a new single. The interview was answered in the beginning of January 2011.  


Why did you start the group again after such a long time of not playing?

-We have a fucking love to each other which started early in the 80´s and which still is burning. We have talked about starting to play again with the band in 8 years I think…but it was first when Bodenmalm contaced us some years ago and wanted to release a compilationrecord with songs from 82-84 we got a rehearsalroom in march 2010 and we tested if we could get back the nerves in our songs, old and new. This was so fucking fun   and we have some nerves left in our music and therefor we decided to release a new EP.


What did you do between E.A.T.E.R. and E.A.T.E.R.?

-What do you do in 25 years?  Plays music in some way. Moves, moves back. Fighting and become friends again. Get children, divorces some times. Laughs, cries and laughs again. Some friends is falling away and some new comes. Yeah, as the life in common.  


Please tell me a little about every member, age, work, interests and something bad about every one?

-Hasse-Voice, originalsinger and the man who gave us the name is back.

Micke-Voice, is attitude and energy, without Micke no reunion.

Snake-Bass, best guitarist in the band.

Gröten-Guitar, have been in the group from ´82

Åke-Guitar, one of Värmlands oldest punks, punkgrandpa from 76.

Emil-Drums, an young person who suits into the band very well  .

Age, famil, interests, work and other horrible things isn´t interesting to talk about but we´re somewhere between 20-49 in age.


The new recprd If nothing´s right...go left , it sounds politics…is politic important?

-Almost all our songs are political, some is reflections of lifeexperience. Politics is important ,is there something which isn´t important as you can have influence on?


Which is the political artist/group around?

-Is there anyone which is best?


Is there any good bands in Sweden today?

-There´s surely a lot of good music around but we have more focus on doing good things ourselves. 


How will you describe your music in three words?

-Unity, attitude and energy.  


You did only one EP, but you were on a lot of compilations, howcome?  

-We hadn´t the economy to release more records. It have always been important when we have done some new material that we´re the owner to the material, it will say Ernst Records.  


Two singles more was done but were never released…why not?  

-We had during this period different views on songchoice and we hadn´t afford to release them either.


But now you have release a compilation LP/CD, tell us?

-It´s we together with Mats Bodenmalm who have decided to release material from 82-84 as some people wanted and there´s some people which obliviously is interested in our music. A company from USA and Germany have showed us the same interest but we thought that Distortion could release these old songs which we couldn´t afford to release on vinyl.


Your Doomsday Troops have become really expensive...what is the most you have heard as a cost for it?

-Around 2500 Skr. Some wanted tpo buy my testpress for 4500 Skr but I gave it away to someone I like and which have a really big heart.


Isn´t it a little bit hard that a punksingle is being sold so expensive because punk have always been a non-profit movement??

-That´s a signal on that we did a good thing for almost 30 years ago. It´s not so hard to live with that fact. Is punk a nonprofit movement?


Can you earn money on punk?

-Can you earn money on punk nowadays so can you do that if you want. But I can say spontaneous if you want to earn money you should choose another work that punkseller. n


What does punk mean to you, is it a lifestyle or is it only a word?

-I don´t know how to explain this in a simple way. When an unity between people is shaped, there you have the right to express yourself as you want and you have the feeling that you belong to it it´s a feeling which is hard to describe. It feels. It´s not so fucking interesting that it´s called punk, actually.  


I understand that you have got the question before, but why are you being called Gröten?  

-Have never got that question before and I have never thought about it in my therapy either.


How do you think that it is to live in Sweden today?

-I think we can reach really long with our opinions and message in our bands lyrics and what we think about the situation in Sweden and international.  


How do you think it is to play punk nowadays if you compare with playing it when you started E.A.T.E.R?

-We´re like dinosaurs in the DIY-world. It´s not going to compare now and then. Then we lived so much for the music and for all about punk. Now have the most of us families, work etc which makes us take care about other needs and we don´t have to put us self in the first room. One thing is sure, we still doing this for our own´s sake and we is rawer, tighter and we have still really fun together.  


You never get any complains on your name because it was an english band which was called Eater?  

-No, we played rawpunk in the 80´s and they played pop in the late 70´s so these bands wasn´t mixed together so much.


It´s fun that so many old bands is playing again as Bristles, Asta, Moderat Likvidation and you just to mention some…which band do you want to start play again?  

-Sötlimpa – I loved these guys and their music.


Can you be too old to listen to punk? Isn´t it only a teenagerevolt or can you revolt in our age too?

-It´s not so fucking interesting to call it punk or how you´re dressed. Jump back to my answer in the question about punkrock.  


Concert outside Sweden, is this something you plans and have you played a lot outside Sweden?

-Right now it´s really calm, one gig is planned to Linköping 2nd of april with italian RawPower. Our goal is some gigs in Japan, talked to Micke Blomqvist and he thinks we will suit in good there. Westcoast in USA and Southamerica would suit us fine. And then it was really nice to play more in Sweden too. It´s really fun playing live.!!


The first and latest record in your collection?

-The only thing I have left is E.A.T.E.R.s vinylrecords. I sold my vinyltreasure in the late 80´s and travelled to west Africa.  


The most embarrassing record in your collection?

-Have no one.


Where do you stand in the talk about mp3 and downloading?

-Free music for free people !


No fullength on it´s way with only new material?

-A new EP 2011 is the goal and we discuss with AVSKUM to release a Split 10”.


Futureplans for the band?

-See above and to play live.



-If nothing is right…..Go left