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That Mattias Dristig is a very nice and really good musican he shows us on his record and here you can take part of his opinions and thoughts. This was done in the beginning of february 2004. 


Tell us about yourself?

-Seperationchild whih is grown up in Kortedala, lives in Bergsjön today. Musicall I played flute as many others when I was little. Then it was “Twinkle little star” on guitar but I quit that because of Basse(from the punkband Fågel Blå) , he sat and get the guitarteacher impressed of his style. In highschool I was much on Norrlands Nation , I had big hair , I felt intellectual, I had black clothes and I wrote poetry(was really deep). I was in poetrycompetitions, carblockades and I liked KSMB. Have now really problem with people who´s sitting on the pub and look really difficult and write down their words in a notebook. I was a member in the punkband “Apati” as a singer, two chaotic gigs was done before our guitarist was forced to take a vacation with uncle Blue. From that we formed “Betongblomma” ( really nice punk which did some Ferlinlyrics.) and after that I was my own words during a time with Betongblommas guitarist Nicke D. It was here my interest for the acoustic folkrock began. I went to Wendelsbergs Highschhol. I bought my first guitar since intermediate level and I really wanted to learn to play some chords. I started to do my own songs for the first time. I became a recreation leader in the middle of the 90´s(maybe 1997), I began to known Lars Ekman which also went to the same school and Drtsig & Ekman was formed. Many gigs was done during two years and the two ep´s "Honung & Grus" & "Dristig & Ekman Visar Vägen" was recorded but Ekman hadn´t so much time to continue so we quit that duo.


It takes really much from a man to get up on stage with only a guitar? Are you a selfpain man or why do you do it?

-No, it´s about that you must think that you have something important to say to the audience. And then you’re a little bit egoistic *smile* I´m still nervous for over an hour before a gig. My hands are trembling and the sweat is everywhere but this usually disappear after the third chord. The best to be by yourself is that you have a bigger chance to do crazy things and I think that you come closer to the audience in some way....


It´s nice with a singer/songwriter which sings about Gothenburg instead of Stockholm,is it important to sing about your homecity? Who does this best? 

-Noyes, I´m local patriot but I don´t think this is the most important in our time with liberal globalisation.  But sure I can shiver when ATTENTAT sings about Röda Sten or Hängmattan but that´s more about that I think back on my own youth when I was angry and radical. A good song is a good song even if it´s about Stockholm or some smaller twon in the northern parts of Sweden. Johan Pirubauer from Arvidsjaur is really good at the last I mentioned.


The lyrics is important to you, that have I understood, could you write a nonsense lyrics sometime?

The lyrics are most important. I have tried to write a song about nothing “Ingentingvisan” (Nothingsong) but it came in some politic in that song too.


Who does the best lyrics in Sweden as you see it?

-It´s difficult. It´s many who do good lyrics.  But Anders F Rönblom is sharp with his surrealistic lyrics which I really like much. Kjell Höglund, Ola Magnell…yeah it´s many as I said…


In the world?

-W. Kramer is the only and best.


Politic and music, does it go hand in hand?

-For me it´s like that. A friend from outside Gothenburg said once that we who came from Gothenburg is nice but that we always talk about politics. I think he´s right


The most singer/songwriters seems to have an own person they sing about, Cornelis, Bellman, Winnerbäck and Sundström who have his Jan Banan, which is yours and is it yourself you´re singing about? 

-Sometimes I´m Uppstudsige Jack or Sysifos, and other times I´m only me. Blackdressed female mates is sometimes Syster Dyster or Fru K. It´s important to have a personal gallery like that. The lyrics is often selfbiographic and then it´s can be good and hide behind those names so the people it´s about don´t get hurt. And then it´s funny to think out things for the different persons. How would Rebecka react if she fall in love with a keeper from Hassela?


From where do you get inspiration do do your lyrics?

-From life and from human beings I meet. Sometimes it´s only simple work on the songs.


How would you describe your music with three words

-Poetic songprogressivepop?


You played with another guy before, why don´t you do that anymore, play together I mean?

-We’re actually play again together. Lasse Ekman felt that the duothing with me wasn´t his thing and he wanted to do more with his coverband “Just in Case”. And that was something that I knewed when we started to play together, Another thing was that he didn´t had the time to do it.


No thoughts about doing something similar with someone else? Or do you have any band you play with??

-The band "Dristig & Drabanterna" is out here and hunt gigs. On keyboard we have an old wellknown guy called Lasse


I got the record ”Prolog” from you, which other records have you relaesed? 

-I have released "Honung & Grus" and "Dristig & Ekman Visar Vägen". On

"Prolog" you can hear all those tracks from these records.


Haven´t any label tried to contact you?

-Right now it feels like it´s really nice to do the whole thing myself. When I was younger I hunted more after the CONTRACT but it was before I understood how things was, I´m rather cult than I`m in the claws of any label. But with the right conditions maybe...


