An interview done precisely before the new record Djupa Skogen



New record out soon…how does it feels…are you satisfied?
-Now it´s not out yet when I write this, the release is 10/10 but anyway it feels really good.
We´re really satisfied with the result.

A little bit punkier than usual?
-Yeah, maybe that, we have fired the violins and the trolls and put down more work on a record which we think will grow(and that does Djupa skogen) you more you listens to it.  We have wanted to sound more “punk” and I actually think we have managed to do that.

You have also a song about footballhooliganism? How does this came foreward? ?
-As many other idiotthings in the society so is this one too, I mean, people get killed because of they´re love a sport and they support one special team, that´s sick.
And then I think the lyrics describe our society. Hadn´t the society been as it is so haven´t the violence in sport never been there. And it have been a game och a sort of skillsgame which it´s the meaning from the beginning.

Do you like football…if you do which team do you support?
-I can´t answer for everyone but the majority of us don´t like football, because it´s boring and slow sport which have not so many goals:). So I cannot say that anyone support any team except Stipen who probably support one of the stockholmsteam.  

What did you think about the suggestion to mix the teams GAIS , ÖIS and Häcken?
-What, mix those teams, I don´t understand anything. That uninterested I am, anyway:)

It becomes a small tour now? It wasn´t the meaning from the beginning that it would be so many gigs or?  
-No, the thought was to do about ten but gigs are always fun, that´s why we´re doing this:)

Have you heard anything about how many tickets you sell…if it sells good?
-I haven´t any idea about that but our booker and other so says them that the tickets sells good.!

Why do you release the new record on your own label? Wasn´t it any labels which were interested?

-Sure, there was interested labels but we choosed in the end to take away a middle hand(record company) and in that way easier get more money for the whole album. People don´t buy so many records nowadays. Everything you can download the pirate way.
It´s not so funny to loose on a record anyway, so we will give Kaos & Skrål a chance.  

The best and the worst of releaseing it on an own label?
-Best: Total artistic control over the material, cover, producer, studio and so on. It´s easier with paying those costs. Bad: You must pay a lot of money and it take a while to get them back. All advertisement and those things we must do without a label. We must do everything ourselves. Studio, printing, distribution and so on.  

But I like your lyrics….who are doing the most of them? Political but in some different way?  
-On "Djupa Skogen" it´s equal with lyrics among me, Pontus and Ulke. Sure we take an opinion in our lyrics without shouting the words right in your face, it makes the listener more chance to listen to it and think for themselves.  

Have you got any review on the record yet?
-Sure, some have it been and it haven´t been so positive, hahahahahaha.

My review sounds like this...DIAPSALMA-DJUPA SKOGEN(CD-KAOS & SKRÅL KSCD003/BORDER) Good to hear Diapsalma again because I notice that I have missed them. I have Gryningstid in my car and I have listened a lot to it the latest time. Here they sings about footballhooligans in the song Blod and it´s good that people/artists take an opinion against these who destroys for us footballovers. But otherwise it´s so that their lyrics is a little bit different…they take an opinion but they write around a little and they don´t do direct lyrics in the same way as others and that I like. Gone is the folkmusic but not the melodies and the punk have got a bigger space and it feels like punkrock have get a little bit more space and it feels more like a continuing on Gruningstid 13 year after that Cd came. I like the tempo and the melodies and the little they have taken from heavy metal can I look through the fingers and there isn´+t many other groups or maybe not any group which sounds like Dia Psalma even if they have given influences to many bands….welcome back.(EIGHT) 20/9-07 What about it?
-It looks really good! But it depends in which system it is`!
Fast det beror ju i och för sig på vilket system det är? Is it 8/10 or 8/100 or 8/1000, hahahahaha...

You have other bands all of you? Or is it so that Dia Psalma is the first choice now?  
 -No, everyone have actually chose Dia Psalma as a first choice now, that´s so fucking fun nowadays again.So noone have actually any other band which is playing and rehearsal right now.
You say that this isn´t any reuinion you´re doing now? But a little sort of reunion is it anyway…will it be forever now or how do you look at Dia Psalma in about ten years.  

-Hmmmmmm, forever. No, I don´t know that and sure it´s a form of reunion but for us it´s a natural continuing on things which once was. Everyone in the band have known that this time would come. In 10 years? No idea, it can happen  alot during that time but it´s so fun today and is it still that way are we continuing doing records and play in Sweden   :)

How much do you think the record will sell? Do you think that it comes over 10.000 or what are you satisfied with? 

-No fucking idea. What is good for a record now? We´re satisfied if we get back the money that we have put out for it and if we can buy some new strings but of course it would have been fun to sell much records again.  

The times that you have been out and played now…have it been your old audience or is it many new punks/rockers in the audience?
-Very mix actually. I have seen 40 year old people side to side with 13 years old people on the gigs and that’s fucking fun. It makes the things we have done really timeless and that’s the best thing you can hear as a band.

Is it more fun to play out nowadays if you compare with back in times?
-Much more fun now. You have more distance and the audience is more mixed as it it now. If you play something odd in some now we only laugh to it, shit happens:)

You seems to have fucking fun together….is it right(I looked on the You Tube movie from the recording)?
-Look above and yeah we have fucking fun together both on recording, rehearsal and gigs and naturally also private.

Please tell me something horrible about every person….something we don´t know?
-Something horrible…..Nooooo, I don´t know. Ulke had a kidney stone, that´s fucking horrible. Stipen have been drugged and robbed in the metro in Stockholm, that even more horrible. Pontus have lived in Malmo and he hated it, and that´s horrible for him and I have been working on Saab Scania in Södertälje in 5 years, isn´t that horrible?

The last word on this ”short” interview?  
-It´s cool that you like the new record.
I presume that is is 8/10:) Thanks for a cool interview which isn´t like any other interview.