Rich and Dogshit Sandwich is on my first compilation and theyīre doing really fine I think. Rich answered my questions in april 2001 and here we go.


-Dogshit Sandwich was formed 2 yrs ago and has had numerous line up changes, as we speak we have yet another line up, I am the only original member, PK has been in the band a year Andy and Wig joined recently and new guitarist Zee has yet to play in a live situation with us. We have done about 35 gigs so far, supported bands like GBH/Police Bastard/Contempt/Sick On The Bus etc, we also did a mini tour of Ireland and have had out 2 demoís, and a 7íí single on Weird Records. Plus we are touring Norway in August.



Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, something bad about everyone?

-Rich Lard aged 24, plays guitar and does vocals, moved to Birmingham from Eire 1997, Writes Punk Shit fanzine and promotes gigs in Birmingham, lazy bastard in general but works hard to promote the punk scene

PK aged 24 does vocals and bass when needed, known as The Rhino due to his moshpit antics and the octopus when heís drunk and there is girls around, great bloke to be in a band with.

Ardcore Andy aged 39, plays bass and heís the old man of the band, writes a zine called Cross Examination and is a very devoted member of the Brum alternative music scene, sometimes known as Angry Andy as he has a sharp temper but is a sound chap.

Wig aged 19, plays drums and used to play guitar in now defunct anarcho band Piss On Authority, we were very lucky to get this guy as drummerís are like gold dust around here.

Zee aged 18, plays guitar and is the first female member of Dogshit Sandwich, We only met her about four weeks ago so little is known about her at present.



The name is wake up reaction I think, what do people say?

-Some like it, some hate it but they never forget it so yeah I think it was a good idea.




-Wormburp demo 1999

Open Prison demo 2000

GGYFC 7íí 2001


How is life in England right now, politically, musically and so on?

-Life in England for me is great, as far as politics goes well itís shite as always but isnít that always the case in a capitalist society, but what can we do about it? I have never voted, either in Ireland or England, whatís the point voting for fuckers who only care about the rich. One of the things that makes me mad about the British government is the whole refugee thing, I believe people from poorer countries do deserve a better chance in life but itís the hypocrisy of the government that annoys me, itís like they wanna win favour of the other European nations by taking in loads of refugeeís, yíknow Tony Blair standing up to the Germans and French etc and saying ĎLook how good us Brits are, we took in 50 000 refugees, how many did you take in?í when the reality is that there are 1000ís of homeless British people living on the streets and the government donít give 2 fucks about em, but if itís a foreigner that needs help they jump at the chance.  Musically well mainstream music  is total wank, the underground scene is pretty good, thereís probably more punk, hardcore bands than ever before, they just need some publicity.


Is there any good bands there?

-There a loads pf great bands in England at the moment. My favourites are Sick On the Bus, The Restarts, Contempt, Sensa Yuma, Road Rage, The Wernt.

What get you to begin to play punk, itīs untrendy isnīt it?

-I love punk rock and have been in love with it since I heard Sham 69ís ĎHurry Up Harryí around 20 years ago, there is no music as exiting as punk rock as far as Im concerned, I wanted to get a band together for years, since I was around 12 but it took me till I was 22 for it to happen. I donít think there is any scene like it either as the big bands and small bands are very close, unlike metal for example where you get massive American bands like Slipknot and small bands influenced by them like PKís other band One Hundred Plastic Cups, there is practically no chance of those 2 bands ever sharing the same stage, where as we are influnced a lot by GBH and we played with em twice and know them personally, thatís the cool thing about the punk scene there aint a big gap between big and small bands.


What does punk mean for you?

-Punk to me is a way of life, to me itís like a religon cause as far as Im concerned what passes for religon is just people telling you how to live your life etc and itís responsible for millions of deaths down through the centuries so I cannot understand why anybody would be into something so evil. Punk is a way for me to have my say and get my views on certain things out in the open, whether it be something that pisses me off, or just a joke I want people to hear.


How is a good gig for you?

-A good gig for me is when the crowd are into what the band are doing, Iíd rather watch another band or play with my band in a small venue where there are 20-30 people who really like whatís happening, thatís much better than playing to 200 people who donít give two fucks about the band.


Which is the most peculiar which have happened on a concert with you, on stage or in the audience?

-Watching Iggy Pop gropeing a more than willing young lady with his penis out while on stage was very shocking.


What is most fun , to play live, do songs or record songs?

-That depends really, as I said earlier if the crowd is up for it then there is nothing better than playing live, recording is good fun too only itís boring when youíve either done your parts and are waiting for the others, or if you are a vocalist and your parts are last you gotta wait around all day.


Whatīs the best and whatīs the worst of being in a band?

-The best thing is when people tell you they really like what you do as it takes a lot of hard work and time to be in a band, especially a band that makes you no money, we loose loads of money on this band but we do it cause we love it. The worst thing is that it takes up a lot of your time, I lost my girlfriend of 7 years for this band and any girls Iíve been out with since have found out to their disliking that the band comes before them, so itís hard to keep a girlfriend.


