Destructors is a long-lived band and most of all they are a band which releases Cd-records that other people change their underwear. Steve was so kind to answer some questions from me in September-2015


Have it been much line-up changes through the years? How long how the line-up today been in the group?

DESTRUCTORS666 are the latest incarnation of THE DESTRUCTORS and have been described as a Scuzz Grunge Garage Punk Rock Band.


(MARK V111) 2006-2007

Allen Adams – lead vocals; Dave Colton – lead guitar; Steve Rolls – Rhythm guitar

Steve Crosby – bass; Lee Reynolds- drums

(MARK 1X) 2007-2008

Allen Adams – lead vocals; Dave Colton – lead guitar; Steve Rolls – Rhythm guitar

Steve Crosby – bass;  Rob Baylis - drums

(MARK X) 2008

Allen Adams – lead vocals; Dave Colton – lead guitar; Steve Rolls – Rhythm guitar

Tom Savage – bass; Rob Baylis - drums

(MARK XI) 2008 - 2009

Allen Adams – lead vocals; Dave Colton – lead guitar; Steve Rolls – Rhythm guitar

Ian Stapleton – bass; Rob Baylis - drums



 2009 - 2014

Allen Adams – lead vocals; Dave Colton – lead guitar; Steve Rolls – Rhythm guitar

Ian Stapleton – bass; Rob Baylis - drums

2014 - ?

Allen Adams – lead vocals; Dave Colton – lead guitar; Steve Rolls – Rhythm guitar

Ian Stapleton – bass; Tom Savage - drums


So to answer the second part of the question the new line-up has been together for less than a year


Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, work. Interests and something bad about each of you?



ALLEN ADAMS        58           no            yes               science fiction                  falls off chairs

DAVE COLTON        58          yes     resting    dog walking        in many cover bands

STEVE ROLLS          57          yes       yes         surfing                likes status quo

IAN STAPLETON     ?            yes        yes       motor bikes         in a horror band

TOM SAVAGE           ?             no       yes         dance music       dance music


Any other bands on the side of the DESTRUCTORS?

-Allen has 2 side band projects SKULLTHUGGERY (pirate band) & SUB K & THE SAVAGE (Covers album a la BOWIE’s pin ups)

Ian plays with THE RUINED (Horror punk band).

Dave plays in too many covers bands too mention. OK RETROLUX

Tom drums for another band but I don’t know its name.


When you do a song, how do you do? Are you doing them together or comes someone to the rehearsal room and show the song?

-The band songwriters demo new songs, put them in our drop box and everyone then learns them. Drum and bass are first done in the studio, then rhythm guitar, followed by vocals. Then lead guitar and backing vocals.


You do a lot of covers, how do you pick them out. Which is your favourite cover to play?

-Everybody gets a chance to pick covers (we’ve recorded 87 so far). We have quite a back log that we want to do; it all depends upon the project as they are selected to fit in with the subject the CD is about. Favourite cover to play: Teenage Head by the Flamin’ Groovies.


You have done a lot of albums, mini cd and so on. Do you all have yourself?







1: Nov 05 – Feb 06

RF003 Plus ca change de la meme chose

Bullshit (a)

1969 (i)

Existence (1)

Feb 06

Lost 1

Northern Ripper (b)

Psychotic reaction (ii)

Rock’n’roll man (2)

Psycho squirrel (3)

2: Apr-Jun  06


Fast forward to hell ©


The neighbour of the beast (4)

3: Jun06-Aug 06

RF004 Sturm unt drang

Trinity (d)

Action women (iii)

S.E.R.B. (5)

4: Aug-Oct 06-

RF005Gott Mitt Uns

AK-47 (e)

Kick out the jams (iv)

Dig my grave (45 rave) (6)

5: Oct 06

RF006 No Parasan

Decadence (f)

Psycho (v)

Flying saucer men (7)

6:Jan-Mar 07


Many were killed, few were chosen


1970 (vi)

The pavement pizza song (8)

Valley of the NY Dolls (9)

Baby Heart attack (10)

Voice from beyond the grave (11)

7: March 07





The Vampire’s kiss (12)

Graveyard stomp (13)


RF007 Biberati ut gothi

Forces of  law (g)

White light (vii a + b)

White heat

The Axles of evil (14)

9: June - July 07


Sachen lassen mit fremden machten


Hang onto yourself (viii)