Is there any good bands/artists in Sweden right now?

-I listen most to undergroundmusic and old proggressive music and punk. Winnerbäck was good before he went mainstream. But he have done much to get your style much younger, In Gothenburg my friends A & OP rocks and Thor Rutgersson(which precisely have released on an own label) I respect people who never give up .


Please rank your five favouriterecords, five best concerts and five most important things in life?

-Those things are always difficult...



1. A F Rönnblom - "En Popklassiker" (compilation)

2. Ola Magnell - "Nya Perspektiv"

3. Dan Berglund - "En järnarbetares visor"

4. Stefan Sundström - "Hå hå ja ja"

5. Something with Nick Drake


Concerts(own or others)

1. KSMB on Musikens Hus in the early 90´s

2. "Bland skurkar..." on Kåren. Sundström, Johan Johansson, Höglund & a relative unknwon Winnerbäck wearing Angus Young outfit.

3. Me & Henrik Tröst during the whole TrubaluffTurnén 2003 on the streets in the southern of Sweden. 

4. Kjell Höglund in a intimate gig on Räkan(I think it was there.)

5. Dristig & Ekmans debut on a gig on Göteborgs Arbetarteater with tired pensioners in the audience.


Most important

1. Norrlands Nation (for cultural gymnasists)

2. My guitar

3. Rest. Solrosen

4. To gig

5. The friends



First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-I don´t remember. I had friends who gave me mixed tapes with punk and those things. I think it was Björn Afzelius(vol 1) which was the first CD. The latest was Hammarlunds streetstonerecord which I exchanged from him in Nässjö. 


Dick Lundberg do the site Ljuv Musik, is it someting who hels you musicians in some way?

-Ljuvmusik helps us much when it´s about getting contacts with similar people. To get freegigs to each other and come out with the music. The best with a thing like that with so loose organisation is good because the musicians I know hate all forms of meeting and paragraphs. It´s much about support each other and to in the end was an alternative to the music which is on the radio. This is what I think).


Which style of people is it who buys and listen to your music?

-People you meet on the roads and those who like a cocky guy from Gothenburg. The two youngest guys was two in the age of 9-10 which came foreward to me after a gig with the guitars on their backs. They had only some money in their pockets so I gave them a record each…….for them that was big. 


How do you think it is to live in Sweden right now, and then I mean politically?

-It´s a lot colder. Democracy is something which is the thing every fourth year but in fact we haven´t anything to say.Anti-globalisationmovement is a good and natural meter about how it is. When Gudrun was doing wrong the last democratic thing disappeared and you understood that you have been totally cheated. The Swedish welfare state is no more together with the public sector. It´s good for me that I´m buying shares and that´s lucky for me to get a safe olderness…*smile


What do you do in ten years? Twenty years??

-In ten years I have surely got a family, terrace house and I´m longin back to the wild touring life. In 20 years I have been divorced and I play covers in a dirty pizzarestaurant.


Is it many interviews? Is it boring??

-I haven´t been hunting after them yet. It´s always fun when people care about what you do. I will do more of this when I release the next record. 


Which is the question you never get but you want to have, please ask it and answer it?

-”Someone said that you hijacked a bus, is that really true”?”

-Yeah actually that is right. We was out on the islands during a midsummer eve and it was among others Lasse and the night have been really wet. After that we took the ferry and we went on to the bus with russianimported booze…and the driver was an unsure progressive man from 68 and he didn´t know how to handle the situation with a lot of people , a late schema and bosses which thought he must drive on the schema. I convinced him to drive a different way than the one he should do and said that the foot soldiers was the only true heroes. You´re the boss! He agreed with that and the passengers had to shout when they wanted to get off the bus.


Can you image to be on a tribute or benefitrecord to something you believe in or to a team that you support(if you´re interested in sports)?

-Absolutely. I love those things. .


Do you have any favouriteteam in football(say GAIS now for gods sake)?

-I have liked IFK since was a kid but in the latter days I have been more greenblack. I like the underdogperspective. I supported GAIS when they was in the Premier League last. 


Have you done any new songs, how do they sound, are them in the same style?

-New songs is on the rehearsalstadium, it´s the same style but with a whole band. We will record sometime this spring


The futureplans with the music?

-To check out how long I can come with a band when its about playing out, release a new record with the workingname ”Nollad” and conquer Gothenburg( have done gig from north Arvidsjaur, Åland, southern Sweden, Kalmar ,Stockholm) but not so often in Gothenburg


And for yourself as a person?

-Uh? Look on the last question.



-Everything goes and eat the sugarcake first!


Something to add?

-Dristig & Drabanterna plays together with Thor Rutgersson among others on restaurant Ferdinand(Chapmans Torg) on 27th of february. Please say if you want to be on the guestlist…….*smile*

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