Dick Lundberg was in the soap opera Baren some years ago and now I´m really interested if he´s had any problems with that. Dick answered my questions in the late days of june 2002.


You was in the soap opera Baren, have you been helped of that or have it been a little Hjalle and heavy complex over that?

-Nothing bad about Hjalle and Heavy, I think they must have respect for the things they do, but of course I was araid that my music wouldn´t be taken in serious after the program. And I did everything worng – I recorded a record with a guy from the TV-program and released a song which was about the soap opera and then we were out on a tour singing songs like ”I want to be your dildo” HAHAHAHA. But in a way i don´t regret it. Right then danne was my absolutely best friend and he was a better musican than me. The song ”Bra TV”(Good TV) I think that we did with style and Tompa Eken and Granberg was singing on it and Johan Johansson was behind the drums. And then you must know that commercial label was pulling our shirts to let them put out the record but we said no to that. When we talk about the dildosong it´s surely have a message which I can stand for.


You´re nothing going to do something more with Dellamorte?

- I wouldn´t say no to that question. Danne is a fun man to work with and he´s a fucking good musican. That combination isn´t bad.


You have released a record which you can pick up only on internet. Is it really fair to the people who haven´t got internet?

-I was thinking about that myself but I thought that computers is in every mans home and the most people who haven´t got internet knows someone who have it. And CD-burners is really usual too and you make some pal to burn it for you. But I have thought of giving it out this fall so I can give it out to radiostations and libraries in Sweden. It´s easier to lend it on a library and burn it or record it to a cassette or Md or something like that. People is proffessional on piratcopying nowadays. But the difference is that this rceord you can copy without being called a thief. And then I think it´s much nicer to let this one out for free instead of selling it for 150 swedish krona. Many people don´t onw so much money. That was ane xperiment. Maybe I do it again. It´s difficult to combine art and economy. For me this was an odd thing and it have both good and bad sides. Therefore I release ”real” records too.


You have the website Ljuv Musik , is it you who does it?

-Yeah that my own thing. From the beginning it was called ”Kulturföreningen Spökskivor mm” and it was me who put out record on an independent label for me and my mates. In the beginning I was paying the sudio, distribution and promotion. When the firts record was pressed I sold my car to finance it. But the record didn´t sell too good so when we have got in some money we bought a CD-burner instead. And then I was tired out with working so much with other artists so I hadn´t the time for my own music. So I quit doing other artists and put down the record labelthing and I only kept the network(which had been over whole Sweden) and changed name to ”Musiknätet......och himlen därtill”(The music net......and the heaven. When I could afford to buy an own do main so was it already some others. So I changed the name www.ljuvmusik.nu instead. It´s named after a sisterlabel to Spökskvior which Fredrik Johansson(he sings with me on the "Jag fortsätter att spela den musik som ger mej sex") once had started but he had renmaed it to Alla kan spela Records. Now it was time to rebuild the website from the beginning and this spring I renamed it to the same name as the adress.


You´re grown up with the punk or?

-Now, not really. I didn´t start to listen to punk around 93. The years before that it was bands and artists Ulf Lundell, Magnus Johansson and Imperiet which was the big idols and earlier than that it was the alternative country artists Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash .De Lyckliga Kompisarna "Le som en fotomodell" must have been the firt punkrecord that I bought . In the same time I heard guys like Stefan Sundström and Johan Johansson. Now I had some bIrdnestrecords and I thought that Birdnest was Swedens best label. It was epending of the fact that they released good records and the fact that they was underground and independent. I thought already then that they was the label I wanted to release my music on and so it was in the end too. I and Danne(Dellamorte) was asked ny a bigger label but I´m happy thata I didnd´t gave up my ideals that time. I don´t like when it´s too commercial and big. The day my songs is in commercial movies like Pripps blå you must tell me, hahaha.


Do you have any favourites in the punkstyle, now and then?

-Dead Kennedys, KSMB (in the time Johan was in the group) and Charta 77 is the hottest things in my punkcollection. I have never liked Ebba Grön but I´m really love Thåström. But I like everything he have done since Rymdimperiet until now but you can´t count that as punk or.....?


Is it going to be anything more on Birdnest?