Psychotic Reaction (ix)a

Strange things (15a + b)

The Weirdness (16)

Plan nine from outer space (17)

Ray Gunns (18)

10: September 07

RF008 Caveat Emptor

Electronic Church (h)

(Police State ST) (i)

Teenage Head (x)

TV OD UC (19)

11:November 07

Release April 24th

RF009 Labor Omnia Vincit

Duty unto Death (j)

No Escape (xi)

Warhol/Wilson (20)

No Rules (ST) (8a)

12: January 08

Release  June

RF010 Lex Talonis

Agent Orange (k)

Superstars (ST) (l)

Chinese Rocks (xii)

Gun Culture Five and dime (21)

13: May 08

Release 08:08:08

RF888 Ted Rodgers EP


Slow Death (xiii)

Glam Rock Lip Lock (22)

Silk Subway (23)


14: May/June 08

Release September

RF011 Geistbahn

Cambodia/Khmer Rouge Boogie alt ver V (m a + b)

(Understand ST) (n))

The hand of Law (xiv)

Hey there God dammit (24)

15: March/April 08

Release 31st October

RFEP2 Malleus Malificorum


The Witch (xv)

Hell raiser (xvi)

Ding Dong the Witch is dead (xvii)

Devil Doll (25)

Possession (26)

Burn the witches (27)

Hex Sex Vex 28)

Witch hunt (29)

16: July/Aug/Sept/Oct 08

 Release Dec 08


Bah! Humbug EP


F**k Xmas (xviii)

Good King Wenceslas (xix a + b)


Xmas is here again (ho ho ho) (30)
Punk Rawk Xmas (31)

Just another Xmas song (32)

Xmas B’ah humbug (33)

Merry Christmas and F**k Off (34)

Grotto Worker (35)

17: February 23h 2009

RFC01 This is Peterborough



So Angry (36)

18: Nov 08 – Jan 09

March 23 2009

RF012 Deus ex Machina

European Sacrifice (o)

Death Squad (ST) (p)

Diplomatic Immunity (xx)

Burning Bridges (37)

19: Sept2008 – Jan 2009

June 22nd  2009



VOL:1 (revision)

Bullshit2008/ Bulls**t (original) (a a + b)

Trinity 2005 (d)

AK-47 2006 (e)

Decadence 2006 (f)

Forces of Law 2007 (g)

Electronic Church (h)

Agent Orange 2007 (k)

Meaningless Names  2008 (q)

Corpse Gas 2008 ®

Psychotic reaction

(original) (ix)b

Lexicon Devil (xxi)

Existence (1)

Rock’n’roll man (2)

Psycho squirrel (3)

S. E. R. B. (5)

Dig my grave (45 rave) (6)

Axles of evil (14)

Killing Cycle 1 (38)

Scuzz rock Accelerator (39)

Flying Saucer men (7)

20: Jan/Apr 2009

July 23th 2009






RFEP3 Who watches the watchers

Quiznam vigilo





Identity (xxii)

Control  me (xxiii)

Thinner Blue Line (40)

CCTV (41)

Rule Nanny Brittania (42)

State Control (43)

I Spy (44)

Rules and regulations (45)


21: Nov 2008 – June 22: 2009

August 10th 2009

RF013 Scheikunde

Nerve Gas (s)

Sewage Worker (t)

ATV (xxiv)

Saturday night (Let’s fight) (46)

22: March/April 2009



Nein! Nein! Nein!

Police State new (u)

Police truck (xxv)

Nasty nasty (xxvii)

Ba****d coppers (xxvi) Emergency (xxviii)

Police Brutality (xxxix)

High speed pursuit (47)

Truncheon Tattoo(48)

Run Pig Run (49)

Roger the Rozzer (50)

Suicide by cop (51)

PCPC Plod (52)

23: Aug /Sept 2009

November27th 2009

RF014 Tormentum Insomniae

  Berlin (v)

(Control) (w)

This Perfect Day (40)

Art for Art Garfunkel’s sake (53)

24: Oct – Dec 2009

March 18th 2010




In Absentia (55)

25: December 2009 - February 2010

April 5st 2010




Elected (41)

Labour Party (42)

Tory Party (42a)

Politics (32)

Downfall of government (44)



Be careful what you vote for (69)

To vote or not to vote (70)

F**k EU (71)

If We don’t stop (72)

