I see Dims Rebellion as one of Swedens most interesting punkbands right now. The drummer Viktor took his time in the christmasstress and answered the interview that I sent to him. The date is the 14th of December 2004



-Dims Rebellion started to play punk 1999 when Niklas(our first singerHasse and Lorenzo decide to start a band and then after that have we played punk hits as well as we can. 


Please tell me a little about every member, age, work, interests, family and something bad about every one?

-Lorenzo sings and he works as  a bartender , Matte plays bass and he works in a workshop, Johan sings and and plays keyboard/Saxophone and he works a a producer. Hasse plays guitar and he works as a bricklayer, Kalle plays guitar and he works in a shop and Viktor play drums and works in a school.


Have it been many memberschanges in Dims Rebellion?

-It have been around 4 changes and the one who have left the band is Danne which was the first drummer and then Niklas which was the first singer and then Tobbe who was a guitarist until the first single was released and then Oscar who quit the band for a year ago. 


Youīre 6 in the band, which is the best and whatīs the worst of being so many in the band?

-The best is that we got a massive sound with all 6 persons and that is the sound that we want to have. The worst thing is that it is hard to get everyone to a rehearsal in the same time


Dims Rebellion, from where come the name?

-It comes from the movie Clockwork Orange...


You have been put together with other bands in the skinheadscene, good or bad?

-Itīs not bad as long as you donīt have to be with the nazibastards which thinks that they have something with the scene to do. 


The skinheadscene seems more and more to take a stand against racism ,fascism and so on? How do you see on these things and thatīs nothing peculiar with that because the scene was antirascsist from the beginning? 

-Itīs only good if we take a stand against shit like that


Have it been irritating that you have to explain all the time why youīre a skinhead?

-No, you told mostly people to fuck off if they asked things like that in the time when you were a skinhead.


How is it to live in Sweden today?

-Itīs good if you work and dreams about being a rockstar hehe. 


What about Bush and that he will continue to rule USA? 



Now over to the music, how would you describe your music in three words? ,



You have a saxophone in the music, there isnīt many punkbands who have hat, why do you think that not more punkbands use this eminent punkinstrument?

-Many bands are often to much chicken I think and then wants many bands sound as their favourite band, which is boring. Itīs more fun when you do something own and get a personal touch on it.


Have you had the saxophone all the time?

-No, in the beginning we had a classic punklineup with guitar,bass and drums and vocals but then the saxophone and keyboard come along and then everything have been so much better. 


Which type of audience is it on your gigs?

-Punks,Skins,old rockpeople and a lot of other people


How is a good concert with you?

-Much people, much alcohol and fucking sweaty. 


Now there are two recordreleases in a short time, first out is the split with Donīt Cares and then a fullength? How come that is so short between the records?

-We haven’t any label before and now when Kjell Hell Rec came it suited us fine, Pike believe in us and that means a lot to him and we have a very good communication between him and the band. 




Why Dont Cares?

-It should have been with The Accidents it was the meaning first but it not happened so much there so we had to found a new band to split the record with and then Johan came up with The Donīt Cares , which is a very good band from Stockholm, and itīs fun when two different bands split a record because then itīs a little bit of variation on the record.


The songs on the fullength , do they sound as on the splitCD? 

-No,. Not really because theyīre more melodic


You do a country style version of Fade Away, I havenīt heard the original but is it far away from this one and on which record was it? 

-The original which we recorded 3 years ago was on the net for download on the old website Punk Sthlm which isnīt in use anymore and itīs on the new fullength in a new version. 


Is there any good bands in your homecity, in Sweden today?

-In Stockholm there is bands as Between us,Lugchen,The Dontcares,Starlet  suicide,Eskalator,The Hipshots and in the rest of we have bands like  Disfear,The Accidents,Uscb Allstars,Smalltown among others.


How is it to play this sort of music in Sweden today, is it difficult with gigs? 

-We donīt play live so often much depending on ourselves and not so much of Sweden. The scene is better when we talk about gigs and much thanks to Kjell Hell and when theyīre doing their work.


Have you played much outside Sweden, where is best?

-We have played in Denmark and Norway and both have been nice with nice people. 


The concerts with Anti-Nowhere League was cancelled, is it boring, and is there anything else instead? 

-Of course it was a shame but we will take new gigs and the next gig is 19th of january and we really looking foreward to that and we have new merchandise to sell then I hope. 


Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcerts and five most important things in life??

-Best records is impossible:But some of them are:The jam-Snap! , Linton  Kwesi Johnson-Forces of Victory , The Briefs-Off The Charts , The  Pogues-Rum Sodomy & The lash and Stiff Little Fingers-Inflammable  material. The best concerts(Viktor Rebellion) is among others

 Subhumans in Morecambe 04

 Stiff Little Fingers in Dublin 03

 Linton Kwesi Johnson in Stockholm 04

 Shane Macgowan & The Popes in London 99

 Bad Religion in Stockholm 96


First, latest and most expensive record ever bought?

-The first record was Theatre Of Pain with Mötley Crue and the latest was  Fuck  World Trade with Leftöver Crack and the most expensive must be This Is Desmond Dekker with Desmond Dekker


The most embarrassing record in your collection?

-Iīm only listening to good music ,s o there isnīt any record of that sort, haha.


Futureplans for the band?

-A gig in Stokcholm in january and hopefully more gigs during the beginning of next year.


And for yourself?

-Go to London on Saturday and enjoy Pogues reunion is my next thing and that will be really nice. 





Something to add?

-Thanks for interest and come to our gigs.