Dream Police is a Danish band which have been in the punkscene since 1978 and then with the frontman Johnny Concrete all the time. Here he answers a lot of questions from me in June 2023


It was a really long time since I last interviewed you, what have happened to the band from the 80´s until now? Have you been playing all the time?

-The 1990´s were a low point for Dream Police...we didn´t play at all. That changed when I arranged the the Pære Punk 25 festival in 2003...DP have played on and off since, mostly on.....


Are you the only original member?

-Yep, I´m the only original member. Svend Mortensen, the first DP bassist, died in 2018; in 2020 just before the gig that spawned the "Face Reality" live album our bassplayer Mikkel also died, only 49. DP are a dangerous place for bassists, apparently.


You are a drummer too but in Dream police you only sing or? Do you have been in any other bands?

-I´m the singer of DP but used to play drums for Deformed! (1981-82). Recordings from that period, "...what never was..." was released on vinyl last year.


How is the punkscene living on in Denmark right now?

-There is a scene in Aarhus and Köpenhamn, too. Occasionally I check out the locals but not that often.


I understand that it have been up and downs in your musiclife, when was the punk as lowest down for your band?

-1990´s and within the last 5 years the deaths of 2 (former) members, too.


I hear on the Live-Lp that you have a lot of old influences as Mc5 and Stooges for example and many of your own songs have that style too…which are your favorites from the past?

- Apart from The Stooges and MC5 I´ve always held The Dictators in high regard.  British bands like Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Lurkers, Wire and Slaughter & The Dogs also had huge influences on DP in our formative years....Johnny Moped and Suburban Studs, too....


No Aarhus is it your own label? The Paere Punk 40 , is it both old and new recordings or how is?

- Yep, No Aarhus Records is my label, of course with help from good friends regarding the art & cover department, mixing and mastering. The Pære Punk 40. Festival should have been live recorded but due to stupidity wasn´t.  Instead all the bands (minus Ruts DC) contributed studio recordings that aren´t available elsewhere.


What does punk mean to you , is it only music or is it a life style? How have your thought about punk changed through all the years you have been in the movement?

- These days I´m mostly in it for the fun, free beer and the rock & roll. There was a time, a long time, when the teenage angst aspect was a dominant factor of my life. For me the punk thing has always been a 2-part thing.....being part of a scene, a movement, trying, perhaps naively to change the ways of the world.....the other and most IMPORTANT part, being ME sharing thru my lyrics my thoughts to anyone who cared/listened/agreed/objected..


Is there any good punkbands around in Denmark right now?

- There probably are... most in my humble (sic) are pretty uninteresting...You don´t have to reinvent the wheel but I´d like todays bands to be more inventive, exploring, in yer face.....many, too many, Danish bands aren´t....heh...


Do you have any Swedish favorites?

- Oh, yes, from Made In Sweden, Solar Plexus, Kebnekaise and Contact in the 1970´s to punk bands like Huvudtvätt, KSMB, Asta Kask and more recent bands like Sollefteå´s Dogbreath, Militante Jazzmusiker and Witchcraft, not forgetting Union Carbide Productions, Leather Nun and In The Colonnades. Many MANY great Swedish bands.


Have you been here and played anytime?

- Nope, never been hinsidan to play. We did a short tour of NW Germany and Holland in 1987.


Is it many interviews nowadays and have it been a lot of interviews through the times?

- Hehe, I think most fanzine found me and my band boring (or perhaps not political enough) so no, can´t say I was an interviewer´s favourite.


Cheap Trick, did they named their LP after your bands name? 😉  How did the name came up? Which is your favoritbandname alltime?

- We found out that Cheap Trick were about to release an album called "Dream Police" so we rush recorded a song called "Cheap Trick" in 1979. Two of my favourite band names are Stolen Bikes Ride Faster and Zombies Ate My Neighbors....The Dream Police name came up after I saw it in a rock encyclopedia....a Glaswegian band that morphed into The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.....also the title of a Harry Harrison SF novel.


Could you feel that you have released a record if you only put it out digitally?

- I´m old school so I´d like to put out vinyl...CD´s are OK...but preferably vinyl. Still you have to go wit the times so the No Aarhus catalogue is also available on Spotify etc.


Do you buy much records yourself? Do you have any recordstore left in your hometown?

- I´m not collecting much these days but buy the odd record now again....in Aarhus there are 5-6 record shops. Pretty decent.


You have done some covers through the times on your LP, favoritecovers to do?

- I´ve always loved to do Wire´s "Lowdown" off their "Pink Flag" album. After 40+ years I think we´ve made the song our own.


Which is your personal Dream Police favoritesong and which is the audiences choice?

- My DP favourites are "Brainchild" (1986) , "Black Cat" and "Rudolf Hess" (1987). Audiences expect us to play "Johnny, Johnny" and "Jeg ved, hvor du er" from our early days.


Which is the album which was the first you ever bought? And the last one?

- The first 7" i bought was a Doors single, the first album "Sea Wolf" by Norwegian band Titanic in 1972. The last I bought is the Swedish version of Solar Plexus´ first. I´ve had the English version for many many years.


How is it to live in Denmark right now, political, bad economy, racist etc?

- I´m not that thrilled with the government and gangs who think they rule but, as you probably know from Sweden, they rule absolutely nowt .


If you have the chance to rule Denmark for a week, which have been the first thing you have been changed?

- Remove Lasse Rimmer from all the TV programmes he´s pestering me/us with on a daily basis....maybe get him deported.... .to Sweden, perhaps, if you will take him!


Do you think that politics should be in music? Which is your most political song?

- Yes, indeed....some times I wish I had written more political lyrics back in the day but would they have stood the test of time ? I wrote about what concerned ME (at the time)...teenage angst, again.  "Skating on thin ice" and "Demise" comes to mind and Deformed!´s "Our Time".


Best political band/artist?

- Too many comes to mind but definitely Billy Bragg....and The ( Newtown ) Neurotics....political and very very funny at the same time....does anybody know where the march is ? Heh


You sing mostly in English, why don´t more in Danish? Is it easier to write songs in English?

- Singing in English have always felt natural to me...After the first of many DP split ups (in 1979) my next band The Clochards mostly did songs in Danish.


Do you have any new songs on it´s way?

- Yes, a song called "Amanda Is (Redhaired And Fat)" is on the drawing board.


Future plans for Dream Police?

- Maybe a renewed vinyl project with TømrerClaus and some live jobs.


For your self?

- Four years left before I join the OAP ranks..


I do beer myself and I really like beer. You haven´t any thoughts of doing a Dream Police beer, if you do it what have it been called and which type of beer would it have been?

- Beer is good, a lot of beer is very good" (Steen Thomsen)



- Squirrels don´t like rocks


Something to add?

-Keep up the good work, Peter