Looks like rain (73)

Politics is politics (74)

Revolution time (75)

26: March 2009

June 28th 2010


RF 015 Zengakuren

Religion (x)

(Bomb) (y)

Sonic Reducer (45)

Crash & Burn (76)

27: August 2009- March 2010

August 23rd 2010

RFA003 Dead beat to white heat


Get me to the World on time (xxxviii)

TV Eye (xxvii)

Blood  (58)

End times * (56)

Kent State reprobate (57)

November (AM) (60)

The Ghost of seventy-six (AM) (61)

Headshot deadshot 1963(62)

Selling the American Dream  (63)

Ultraviolence (56)

Free Speech for the hard of hearing  (64)

Born to Kill/Die for peace (65)

Watch what you vote for ( (66) 

Demolition Derby Crash (54)

Hate Song (59)

Communication Breakdown (62)

Killing Cycle 2 (67)

Like a (Car crash) (68)

255 (85)

28: Jan - Feb 2010

10th October 2010



Born to Soon (aa)

Saturday night in the city of the dead (46)

Birth school marriage death (47)

Before you die (48)

Right to work (49)

Joker in the pack (77)

Know what I mean (91)

When the chain breaks (92)

Life (aka S**t filled sewer) (93)

Son of a b***h (78)


29: Aug – Sept 2010

31st October 2010



Helloween (50)

Pinhead (51)

All Hell Breaks Loose (52)

Devil Eye (79)

Demon lover (80)

Highway666 (81)

I wanna dig up Elvis (83)

Vampire Queen of New Orleans (84)

The Blob (86)

Zombie Takeaway (87)

I am the puppet master (94)

Happy Death Day (95)

Don’t go down to the cellar (96)

30: 18th April 2010

 24th January 2011

RF016 Les fleurs du mal

Neutron Bomb (bb)

 (Bombs are metal) (z)

Reality (53)

Third World War (88)


24th March  2011

RFC03 This is Peterborough thrice



Selling the American Dream  (63)


32:January 2011

May 24th 2011

RFEP4 Media Studies

TV Wars (cc)

Media circus (54)

Media control (55)

Celebrity head (56)

Rant (97)

NME (98)

Your local paper (99)

How much do you want success? (100)

Bangin’ the drum (101)

Celebrity Brats (102)

The next big thing (103)

Who gives a toss? (104)

33: March 2011

July 24th 2011





Lion’s share(57)

My Little GoGo Dancer (58)


Trouble Magnet (108)

Clockwork Orange Age (109)

The Atrocity exhibition(110)

Glass Teat(111)

Yes we Can(112)

All Fall Down(115)

Trust me I’m a Scientist(114)

34: May 2011

September 26th 2011


RF017 Je suis radio

Good Guys (dd)

 Overdose (ee)


Trash Man(113)

35: November 11th 2011

RF111111 In Memoria

Soldier boy (ff)

Generals (61)

War Hero (62)

Mud mud and more mud (116)

Bodybags (117)

The trench (118)

Blood and guts (119)

We need you (120)

Misery in me (121)

Death machine (122)

Two minutes noise (123)

36: January 23th 2012


Duty unto Death

Warhol Wilson

Cambodia/Khmer Rouge Boogie

Hey There Goddamit (24)

European sacrifice

Burning bridges

Nerve Gas

Saturday Night (Let’s fight)


Art for Art Garfunkel’s sake


Friday on your mind (60)

Tom, Dick & Abdul (89)

Killing Cycle 3 (90)

No English Spoken Here (105)

Never had it so bad (106)

New song (107)

Killing cycle (dub) (38a)


37: March 26th 2012

RF018  C’est la guerre

Dollar is God(gg)

Son of Sam (hh)

We’re pretty quick (63)

The greatest hoax on humanity (124)

38: February 2011

May 23rdh 2010


RFEP5 Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll

Sex in Chains (kk)


H Eyes (64)

Drugstore (65)

I Want the Drugs (66)

Spitroast F. C.  (125)

Rock’n’Roll Riot (no time to be quiet) (131)

Butt plug, gag & Tit Clamp (132)

Crack Whore (127)

Listen to your heart (128)

King Rock (133)

She’s a girl (134)

If every girl was a p**nstar (135)

39: March2012

July 2012

RFSA02 Schwerpunkt



Dot Dash (68)

