Dirtsheath is a really good german hardcoreband and here they have answered some questions from me. It was a little difficult to get this together because the mail looked really odd. But I hope this is the way they want it…june 2015

Please tell me a little bit history of the group?

-DIRTSHEATH started in 1994 as a project of school friends. Main aim: party and booze… and of course Death metal victory! In the first year the legendary “False People” was composed – the only song in more than twelve months of “intense” rehearsals! In 1999/2000 the face of the band changed again and it´s sound also. Open minded for all kinds of styles in past and present the main direction was HARDCORE and PUNK until then. DIRTSHEATH came up with the self-produced “Wednesday 8 p.m.” –demo but main aim was a professional studio production. ET voila! “Get up and go!” has been recorded in November 2004 at the Headquarter studios Berlin by ANTICOPS shouter Micha. Many new live experiences with bands like AGITATE, NO MORE FEAR, ANTICOPS, ROIMUNGSTRUPP, PUNISHABLE ACT, HATE EDGE, NEVER FACE DEFEAT, THE SETUP, OUT FOR CHANGE and many others followed. The 7 track EP “Cruise for a Bruise” was recorded in 2007 and after that DS had a little Break because of several changes on the drum seat. In 2011 our former drummer Kevin had his comeback and gave it a kick start.


Please tell me a little about every member in the group right now, age, family, work, interests and something bad about everyone? Earlier bands?

-First there is Jan (38) our shouter. He´s the last one of the founding members and keeps it all together. Besides shouting he manages our contacts, events and most things that have to be organized. As the owner of his own little firm (laying tiles) he is approved in managing things.

Then we have Kevin (37) doing the drumming. It was in the year 2000 when he joined DIRTSHEATH. Before and for some time parallel he also played the drums in a band called MINDLOSS our local heroes in Melodic Deathmetal. As a carpenter he works in the company of his parents.

Here comes Jansen (35) the flying housepainter and DIRTSHEATH´s bass man since 2000. For some years he did his job all over Germany and Europe(!). But – good for family and the band – it has become less.

And finally it´s me, Knut (37) playing the guitar. I joined in DIRTSHEATH 1996 and played the bass first and later the guitar. I´m working as a nurse at the local Hospital.

We are all proud family heads and fathers in the meantime.

I can hear both a lot of hardcore in your music? Mostly American? Am I right? Favorites from the past?

-That’s right! We are influenced by oldschool hardcore American style with favorites like SLAPSHOT, H2O, IGNITE, WARZONE, AGNOSTIC FRONT, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and the early MADBALL. But I think there is a punk attitude also shining through.

Dirtsheath are you satisfied with the name?? How did it came up? Why an English name? Which is the best bandname you know?

-When the band was founded in 1994 the members tried to find a name witch is provocating. Later researches showed that the name has no real meaning in the English language. But the members decided to keep it…


What´s the best thing with playing live?

-Of course it is the energy between us and the crowd when it comes to the point of interaction and people know the words that you chose once.

And where is best to play? And the worst place?

-It´s the little clubs smelling like sweat, blood and puke. Worst place? Maybe we´ll get to know it in the future…


How is to play this sort of music Germany right now? The difference from when you started to play and now?

-All in all it´s become more professional and the Internet keeps everything closer together. But the big ones in the scene like maybe TERROR play their tours nearly two times a year these days and the locations get smaller. They occupy the small locations, so that bands like us with DIY status have no chance. You are nothing without a booking agency.


How would you describe your music in three words?



 What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-For us it is no lifestyle. It is part of our attitude: doing the things only the way we want them to be done.

How do you see on downloading, mp3 and that stuff?

-We always bring our music on CD but also use the internet to spread it. So it´s both sides for us. We are not in need to pay our bills with the music. But we´re happy if our records get sold.


How is it to live in Germany now? Politically?

-I think we all know that we live in a rich part of this world… and some people won´t share. These days there is an upcoming right wing mentality noticeable in the German/European society. But problems and fears are always a nice inspiration for new songs!


Is there any good bands from Germany now? Is the punkscene big? How is it in your hometown?

