History?     -We've been together since New Years Eve 1996. Javin, Dave and I
(Simon) are the only original members.

Please tell me a little about every member in the group, age, work, family,
interests and so on?        -We all work except for Dave, every one is in their late
20's except for Joe who is 22 and I'm turning 30 tomorrow.

Why this aggressive music, are you aggressive people?        -No we're very nice
people that play aggressive sounding music. We dont try and fight people very

Are you feel like your a Rock and roll killing machine?
-Yes we ARE the Rock and Roll Killing Machine or something like that.

What have you done before? Everything on Revelation or?       -No we released 3
records on Hydrahead. One 7", one Lp and a Split with Dillinger Escape Plan.
We'll be doing another project with them soon.

Is Revelation a good label?           -They are a great label. They treat us very
well. the woman who does promotions at Rev is very mean to me sometimes

Any good bands there?           -In VT the only band I can highly recommend is The
Cancer Conspiracy. Otherwise 12 Tribes are great, their guitarist is filling
in on part of our next tour, 2 Finger Point from Canada is good.

Don´t you like short titles on your songs or?       -I hate short song titles. I
might just name songs with letters on our next album to confuse people

Who did come up with the idea with the bloody tooth on the frontcover?       -I
did. Jeff Gameface did the layout.

Is it important how a cover look like, do you think?         -Very important we've
always made sure our packaging came out looking good. It reflects heavily on
the music

Which band does the best covers?
-I'm not sure. i'll have to get back to you on that one?

What do you know about Sweden?        -Not much.

Do you know any good bands from Sweden?         -Refused are from Sweden right?
They were an awesome band.

I think you are a little influenced by Fugazi, what other bands does
reviewers compare you to?         -Deadguy a lot, sometimes Converge and Cave-in are
popular as well.

Do you care about reviews?        -I like the good ones.

How does the average Drowning man fan look like?         -Covered with body hair,
poor personal hygeine and they usually drool a lot.

How is a good gig with Drwoning Man?              -If it's not too hot and not during
the day time we almost always rock it. If someone gets hurt we know we've
done our job.

Is it violent on your concerts? If it is what do you do about it?          -We encourage it. We pass out hammers and rakes before we play.

Have you been outside USA and played, where´s best to play?         -We've played
Canada. California is our favorite to play.

Do you read any good musiczines on the net or on paper, some to mention?
-Superhero is great, I'm going to start writing for them soon. Hanging like a
Hex is great.

Do you have an own homesite, is it important to have that do you think?
-We're getting a new one in the next couple of weeks. The rev homesite has a
lot of info on us so you can check that.

What do you think about the new way to commuincate with email and internet
and all those things?           -I think it's great and really convenient I think it's
also a way for people lacking balls and character to talk shit.

Is it something you use much yourself? Do you have contact with your fans
in that way?               -I talk to kids online a lot. I give out my email in our CDs so
yeah I like talking to people when i have the time.

Is it many interviews?  Is it boring?          -Yeah there are lots and yes they can
be boring, but usually they are good.

Which is the question you never get but you want. Please ask it and answer
it?       -I think i've been asked them all.

How about the name Drowning Man, it sounds depressive?          -It's from the U2
song not the Cure song

Idols when you were small?        -I loved Duran Duran and Elvis Costello. I still

First and last record you bought?           -Pink Floyd The Wall and the new Mercury

Futureplans for the band?        -Rock

Wisdomword?       -Rock

Something more to add?        -Rock