I Did it by myself (129)

No future (130)

Atom Heart Brother (125)

Springheel Jack (126)

JSS (136)

Stop the War (138)

My Girlfriend’s in a Coma(137)

40:  Release September 24th 2012

RF019 Pax Romanus

St. George (ii)

Class war (jj)

Banned from the Pubs (69)

Atom Heart Brother (125)


41: December 12th 2012

RF121212 Ragnarok

Decadence (f)

Hey there (God dammit) (24)

Failures (70)

Final Bloodbath (71)

Dead cities (72)


Waiting for (the end of the world) (144)

One minute (142)

End of the World

War of the Worlds (141)

Good v Evil (143)

The Fianl Battle (145)

42: February 25th 2013

RFC04 Peterborough goes forth



Punishment of luxury (146)

43: April  29th  2013

RF020 Sur la paves la plage

Breakdown (ll)

Penguin War* (kk)

Hey Joe (73)

Modern Day Jonah (147)

44:24th September 2013

RFDES01 The perverse, the sublime and the ridiculous

Duty unto Death (jii)

Forces of Law (gii)

Trinity (d#2)

Electronic Church (hii)

Wild Thing (77)

I wanna be your Dog (78)

Louis Louis (79)

Punk Rock Girl (155)

45:November  25th 2013

RF021 Terrorismo

Punk a’int dead (iii)

All my Friends in NYC  (80)

Amphetamine Blues (156)

Urban Terrorist (157)

46: January 13th 2014

RFEP6 New York New York

I’ve been watching the NY Dolls (new version) (9a)

New York New York (74)

New York City (75)

Vampires of New York (76)


Factory girls (148)

Dead man Walking (149)

NYC75 (150)

Nancy in a bag (151)

Chelsea Hotel (152)

CBGB’s (153)

Talking Junk with William Burroughs(154)

47: March 24th 2014



Bad Luck Social Distortion (77)

Eleanor Rigby (78)

Lithium (79)

I Hate You (80)

Air of Menace (158)

The Damned (159)

Feed the Death Machine (160)

A Good War (161)

I am the Dark Wave (162)

Look into the Mirror (163)

The price of life (164)

Psychic hits (165)

Bad or Worse (169)

A Day in the Death (170)


48: May 26th 2014

RF022 Divide  et Impera

Social Grudge (jjj)

Rosalyn (81)

For Queen & Country (166)

Underneath the Afghani       sun (167)

49: July 28 2014

RFEP7 Bierschutzbrillen

Pigeon Pizza Surprise (8a)


Boys from County Hell (82)

All F****d Up (83)

Drunk (84)

John Barleycorn (81)


Whiskey Train (139)

Xmas Spirit (169)

Beer Society (170)

Punk Rock Piss Up (171)

This is England (172)

Don’t mind if I do (173)

Drink to forget (174)

Lost Weekend (175)

Who the F**k is John Barleycorn (176)

50: September 19th 2014

RFTAM01 Skullthuggery


Sling it (85)


Fellowship of the Damned (1)

Skull and bones (3)

Ride the wild wind (2)

Blackbeard (4)

Starry Starry sky (5)

I am the captain (6)

Calico Jack (8)

Pirate Moon (9)

Ode to a Wooden Leg (10)

By Nelson’s Blood (11)

Dancing with the Dead (12)

51: January 2015

RFSA05 The Destructors Greatest hits and misses


Bombed outta my mind (86)

Violence (87)

NYC Rock’n’Roll history (168)

Jimmy So Vile (136NL)

Devil Doll  (25) remix)

Resistence (1) remix

52: 27 April 2015

RFELECT02 Coalition Blues

Revolution Time(75SNW)

This is England (172 INV))

Owe us a living (88)

Vote 4 me (177)

Pleb (178)

If we win (179)

Politics (Same old song) (180)

Politics oh politics (181)

Ukip u lose (182)

Vote (184)

Don’t Vote (185)

Freedom’s call (183)

53: 11 September 2015

RF023Deus Luna

Societies Morons (kkk)

Release the bats (89)

Up and atom  (186)

Gentlemen Jack  (187)


Steve, Dave and Allen have all of them.


Is it important to get out physical stuff and not only on Spotify etc.?

-It’s the physical versions that make us the money to keep putting out music. If we relied on spotify we make hardly anything. This is due to the parasites throughout the internet who think they have the right to let people have our music for free.


