A rock n roll band with attitude is Easy Livin and I really hope that they continue give us this marvellous punkrockgaragerock n roll for many years. All the three members have given their answer to differnt questions so please enjoy the interview.

-JOSE:  Chris, Rusty, and I were born Siamese triplets. We were joined at the
ass until our mom split us apart with a chainsaw. It still hurts to sit down
there every once in a while.

Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, interests, work
and so on?
-CHEECH:  I'm Chris, aka Cheech Sweet.  I play bass & sing.  We all sing our
own songs.  I'm 29, from Indiana originally, & old enough to know better. 
I'm a student.  I have no job.  My wife (whose married name is actually
Loretta Lynn, like the country music star!) supports me right now. 
Interests?  I dunno.  This is feeling like a Personals ad.  Well, I study
Anthropology, so that interests me, I s'pose...Jose plays guitar, is from
Mexico; & I think he's old enough to know better too, though I doubt he'd
agree--29, I think.  He's a graphic designer at some internet company,
though, unlike the rest of the world, he ain't gettin' rich at it. 
Leastwise, he ain't showered any of that green on the band (or maybe he just
isn't as dumb as he looks--just kidding, Jose).  So, fruitless labor appears
to be his interest...Jerkin' off.  That's what most guitarists are
essentially doing anyway, right?  Dramatic masturbation?  And then he jerks
off at work too, so
auto-eroticism must be his interest.  Actually, he's into '50s/'60s culture,
collecting records (me too), going to Memphis w/ his long-time live-in
lady-friend, Ilana...Rusty plays drums & hails from Virginia.  He's the old
man of the band.  He's 30-something.  I forget.  33?  35?  He knows better,
but does it all anyway, to spite himself.  He likes to
live.  He's like most drummers, a bit out of his fucking mind.  Don't fuck
w/ Rusty.  He might look like a skinny dude, but he gets one of those looks
in his eyes that tell you that anything just might happen, like this
motherfucker looks crazy enough to do anything.  I've seen those kinda
people bite ears off people in barfights.  Rusty's real easy to get along w/
though, so you're in no danger if you're not being a dumbass.  He's
self-employed, paints offices & stuff.  He's handy like that.  Plus his
wife's studying for the bar, so he's not too worried about cash.  They just
bought a nice little fixer-upper
coop in midtown Manhattan.  He likes to drink, as does Jose, & smoking &
going camping & hiking & stuff.  He's a little "red," he says.  He does
whatever these "red" people do...You figure it out...I don't need any of 'em
kicking MY ass next time we're in the South (that's a hint for you

Are you satisfied with your latest CD Good Time Head-on collision?
-RUSTY:  Yes, it is truly magnificent, a work of art. Why, how does it make
you feel?

Is Dionysus Records your own label, or how is it?
-JOSE:  No, Dionysus is not our own label. It's owned by Lee Joseph and
they're based out of Los Angeles.

Is there any other releases on it?
-CHEECH:  Dionysus?  They have a lot of releases.  I would consider them one
of the preeminent garage labels in the world.  At least they HAVE been. 
Maybe there's some big labels now that I'm not hip to.  Bettuh axe sumbody.

How is it to live in USA? Is it violent?
-RUSTY:  Its tough. We have yuppies on every corner, ready to whip out their
cellphones if you so much as look at them.

Do you call yourself a punk band?
-JOSE:  No. We're part garage band, part punk band, part blues band, part r
'n' b band but mostly a rock-n-roll band.

Is there any good bands in USA right now?
-CHEECH:  Yeah, of course.  There're ALWAYS good bands in the USA.  It's a
huge country.  Rock'n'roll was invented here, man.  There's always somebody
playing it well.  There always probably will be at least as long as we're
around I figure.  Even though I'm rather disappointed by their new
faux-Ziggy Stardust or whatever album, I'm still a big
Makers fan & think they're one of the best contemporary bands around right
now.  Unfortunately, they rarely tour the States.  But there are great bands
right here in NYC.  The Dictators.  Need I say more?