What do you know about Sweden?

-I know that Sweden has some extremely beautiful women, which is one reason Iíd love to visit Sweden. Also you got a brilliant footballer known as Henrik  Larson who plays for Glasgow Celtic, and the England football manager Sven Goran Eriksen is a Swede. Also IKEA who I recently saw a program on and how they use child labour in Asia, Capitalist bastards. Apart from that I know little else.


Have you heard any swedish bands worth to mention?

-The only Swedish band Iím familiar with are The Vectors, I picked up one of their 7íís from a distro.


When you do songs, which is most important, is it the music, the lyrics or to have a refrain that people remember?

-Personally Iím more into lyrics cause thatís what gets your point across and punk for me is about havin a say, unlike pop rubbish that sings about fuck all, then in other cases there are bands I like where I cant work out a lot of the words but the power of the music makes it great, eg The Restarts. Thatís one of the things I prefer about punk to metal, a lot of metal, especially extreme metal you cant work out any lyrics because all you can hear is grunts eg Napalm Death. Im not a big hardcore fan either, thereís loads bands in England that do stuff like that Stampin Ground etc I much prefer streetpunk and oi cause you can hear the angry words, where as  a lot of hardcore is angry but you cant tell exactly what they are angry about till you read the lyrics. Runnin Riot from Belfast are a great oi band, angry fast and you can work out the lyrics.


Please rank your five best records, five best concerts and five most important things in life?

-5 best records

(1)The Casulties Ė Riot  (2)  The Partisans Ė Police Story (3) Runnin Riot Ė Judge Jury and Executioner (4) Anti Flag Ė Fuck Police Brutality (5)The Pogues Ė Waxys Dargle

5 best concerts

(1) The Casualties/Birmingham 2000 (2) David Bowie/Phoenix 1997 (3) Iggy Pop/ Dublin 1996 (4) The Exploited/Birmingham 1998 (5) Sick Of It All/Reading 1997

5 most important things in life

(1)     EQUALITY - all human beings started off equal, and race, color, wealth or any other shite that stupid cunts use to try and put themselves above others is just fucked up, we are all made by spunk and eggs and a black manís blood is red like a white mans, so racism, bigotry, homophobia, sexism and any other crap needs stamping out.


(2)     Smashing Corporate Greed -  No single person needs more than enough money to see them comfortably through their life time, itís sick that people have millions of pounds sitting in bank accounts when their fellow human beings die of starvation. Wealth must be distributed.


(3)      Punk Rock  - is a very important part of life cause it gives people with something to say a chance to say it, and no matter how little attention mainstreem papers and magazines give us we continue to grow.


(4)     Children Ė they are the future of our race and we must protect them from the evils of the world, all peadophiles deserve the death penalty.


(5)     Destroy Religon Ė Itís responsible for so much evil, even Jesus who is supposed to be the son of God we persecuted and executed, not much hope for the rest of us then.


First and last record you bought, and the most expensive?

-The Ramones first lp was my first record, the last was Dropkick Murphys new lp, the most expensive was a yellow vinyl copy of the third Ramones lp it was £20 and I gave it away recently to Arvid from Greenland Whale Fishers, who are a Norwegian band who sound like The Pogues, they toured UK last March.


Any record labels which have phoned you, mailed you etc?

-Tenderloin Records have been following our progress since the early days, I keep them updated regularly, of course Weird put out our 7íí too.


is it many interviews? Is it boring?

I get quite a few, Iím the promo man in the band so I have to do them all, itís not boring just sometimes itís hard to find the time.


Which is the question you never get but you want to have, please ask it and answer it?

-How big is your penis? 15 inches last time I looked.


What do you think about the new way to communicate with email and internet and all that stuff?

-If it wasínt for the internet I wouldínt be doing this interview now, itís totally fantastic especially for bands to get heard around the world. I hate to think at what stage this band would be had it not been for email and websites etc.


Any favourite site yourself?  or  the first is the UK punk and Oi site and the second is a discussion list which is free to join and a good laugh.


If you could choose five band from the history to now to play with Dogshit which bands would you choose?

-1 The Pogues

2 Joy Division

3 The Ruts

4 The Clash

5 Sex Pistols


Which is the futureplans for the band?

-I want the band to write loads of new songs and record regularly, I want to put these recordings on split 7íís and albums with bands from around the world so we promote them and they promote us and we will all be able to tour other countries and be well known.


Which is the futureplans for yourself?

-Iím starting a record label to put out some of these split singles, I wanna tour the world with Dogshit Sandwich, hopefully that will happen in the next five years and then Iíd like to slow it down and run a label and help out bands. Maybe try and win back my childhood sweetheart who left me over my devotion to the punk scene.



-Together we survive-devided we will die Ė PUNX UNITE


Something more to add?

-Thanks Pete, that was fun, sorry it took me so long to get it back to you. Hopefully we will get to Sweden at some point. Thanx a lot

Rich Lard (April 2000)