Neil Newton plays both in Angelic Upstarts and in the new group Dispomaniacs together with some other older gentlemen. Fast answer I got from the group…that´s obvious ….nov-2008

You started the band 2007, how did you meet and how did the idea come up?

-All of us apart from Steve Smith are in the Angelic Upstarts and as the Upstarts don't gig too often we decided to start a new project. We asked Steve if he would join us on vocals to which he obviously agreed and in a nutshell that's how it happened.

Please tell me a little about every member in the group, age, work, interests, family and something bad about every one?

- Steve 'Cast Iron' Smith Age - 16 (mental age) Early 40's (real age) Work - Public relations and Diplomacy Interests - Football, lager and darts Something bad - Can't seem to handle spirits very well

Gaz Stoker- Age - 18 (mental age) Help the aged (real age) Work - Driver of  'The Blue Streak'   Interests - Football, lager and darts  Something bad - Terrible memory, probably got alzheimers

Dickie Hammond Age - 6 (completely mental age) Early 40's (real age)  Work - Professional maniac and Peter Manley stunt double   Interests - Football, lager, darts, shape shifting and general lunacy  Something bad - Supports Sunderland AFC

Neil Newton  Age - 14 (mental age) 40 (real age)  Work - Wandering minstrel  Interests - Football, lager, darts and Diana Dors lookalikes.   Something bad - Supports Newcastle United

Brett Mulvaney  Age - 12 (mental age) 30 (real age)    Work - Crazy chef   Interests - Concoting 'special sauces' with which to serve upon unsuspecting diners   Something bad - Doesn't like football

You sound like you´re 20 and really angry, How come?

-The term 'Mellowing as you get older' does not apply to us as a group and, I would say, to punks in general. Just because you get older doesn't mean you have to be more relaxed about things that piss you off. Once you start to lose the fire in your belly then you lose the ability to voice any meaningful opinions.

Punk have been a part of your life for 20-30 years I can imagine(and it have been that for me too), have it coloured your life?

-Absolutely. When punk came out it did more than give the listener great music to listen to, it opened our eyes and gave people the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with what was going on around them.

What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-Definitely a lifestyle. It's an attitude of not swallowing bullshit from anyone and standing up for what you believe in.

Is there any good punkbands around nowadays?

-Any band that writes songs with passion and aggression makes a good punk band, unfortunately there are a lot of  'designer punk' style bands who are more concerned with their image than writing songs of any meaningful substance. One band who I think are great are 'Shitswarm'. Their songs are hilarious to listen to yet make a lot of sense too.

You have been playing in a lot of other bands like Red Alert, Red London, Leatherface and so on, is it any of these bands you have been playing still around and are you in some of these bands nowadays?

-Apart from Steve the rest of us still play the occasional gig with the Angelic Upstarts. Steve still sings for and tours with Red Alert and Dickie still tours with Leatherface.

I can hear both Sham 69, Angelic, Clash in your music, which is the usual comparison you hear?

-The general comparison made is that we sound quite similiar to The Clash owing to the fact that Neil is a huge fan of them. You can also hear a bit of Red London in there also.

Which type of poeple comes to your concert? Ages?

-Pretty much anyone that has an interest in punk and we get all ages coming along which makes us happy as it would suggest that our songs have a broad appeal. The more the merrier as far as we're concerned as it makes for a fantastic atmosphere.

Which type of people do you miss on your concerts?

-We don't miss anyone as we're all good shots.

You have done this Gambrinus, is it any other records I can lay my hands on?

-There was a 3 track demo titled  'Opening time EP'. It was only used to garner interest in the band in order to secure a deal so "Gambrinus' is effectively our debut release.

Why a german label Mad Butcher and not a british one?

-Quite simply they were the only label out of a handful who actually bothered to make an effort. One of the guys from the label actually flew over to the UK and joined us for a few beers down the pub to talk about what plans they had for the band.