Is it many interviews? Is it boring?
-RUSTY:  Interviews, we've had a few, but then again, too few to mention.
They can be boring, but we realize that it is our duty to quench the thirst
for information of our consuming public.

CHEECH:  Uhh, we've done a few interviews like this, for foreigners over the
internet.  Nobody has ever interviewed us in person.  Do I smell?  We're
pretty hard on the eyes, I guess, but certainly no worse than, say, Dead
Moon (yes, I know, & they also have about 40 albums out & tour
incessantly--yes, yes, details details).  Of course we never tour & only
rarely play out...(so, yeah, thanks by the way for the rare interview; we
love all you people who write about us in languages we can't
understand!)...Is it boring?  Nah, I love talking about myself.  I just wish
your English was better so you could tell how clever I
think I am.

Do you know any good swedish bands?
-JOSE:  Just the Strollers and the Turpentines. All the other ones I've heard
have too much "rock" and not enough "roll."

How is it to live in USA right now?
-CHEECH:  The USA is a fine place to live for white, heterosexual,
Protestant-raised males like us.  Jose is a Mexican by nationality, but
you'd never know it to look at him or hear him speak English.  His mother is
German & father is mostly Spanish, so Jose looks more European.  So things
are fine for us.  It sounds terrible to say it that way b/c, while we
ourselves are not people to be so obtuse as to discriminate based on such
cultural constructs as race & gender--it's enough fun to discriminate
against genuine assholes & people who have actually offended me; they are
quite plentiful as it is--the fact of the
matter is that we belong to that segment of the population that benefits
from the United States' brand of institutional discrimination.  My life
could definitely be worse.

What do you think about yourself about the compared bands?
-RUSTY:  Sometimes its great, depending on who we are compared with, like the
Stooges. Gets a bit embarassing when they compare us to N-Sync, cos we're
really not that good looking.

What´s the best and what's the worst of living in USA?
-JOSE:  The worst thing about living in the USA is suburbs, shopping
malls,houses with white picket fences, unpaid morgages, lawn gnomes,
driving,nothing to do, and PTA meetings. The best thing about living in the
USA is one thing. New York City. That means no suburbs, no shoppingmalls, no
houses with white picket fences, no lawn gnomes,
no driving, and lots to do. I don't know about the PTA meetings, though.
RUSTY:  Best thing: I give up, this question is too hard. I am too
disillusioned right now.

What´s the best and what´s the worst of being in a band?
-CHEECH:  The best part of being in a band is that half an hour on stage,
esp. when it's a good show.  It's true what they say about it being an
experience akin to getting high or sex.  It's a rush.  The worst is that
it's just a financial & mental drain.  To just be a band is easy.  To be a
band that plays for people & puts out records is an uphill battle.  We all
want to make money & feel indignant when we barely get any, but the fact of
the matter is that we're doing this for ourselves.  The kids mostly listen
to millennial disco music.  There're plenty of garage bands out there for
the minority who give a shit about them, & all the club owners are basically
doing us favors by giving us shows, esp. when we're young bands.  So we're
doing this b/c we want to be like our idols--WE want to play to packed
houses, WE want to put out records.  It's ironic that it bothers me that we
lose so much money.  It's as it should be.  We're not really driving the
economy here w/ this shit, so why should they dump a bunch of resources into
us.  Eh?  So, the worst part of being a band is this psychic feedback loop. 
Is it worth the expense for such narcissism?  Well, we're still here, aren't
we?  (I did say that we're old enough to know better, didn't I?)

Do you buy many records?
-RUSTY:  Not really. They don't make them like they used to.

You listen to much older music, or, any favourites?
-JOSE:  Yeah, I listen to mostly older music.  Right now I've been listening
primarily to British R 'n' B, Freakbeat, and Soul. Stevie Wonder,
TheFlirtations, Stax box set (the 1st one), The Pretty Things and the

What does punk mean for you?
-CHEECH:  Someone who gets fucked in the ass in a prison cell.  Don't drop
the soap!