Yeah, I really hope so. Right now I´m recording an album which I hope that Bidnest will release. And then after that I shall not release any albums for a while. I´m thinking of writing a book just to do any thing else for w hiel and sometimes you need a break


Is there any good artists in Sweden right now?

-It´s not so many if you take the artists which is around in media today. Home Records have just released a record Jens Gustavson & Andras Ungar. They´re good.In Arvidsjaur there is aguy called Johan Piribauer which drives around whole Sweden and sell his own records. They´re in the most places in Sweden right now and I can really recommend Johan to you.I found a Piribauerrecord on the library here in Norrköping. When artists is too big I lost my interest a little. I think its´the fact taht ,music is changed a little when they do success with it. It´s too much business then and both the record company and the artist must do so much more to repeat the success. You think ”How must we do to continue sell as much as we have done” instead of thinking ”what will I do now, in art I mean” Noone want to get down in the bottom again. You start think about the charts , TV-time and so on....And then it´s people which don´t care about things like that as Thåström for an example. When he almost began to be mainstream in his first soloalbum he went to Amsterdam and began to do some kind of industryrock. Those things I really admire. People would think what they want. Otherwise I like artists and bands Stefan Sundström, Johan Johansson, Docenterna, Kjell Höglund, Charta 77, Jan Hammarlund, Thorstein Bergman,


What makes you write lyrics, is it best to write when your pissed off or when you´re happy?

- It´s good both of it but you do much more bad songs when you´re happy. I think that. I`m joking about that my goal is that do music which makes Leonard Cohen to look as a really happy man. It´s true in a way. I like music which is really dark. I listen much to music myself to have something to cry about. More that than to be happy


Who is the best lyricwriter in Sweden, the world?

-In Sweden it´s Stefan Sundström I think and after that Allan Edwall. In the world I must say Nick Drake.


Why haven´t your music got bigger when lads like Wnnerbäck and Sundström makes people happy?

-It takes time to be astablished. Both Sundström and Winnerbäck did 3-4 songs before something was happening for them. And then I think that the Braen-thing maybe it´s judged harder than other things. I must live that for some years more. But I´m not interested to get too BIG. I lsaw an interview with Docenterna some years ago and they have ususal work in the same time and therefore they haven´t the pressure to get out records which sell a lot, and go out on tours or to be first on different charts. They can do a record when they have something to say and then keep thier mouth shut in 10 years if they want. It gives dignity to their music.


How is a good concert with you and which audience do you have?

-A really good concert with Lundberg is on a smalle cafe or a little pub with an audience(not to drunk) with only 50 persons. The closeness is important- when I can feel that I creach the whole audience in a sort of dialogue. The most important is that it´s an audience which is put some energy in listening to the lyrics. It´s best that way


Do you play both acoustic and with a whole band?

-Both ways. It´s mostly me and a guitar but now and then the band with me. Many things it´s more difficult for me and the people who set up a gig with a band. Unfortunaly.


 What do you like mp3 and those things? Is it bad or good for the music?

-I think it´s only positive for everyone. You can , thanks to the mp3 thing spread your music and you can listen to a record before you put put 200 swedish krona for a record. And in that way more records is sold to more satisfied customers. Some records it take a while before you like. I think it´s so with my music too.


What do you like internet and mailing and so on?

-I was a total fighter against computers until 96 or soemthing like that. And after that I noticed that you could use computers to do manychannelsrecording on the computer and I got a little more soft in my critics. Nowadays the computer is my most important workingthing. And thanks to internet which makes me ”talk” to people who like my music and I don´t have to go the ways people did before through papers and Tv and so on. It´s very positive. And then can I put put some mp3´s from my website in some seconds from the time the mastering is ready. That´s really cool!


What do you think about living in Sweden?

-It´s okey! I have no thoughts of moving away from here. And then we have some problems we must work on.  That the extreme right is growing. They are very good at get much rascist stuff in a good political way and which seems to be serious and I think that many swallows that.! Everything sounds very good they say and of course , the immigration gives us problems , that can´t we deny. The question is how to solve the problems. To close the borders I don´t believe in. It´s only to move the problems some other place. All we must do is to make a better way to integrate these people into our community and in the same compromise in some questions. How good have we been in welcoming them? As I see it we´re not Swedish citizens because we´re worldcitizens and I think that poeple in this world must help each other even if it costs sometimes. What says that we in our community have the best solutiions and the ultimate culture. To keep everything which is typical swedish is almost ridicilous if you think about it...I believe in new things...


