Eater -once England youngest punkband?


Andy Blade from ol Eater was nice to answer some questions to an halflong interview in the beginning of november 2004.

You were young when young started Eater, how young was you?And why did you start the group?

-Brian and I who formed the band at school, were both 14 when we started  it in our heads., it seemed like a good thing to do.


Was it a problem for you to come out on gigs and so on because of your age?

-It was sometimes a problem, but we found ways around the problems.


What did punk mean to you then and what does it mean to you today?

-Then, it meant freedom, now it means nothing.


Have it changed your life anything?

-Obviously it did, it changed the course of my life.


What are you doing today? Anything with music?  

-I make music when I feel like it. But Iím pretty lazy. It doesnít matter though, I only have 5 fans anyway, with a possibility of a sixth shortly, so my schedule of one album every ten years is just about right for this loyal, discerning and good hearted bunch.  What happened with the guys when you broke up, did they continued to play music or what?

-They all did for a while and then succumbed to the horrible realisation that they would be hugely unsuccessful if they persevered with it.


You havenīt done any reuinon after the split?

-We did, in 1996, it was fun for a while, but it was only ever meant to be a one off. Of which it will remain.


You will put out a DVD now with Eater, what will it be on that?

-The DVD is a live set from that reunion.


Whatīs the difference in the musicworld today if you compare when you started Eater?

-The biggest difference is that everyone that wants to be in a band these goes to Rock School, we didnít have that in our day.


How is music/punklife in England right now?

-I donít really know what Punk life is. There are a lot of punky sounding bands around.  Piano driven balladry seems popular too.


Is there any good bands there?

-Theyíre not a new band but the new Ash album is amazing. The Libertines are special.


How is it to life there otherwise, I mean politically?

-Politically, itís probably much the same as it is in Sweden, but in the UK itís illegal to butcher politicians in department stores. We have an outdated and ineffective system called Ďvotingí, here.


How did you react when the terrorist attack was, with , anger, fear or did you said what did I said? 

-It wasnít with anger or fear, just the sullen dread of the inevitable. And a bit of shock too.


Can it happen again? If it happens again where do you think itīs going to be?

-Thatís a bit specific isnít it? Of course it can happen again. Probably somewhere cold and punishing expensive. Perhaps somewhere that relies heavily on an industry that produces cars that have their lights switched on all the time, so that if itís at night, the terrorists can see what theyíre doing. Theyíre sneaky that way.


Politics and music, does it goes hand in hand?

-Sometimes. I mean, look at Bono, Bob Geldof, John Lennon, Cat Stevens, Karen Carpenter.


Who does the best political music today?

-You might not believe this, but George Bush Snr has a band called ĎThe Paedophilesí, and they sing about whatís really going down. Brilliant videos too, seen the Iraq one? 


What do you know about Sweden?

-Iíve visited Sweden, Gothenburg. It was very cold, punishingly expensive and had cars with lights switched on all the time.


Have you heard any swedish bands worth to mention?

-The Cardigans, the Hives and of course, the most famous of all Swedish bands, The Brotherhood Of Man.


Which is the most important punksong ever done?

-Anarchy In The UK.


Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life? 

-I can only do one of each & all subject to change;

1.The Slider - T. Rex 2. The Sex pistols, Notre Dame Hall, London, 1976. 3. Sleep.


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-1. Ziggy Stardust. 2. Ash - Meltdown.  3. 20,000 copies of the first Eater single.


Most embarrassing record in your collection?

-Donít have one.


How was a really good concert with you? Did you do many songs? -It was really good, we did many songs.


The latest record Live at Barbarella, was it something you found in somewhere at home and thought this must be released or what?

-Someone sent the tape to me and I thought it was good.


Please tell me about the book "The Andy Blade Chronicles" when does it come and what does it will be in the book?

-Out in march next year Iím told. It contains a comprehensive account of the great east Finchley Ladybird holocaust of 1977. And some stuff about music.


What about Blair, does he does his work good?

-Lionel Blair is a brilliant dancer and apparently not gay, which is unusual for a dancer. I met his son once in LA, he was drunk and lying on the lawn. His cousin Tony is a cunt.


That bands/artists in USA take their opinion against Bush, what do you think about that?

-Itís be a bit weird if they didnít, wouldnít it?


Please tell me a little about every member in eater, what do they do now, family, children, work, and something bad about every one? 

-Bizarrely, they all work at the same nuclear reactor plant in Scunthorpe, which is in the north of England. They are trustees of the squirrel medicine technology unit.


Futureplans, is there anything else which havenīt been released with Eater?

-A few bits and pieces, not much. Iím sure a high priced, low quality CD can be cobbled together at some point.


Futureplans for yourself?

-Iíve run out of ideas really and Iíve got ages, so any suggestions are more than welcome.



-Be creative, be honest!


Something to add ?

-Speeding cameraís and parking tickets make me puke. Never drink bleach. Be nice to cuddly animals. If I was a girl Iíd like to be called Amanda, then I could be known as Mandy Blade.