-I think in the late nineties we gave an initial kick to the local hardcore/punk scene. In our days it’s a healthy scene with upcoming bands like RISK IT! and “heroes” like PUNISHABLE ACT and 3. WAHL. Especially the Oi/Punk scene is rising up.


What do you know about Sweden?

-Your Queen comes from Germany! Your education system is exemplary. Alcohol is much too expensive…  Maybe we get to know Sweden better on a little tour in future times?!


Have you heard any good bands from Sweden?

-In the early Days:            ENTOMBED, UNLEASHED, GRAVE…

And later/now:                                59 TIMES THE PAIN, MILENCOLLIN, RAISED FIST, MISCONDUCT…


Your lyrics, who does them and what influences you? Why not in german?

-Everybody brings in the ideas, the finish mostly is done by Kevin and me. We want to keep it international to reach most of the people.


Is there any subject that you never will write anything about?

-Real life is our theme! I think we would never write about splatter, gore or fantasy stuff.


Politic and music, does it goes hand in hand? Is it important like you do take a stand against fascism?

-Yes! It was and it is very important for us to take a stand against all right wing action and mentality!


Best political band/artist?



Do you think that music (lyrics and so on) can change anyones life, I mean people who listens to music?

-Music is able to change everybody´s life on many levels! It gives you self-esteem, identity, integrity, carry´s you or calms you down. An all that without any negative aftereffects.


Your cover on your CD looks really nice, is it important to have a record cover which shows people which type of music you play? … Your favorite recordcover? Who does your covers?…

-The cover of our latest release has a symbolic meaning to us. Old blood comes in and new/fresh/energized blood comes out. That´s the way the latest material came to life: old ideas and ideals mixed with many new experiences. It was our idea and a good friend and ex-DIRTSHEATH drummer realized it for us.

But we are no fans of a dogmatic hardcore styling with the typical pit scenes and so on. If you look at the cover of our “Cruise for a Bruise” EP that´s more rock´n´roll style…

Our favorite recordcovers:

Jansen:                “I don´t know…”

Kevin:   Pantera – Vulgar Display of Power

Jan:       Gorefest – False

Knut:    Marduk – fuck me jesus  EP J


Is it important to get out physical records of your stuff? Why or why not?

-Yes I think it is important for us to produce real, physical records on Vinyl, CD or even Tape. Maybe it’s the oldschool touch that’s important for us.


Please tell me a funny thing which have happened during your career and under some gig?

-Every trip has its story… latest ones: We are joking about the Austrian toll police and have to pay a big bill on next stop and our drummer Kevin pukes on his monitor after eating a monster “Motörhead” – burger.

How does your audience look like? Which people do you miss on your concerts? Which is the biggest band you ever have played together with?

-Our audience look extremely beautiful of course! J I think we don´t miss anyone, it´s a voluntary thing… The biggest bands we played with: ONLY ATITTUDE COUNTS, PUNISHABLE ACT, KNORKATOR.


Please rank your five favoriterecords, five favoriteconcerts and five most important things in life?









1.    GOREFEST Berlin´94

2.       WARZONE/BACKFIRE Spremberg´96

3.       The Hardcore Stage at DYNAMO - Festival´96


5.       AMORPHIS Cottbus ´98

Most important in our lifes:

1.       Our Families

2.       Our Friendship

3.       Music (not only our own…)


5.       Having good times together


Is it boring with interviews? Is it much interviews??

-Not boring, but difficult to find the time. We feel adulated if someone is interested is us and our music!


If you could choose five bands from the past and the history and nowadays and both dead and living bands to have a concert together with your band. Which five have you been chosen?

-The Billing:

·         PANTERA


·         WARZONE

·         H2O

·         SICK OF IT ALL

Is music a good way to get out frustration and become a nice person outside the music??

-A clear and loud YES!

Which is the most odd question you ever have got in an interview?

-What do you know about Sweden? ;-)

Which is the question you want to have but you never get. Please ask it and answer it?

-Do you want to play a tour in Sweden? – Yes Baby!

Futureplans for the band?

-Playing live, getting new material on the way to record it…

For yourself?

-Staying healthy and raise some nice kids


-If anyone falls… pick ‘em up!

Something to add?

-No! THX