Nummer 38 did have the canadian emogoup BY A THREAD From Revelation was the group which is mixing melodic punk and hard HC IN MY EYES in an interview  The Oi-group which is like S.H.A.R.P: is  Guttersnipe from the former SxE-citizen Umeå. Please read the nice talk me and Henke had.French BURNING HEADS has been one of the european bands among all Epitaph american beautys ,they talked to me and told me why. This numbers future band was KURT KAKA. GASMAN from Sandviken is an old demoband which have been liked for a long time. They released their debut CD Wild at Hear and I was forced to get an interview with them. BLANKS 77 it´s a wonderful american punkgroup who finally managed to answer my questions.
  Number 37 whad a US Bombs-logo on the frontside and it was interviews with RED ALERT, L.E.S.Stitches, US BOMBS; MÄHÄLIUM, FARSIDE FRENZAL RHOMB och PRICKS, FREEZE  
  Number 36 was out with a long interview with Chips from SATOR The political group EAK was talking about revolution in Skrutt, DS 13 was a interviewed which was questioned from my readers.They are cruel BOUNCING SOULS called me up from New York and it was Brian from the group who was telling me what they want with their music RADIO 69 was this numbers futureband and their streetpunk is a futuresound. PUFFBALL from Västerås did manage to answer my questions them to
  Number 35 was out in the spring 99 with the old and good gothenburg group TROUBLEMAKERS SICK OF IT ALL was in the zine and the folkmusicpunkgroup  GLENDOLINS  Perssons Pack  GUITAR GANGSTERS play old happy english punk BURNING KITCHEN plays political punkrock JUGGLING JUGULARS from Finland is very political them too and it was a big interview with them in 35 This issues futureband was called SCALLYWAG
  Number 34 came out with many problems and it was an interview with american band  SQUIRTGUN, the political band STEN OCH STALIN was in this issue and Västeråsband which is playing oi/streetpunk BOMBSHELL ROCKS did say what they wanted to say This numbers futureband was rocking  SCARECROWS from Nässjö. WITHIN REACHs did give their permission to get an interview from them BOB HUND did let Jonny from the group talk to me Italian CRACKDOWN did manage in the last minute to be in this issue
  Number 32 had wonderful bands like  Swingin Utters, Motorpsycho, Combed, , JMKE , Mart Hällgren  BODYJAR and Mårten from Coca Carola picked his favourite records in all time
  Number 31 had the groups I AGAINST I, FUGAZI, MR T EXPERIENCE, PLAN 9, Heatfarm, DICKIES and DROPKICK MURPHYS in itself.
  I think number 30 is the best issue coming out and it was about groups like  Robots, Lars Winnerbäck, NO FUN AT ALL, Serbian scenereport, Welfare and Voice of A Generation
  Number 29 had groups like CRAMPS,AVSKUM, Kaamos,Stefan Sundström, BACKYARD BABIES and Anastasia
  Number 28 had Snapcase, TEN FOOT POLE,, Daybreak, Carpe wade, Pridebowl and Breach in its bagage
  Number 27 showed us interviews with  DESCENDENTS, Skalatones,Burst, Starmarket and HYBRID CHILDREN
  Number 26 wanted us to know more things about NEW BOMB TURKS,Levellers, Monster, Wolfpack, Warzone, Snap Her and Pass Out.
  Number 25 let us know about HELLACOPTERS, ASTREAM, Maggot Slayer Overdrive , Chips from SATOR picked his punkfavourites and Generation Terrorists was this numbers futureband.
  Number 24 penetrated Voodoo Glow Skulls,Rövsvett, Passage 4, ADHESIVE and Liberator,and there was a band called Crossbreed which was this issues futureband.
  Number 23 did contain my first telephoneinterview with a foregin band.  Zoinks,Radioaktiva Räker,Charta 77,DOWN BY LAW, Sleeping Tom and Dr Strange Records was in this issue also.
  Number 22 did see the light in january 96 with groups like  Stoned,Brick,KEPONE, Hela Huset Skakar and Falling to Pieces
  Number 21 did have a clown on the front and groups like Shelter, Satanic Surfers,Candysuck,Fireside,HANS OCH GRETA
  Number 20 wanted you to buy a copy and it was about groups like i 59 times the pain,Räserbajs,Venerea,Lisa Gives Head and Cowboy Killers
  Number 19 has a folkmusic group in it Garmarna thiswas mixed with the queerpunkers  Pansy Divison,BOLLWEEVILS,COSA NOSTRA and PREDATOR
  Number 18 did really cried of anger with bands like Mögel,D.I., Blender,Life of Agony and Abhinanda
  Number 17 with Psychotic Youthon the cover did also ccontained bands like Medulla Nocte, White Flag,Venerea and Black Train Jack
  Number 16 scared some people with it´s cover,and it was only swedish bands in it IFK Gamla Saxon,Tuk Tuk Rally,Misery Loves Co,Refused and Randy
  Number 15 tried to break out with bands like Doodles,FINKELROKKERS,H.A.T.,999, Teddybears and a check on  Lookout Records
  Number 14 had my first interview with Stefan Sundström,Wounded Knee,NO FUN AT ALL,At The Gates and noqueerpunkers QUEERS  
  Number 13 was a french-swedish production with Burning Heads and Allena,Alice Under,Los Bohemos and Charles Hårfager
  Number 12 shoot out Decadence Within,Sludge Nation,Arda Records,COCA CAROLA and Lurkers.
  This is the issue you can buy from me the other one is not available anymore. The cost is 10 crowns included payment in Sweden and 2 dollars outside Sweden  Thorsson, Sandbäcksgatan 18 ,431 33 MÖLNDAL,SWEDEN you can mail on the adress
  Band which was included was among many others following bands Levellers,Entombed,Johan Johansson,DLK,PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES,Charta 77,BAD RELIGION,Raped Teenagers ,Red London, Blyth Power,PUREMANIA, Birdland, KÖTTGROTTORNA,ADICTS,NOMADS VARUKERS Hard-Ons,Strebers, Lurkers, 23 Till, Wedding Present,Stupids, GBH,Asta Kask, Stockholms Negrer, VICE SQUAD Mau Maus, Toy Dolls,Sixten Redlös,Onslaught,Avskum, Sune Studs just to mention a few which was interviewed in 84 to 92.
  Please write to me and tell me what you want to see in future issue or on the net.