It seems like you take a stand against racism, is it important to really show the opions about that?

-Very important, we're all human beings so why should your race matter? Who the fuck is someone to say that their race is superior to another. We all bleed the same colour.


How is it with rascism in England right now?

-On the surface it doesn't appear to be too much of a problem. However, the far right parties are gaining more votes in local elections and they have more councillors elected now than at any other time in their history. There are also rising tensions between ethnic groups, particularly between whites and asians so there are some worrying signs.

The Oi-movement often was connected with racism because of some of the "bad" skinheads , how was it for you in Red London with that? Did you have those problems with nazi-skinheads?

 -There are always going to be some small minded idiots and you get that in all areas of life. The majority of fans that went to Red London gigs knew the bands stance on racism and thus far outnumbered the nazi dickheads.

When Sham 69 was here in Sweden in the end of the 80´s it showed up a lot of naziskinheads but I remember that Jimmy Pursey bite some skinhead in his arm when he raise his hand and some in the band hit another nazi in the head? Have it been similar things on your concerts?

-No not really. There have been some people that have come along wearing t-shirts with right wing bands on but they are few and far between. Typically they hide in the shadows, as well they fuckin should!

Please rank your five favourite concerts , five favouriterecords and five most important things in life?

-Concerts 1) Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros – Glasgow 2) The Pogues – Newcastle 3) Angelic Upstarts – Durham 4) Stiff Little Fingers – Newcastle 5) Toy Dolls - South Shields

Records 1) London Calling (Album) - The Clash  2) Out Of Control (Single)- Angelic Upstarts  3) Greatest Hits (Album) - Eddy Cochran  4) Sam's Town (Album)- The Killers  5) PHUQ (Album) - The Wildhearts

Most Important Things In Life  1) Family  2) The ability to laugh at yourself  3) Friends  4) Your football team winning  5) A good supply of quality ales, fine wines and spirits

First last and moste xpensive record ever bought?

-First - Anarchy In The UK, Sex Pistols (I think)  Last - Sam's Town, The Killer  Most expensive - Out Of The Blue, Electric Light Orchestra. (Double Album  limited edition blue vinyl)

Most embarrassing record in your collection?

-C'mon feel the noize - Quiet Riot (What the fuck was I thinking)

How do you see on mp3 and downloading, is it good or bad for the music?

-Good for the listener not so good for bands as it gives record companies a bigger excuse not to pay for recording costs and tour support.

How is the law saying in England about this stuff? have anyone been caught for downloading?

-Not so much for downloading but plenty have been caught and punished quite heavily for burning the downloads onto disc and selling them. Some of the sentences have been heavier than some of the sentences given for violent crime. (Sarcastically)Nice to see our government getting its priorities right and protecting its tax revenues rather than its citizens.

Have you been to Sweden anytime?

-I think Dickie is possibly the only one who has although we all would love to come.

Have you heard any good Swedish bands?

-I can't honestly say I have, knowingly at least. Although as band names go 'Babysitters With Machine Guns' and 'Werewolves On Wheels' certainly sound like they could be interesting. Fuckin love the names.

What is typical english and what is typical swedish?

-Typical English would be to queue politely and discuss the weather. (Not typical of this band I should add)

     Typical Swedish it has to be the blonde beautiful women and of course Sven Goran Eriksson and ABBA (In our humble opinion)

Dipsomaniacs....what does that mean?

-It means a person who has an uncontrollable urge for alcohol. A Dipsomaniac (unlike an alcoholic) can keep off alcohol for weeks sometimes months but when the urge hits them they will drink huge amounts of anything remotely alcoholic.

Futureplans for the band?

-Touring, writing and recording. Hopefully on a large scale.

For yourself?

-See above


-Your eyes are the future, your arsehole is the past

Something to add?

-It's better to have regrets of something you've done than something you have'nt. Take care and be happy.

Thank you,