How many songs have Destructors up to date?

-The New Destructors (including 666) have altogether released 187 songs but we’ve written more than that for forthcoming projects.


Not any plans of putting them altogether in a box or something like that?

-I have an idea when we’ve finished releasing an extremely limited box set. This would contain every CD and one that wasn’t available anywhere else. It would come in a beautiful wooden box containing various documents with an embossed number at the top. The band would only get the box to put their CD’s in.


How many new songs have you material for?

-I have thousands of lyrics and at the moment have plans for another 25 projects. If they happen then that’s OK but due to unforeseen circumstances they don’t I’ll still be happy with what we have achieved.


Which is the next record release to come?

-Coffin Jukebox from Sub K & the Savage. An album of cover songs plus a couple of surprises. It’s a sort of musical journey of my life in the vein of David Bowie’s Pin Ups.


How do you choose the bands you split the CD’s with?

-Their usually bands that a band member knows and likes or somebody I’ve seen live who really impressed me. It’s a really good deal doing a split cd with us because it costs the band nothing to do it and they get the songs to keep as soon as we break even.


Do you have any dream band to do a split with?

-Well the split thing is coming to an end now but I suppose it was to do one with Steve’s old punk band THE NOW. Unfortunately it’ll never happen so best to bring it to an end. But I never say never and if a band came along that I was impressed with well hey who knows.


And if you could choose 5 bands to have the best concert ever with, both alive or dead, which five would you choose.







Five favourite records right now

-1: PUNK 45: VOL 3 PROTO PUNK 1969-76






The last record you bought? And the most expensive?




Which of the Destructors is hardest to get hold off? And the most expensive on EBay?

-Electronic Church free with Trees and Flowers fanzine is the hardest to get hold off.

EBay DESTRUCTORS – The Final Testament (Bomb Hanoi, Bomb Saigon, Bomb Disneyland £39.37


For how many years can you go on in this tempo with so many record releases?

-Well as long as I don’t think we’re repeating ourselves it can go on for several more years. It depends upon a number of factors, financially viable, health or just getting fed up with doing it. As far as musicians go if they want to leave there is always someone waiting in the wing to replace them? Although I must say no one is thinking of leaving at the moment and sometimes I think people who leave actually regret it.


Do you play gigs often?

-No. We’re offered a lot but unfortunately due to extra curriculum activities of other band members it’s hard to all be available at the same time.


Which countries have you played in? Which and where is the best one?

-Wales, Denmark & Switzerland. Denmark was the best.


Favourite place to play in England and the worst place to play?

-Best: Cambridge, London, & Peterborough  Worst: Middlesbrough


Is there any subjects that you will never be singing about?



Is music a good way to get out your opinions into people‘s ears, do you have a responsibility to write lyrics which is important and can change the listeners point of view?

-We’ll all the lyrics I write are my personal opinions. However they are written in different ways:-

1)      Political songs

2)      Anti-religion songs

3)      Anti-state songs

These are serious and it’s up to the listener how they take them.

1)      Serial killers

This is just an interest of mine and I’ve been doing it since Son of Sam.


1)      Bodily functions

2)      Things I find interesting or ridiculous


All though these can be considered serious there is an underlying sense of humour involved.


The listener should approach every lyric I write and listen to the whole thing before giving their opinion. I think bad reviews can be as revealing as good reviews. I just write what I see around me or what I read or see in the media. Things that make me angry quite often produce the quickest and best lyrics


How is politically in England right now?

-It’s all very interesting with the Tory’s with a slight majority. The Liberals all but wiped up. The Labour Party has just elected a leader who is unelectable. UKIP are avoiding being the official NO side in the referendum on EU membership. This is so when the NO vote loses UKIP have an excuse to keep going. Plus off course SNP kicking Labour out of Scotland apart from one seat (also 1 Liberal and 1 Tory). This all makes for a very interesting POLITIKA 3 in five year’s time.


Have you heard any good Swedish Bands?

-Backyard Babies, Hives, and Bones


What are the future plans for the band?

-Keep putting out recordings and doing the occasional live gig?


For yourself?

-Keep living and hopefully stay in good health.


Something more to add?

-I hope music stays interesting and bands can afford to still have the time to carve out a career. Nowadays the money is all in the gigging and the music is all about getting the gigs. The so called 360 degree contract.