There´s a voting in september,a re you going there?

-yeah I think so. I have always been voting since 18 years and I think it´s important to give the people who is not so bad the chance. Today I think if it´s any alternative like that. Sometimes I got the feeling of that all politicans are the same. I have difficulties with that world which seems to be 99% of prmoton and rhetoric but only 1 % of other things and get out to people on the floor.



Please ank five favouriterecords, five best concerst and the five most important things on life?

Fem favoritskivor:

1. John Holm - Sordin (1972)

2. Pugh - Ja, dä ä dä (1969)

3. Thåström - Mannen som blev en gris (2002)

4. Johan Johansson - Sånger ur trähatten (Samling 1982-2000)

5. Nick Drake - Pink Moon (1972)


First, last and the most expensive record ever bought?

-The latest one must be Markoolios newest one which I bought to my son Adrian. But lately he have been singing on Surabaya Johnny so i really hope that he is going to like better music. The first record I bought I have forgot but the first one I remember that I really liked was Franklie Laines "Hell bent for leather". (The song "Rawhide" is on it for you who don´t know how it is) I wasn´t more than 2 years whn daddy recorded it for me on a cassette. The most expensive record is Beggars Opera "Pathfinder".  That one I bought in a special store in Stockholm and I paid over 200 swedish krona for it.



Have you looked something on World Championship 2002 in football?

-I must say that I´m fucking not interested of that shit. Sportcommentators in radio and in Tv makes me nervous and after five minutes I must change channel not be crazy. You could use Christer Ulfbåge and Arne Hegerfors as a living torture if you want me to say things that is really secret. They can sit here with a microphone and a ball.


Which is the most peculiar which have happened on stage or in the audience during a concert with you? –It was a girl which throwed up her panties on stage( and that was before I was known from TV) Those things I thought only Backstreet Boys was the group which got panties that way.And then it have been some people on stage trying to steal my lyrics and so on. It´s really flattering that someone thinks my lyrics is so good that they want to steal it. But I´d rather don´t want those things to happen.


 What drives you to continue to play music?

-I´m unsatisfied overall. Politically, personally and musically. After I have done a record is it like this ”yeah, that was good as a wholeness and there i will say that and there I will say that” So it goes on. Would I do the perfect album I maybe quit playing and stop doing records



What is the most important when you do records and songs, is it the lyrics, the music or is it important to have a refrain that people remembers?

- I`m no refarinhuman being. The lyrics is ost important for me. And to build up a style in the melody and some arrangements which really makes the lyrics come foreward. A songs is like a painting for me, sometimes you paint abstract and sometimes really clear pictures. The song” I continue to play that music which gives me sex” is a clear example. To do this the right way I did the song as a radiotheatre. I moved out to a pub with some drunk people and let the pizzacoveratrtists do it. The melody isn´t something special and I don´t think it mus be in this particular example. I have got both bad and good thoughts about that. Some people understand the irony and think it´s fun but many people thinks it´s pathetique to do a cheat-live and don´t try to hide it. Yeah taste is like the butt-brown and smells shit(did I say that, really??)


Which question do you want to have, but you never get. Please ask it and answer it?

Who wouldn´t want to get following question. Question:Lundberg, how can you be so nice, handsome and a guy which never do anything wrong. Answer: Oh?


Can you think of being part of a political gig? If you do that, is it important to make a stand?

-Yeah if I feel that it´s important I do that. Do you have an opinion you must stand for it but it´s no use to make a stand for the standings sake if you don´t know so much about it. Then you can shut your mouth.



Which are your futureplans as a human being?

I´m getting married in july. And then I must get some style on my life. I have had a messy life the latest 10 years. Maybe I study and get me a ”real” work


Which are your futureplans as a musican?

First I is doing a fantastic next record. The two first weeks in july me and the band is locking ourselves in a little house and record 15 songs and 12 of them will be the next record. Then we will see....


You have never thought of singing in english(horrible thought)?

-No ! I sang in a heavymetalband some years ago and tried then to do english lyrics to those songs but I never made it the way I wanted. I didn´t was so good at making lyrics in englsih. When we talk about my own music is nothing to think about. The only reason should be if I wanted to be a hit abroad, but I don´t want to do that.