Idols when you were small?
-RUSTY:  Winnie the Pooh, Scooby Doo, Dr. Who, Action Man.

How does the average fan look like?
-JOSE:  Bald, overweight, mostly male, and on the cusp of middle age.

Do you have good contact with your fans? In which way?
-CHEECH:  Yes, Rusty & I both met our wives at our shows (me when I was in
the Morning Shakes & Rusty when he reunited the M-80s for a UK tour).  My
wife was & is a fan.  She was briefly a stripper, & she stripped to 'Shakes
tunes.  In which way do I have good contact w/ our fans?  Well, WE like to
do it anally.  I don't know 'bout Rusty.  I'm
not allowed to do such things w/ any other fans anymore.  We use email, our
mouths, the telephone.  How do normal rock bands contact fans?  The Easy
Livin' Hotline?

Do you have good contact with your fans, in which way if you have?
-RUSTY:  We have an email list. I think its up to five.

Have you done anything more than Good time Head-on collision, if you
have, what and how can I get it?
-JOSE:  We have a 7" that's was supposed to come out on Cacophone Records.
They missed the release date by two years but I'm still keeping my fingers
crossed. We also have a live- LP only- called Dead End Radio that's being
released by Rockin' Bones out of Italy. You can get the 7" from Cacophone
Records at www.cacophone.com . I don't have the address for Rockin' Bones at
the moment.

You have an own homesite, is it important? Whats the address?
-RUSTY:  Its not that important. I get so pissed off when people download our
music instead of buying our records, you know I have to live off the
royalties,and as for that Napster.com, I think I am going to sue.
CHEECH:  A homsite?  A website maybe?  Nah, we don't have one.  Our in-house
graphic designer who designs shit on websites for a fucking living has been
too bloody busy playing fucking darts at the goddamn pub to get around to
designing us one!  And he probably won't now, just to spite me.

What do you like the new way to communicate, with e mail and internet and
that stuff?
-JOSE:  I think email and the internet has allowed people to communicate
globally as well as locally a lot more quickly and efficiently. But
really,who cares.

Is it important with a lyric that people can sing along with?
-RUSTY:  Yes. Especially with instrumentals.

First record you bought, and the last one you bought?
-JOSE:  First record I bought, well which my parents bought me actually, was
"Dynasty" by Kiss. I still have fond memories of jumping around with a broom
as my guitar while "2000 Man" blasted out of my Penasonic. My parents to
this day still suffer from headaches.The last record I bought was "Maximum
Freakbeat." And now I suffer from headaches.

Are you buying much records, which is the most expensive record you
have bought?
-CHEECH:  Nah, I haven't actually paid money for records in quite a while. 
Until recently, I worked for a music distribution company & got tons of
promos.  Plus I had a little scam to trade all the stuff I disliked for good
stuff, so I got a bunch of cool things like the Stax singles box & the Otis
Redding box & all that new Swedish cock rock shit & all the Crypt & Norton
stuff I didn't have & all those mediocre rare punk rock comps coming out all
over the place over there.  The most expensive record I ever spent my own
good money for?  Shit.  I dunno.  I'm  pretty fuckin' cheap.  I think when I
was 20 & making big bucks as a bricklayer's apprentice I spent $20 for the
first Pussy Galore single.  The most expensive thing I ever traded for was
probably that Stax box, which I think runs at around $100.

Future plans?
JOSE:  Currently we're in the studio recording some songs for a 7". We've
also entered the Cavestomp 2000 battle of the bands contest. So please point
your curser to www.cavestomp.com and give our song a listen.

-CHEECH:  "Widsomword?"  Yes, the expression is "Any words of wisdom?"  No,
actually, here are my words of wisdom:  Don't make fun of a foreigner's
English if all you can't even count to 10 in his native tongue (i.e. Don't
be like me, kids).

Something more to add?
-RUSTY:  Favorite color: blue. Eyes: blue. Sign: virgo.