Seby from Derozer made this interview possible. His italian friends and he is doing big and good streetpunk in true spirit of punkrock. Hereīs some words from him to answer my questions in the end of july 2003.

We begin with a little history?
-Derozer start in 91 in Vicenza a small town in the north east of Italy, in the 93 the line-up changed and become the actual power trio, formed by Seby(Guit. & Voice); Mendez(Bass Guit.) and Spasio(Drums & Backing vocals). Till now Derozer recorded 5 full lenght albums, 3 singles and played more than 700 gigs all around the world.
Please tell me about every member and age, family, interestests and something bad about every one?
-We are all over 30 years old, two of us are married but just one with child, I can tell you tons of bad stories about each members of the band, so here some words to let you understand what I mean: Alcohol, Drugs, Football, Sex, Fighting, Robbering, need more??
Previous bands?
-Spasio was a member of the "I-Deny" a hard core band of the early 80īs, I formed a Hard Core band too called "Strange Corner" and Mendez played in some local punk bands.
Italy have a strong history when weīre talking about punkrock, any favoruites from then?
-Negazione, Nabat over all but till the beginning of the punk scene we got hundreds of exellent band.
Is any of the old bands still playing?
-All the old band broke up late the end of 80īs, early 90īs. Some band try to restart again but it doesnīt work.

Then it was hardcore now it seems to be more melodic punk, streetpunk and so on, any favourites today?

-Yes the style change a little bit, at the moment in Italy the best one for the Punk Rock are bands as: Punkreas, Peawees, Retarded and more more and more.

How would you describe your music in three words?

-Power Punk Trio.
Politics and music goes it hand in hand?
-The music is a way for talking about everythings, even politics of course, but itīs not a must. Ramones docet.

Who does the best political,lyrics in the rockworld?

-It is very easy start to be boring, full of bombast, and banality when someone talking about politics. I think the 95% of the politics rock bands fall in this situation.
When you do music, which is most important, to have a good lyrics, good melodies or to have a refrain that people remembers?
-I really dont care about the refrain, for me the lyrics are the most important defenetly. I always wrote the words before, and the lyrics must be honest and real. At the end I wrote the melodies part as well. I always do the best I can.
You sing only in italian or? Why or why not?
-Yes we singing in Italian, in Italy very few people know foreign lenguage as English and we play in Italy the 80% of the gigs. For us is very important let the people understand the words and sing it with us. If in the future we start to play most often in the rest of the world we can think about the changing of the lenguage.
Do you sell anything abroad when you sing in italian only?
-Not so much we sell about 1000 copies each title.
How much do you sell of your records?
-All our records sell just in Italy more than 6000 copies each.
Mad Butcher is a label which really shows that they hate racists, nazis and so on, what do you do to show it?
-Our lyrics are defenetly against any kind of racism.
How should the skinheads take back the pride and what the skinheads stood for before all nazis came in and destroy much for the skinheads?
-I got tons of good slogans for answer to your question but no one that I believe in.
What does the word punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?
-It is absolutely a way of life.
How is it to play these sort of music in Italy? How does people react?
-Usually for the main stream bands as Derozer, the people dancing and singing all the timeshow, and for us is great.
What about Berlusconi and the European Community speach against the german guy?
-Another demostration of how much he is idiot.

Vicenza, how is it to live there? Your football team is it good? Or do you donīt care about football?

-I'm a fanatic of football, my football team play in 2° division. About the city, Vicenza is a quiet town and at the end is not the baddest place to live.
What do you know about Sweden? What is typically swedish fo you think?
-Sorry to be full of bombast but the first think is about the blond girl.
Have your heard any good swedish bands worth to mention?
-We play with a couple of Sweden band one is called "The Bones" exellent, another "The Teenage Idols" not my kind of music but nice guys.
Please rank your five favouriterecords, five best concerts and five most important things in life?
-What a fucking question..........Records (Ramones(Ramones), AcDc(Highway to Hell), Screeching Weasel(Bogadabogada), Social Distortion(All), Anthrax(Among the living)..................about shows : Ramones in Vicenza 1989, AcDc in Munich 1991,  Derozer at "the Holle" 2002, Thor in London (Ontario) 2002, Suicidal Tendencies in Milano 1988.
Health, Love, Sex, Beer and Football......................looks retoric????? Ok I try again, Peace, Love, Justice, Equality, Brotherhood.......better?????
First, last and most expensive record ever bought?
-The first one was "Dynasty-Kiss" 76/77?? The last one Paul McCartney back to the world live.
Have you done any more records than Chius dentro, how can i get them if you have(you canīt send some of your old to me for review)? Any other merchandise we can lay our fingers on?
-Of course I will send you the records, for the merchandise we got everything, just check it out in the official site
How is a good concert with you?
-It is always a good concert, dont care the situation, we try our best ever.
How does the average fan to you look like?
-Between 400 and 2500.(something went wrong here???)
You have good contact with your fans?
-Yes of course , after the show we always go to drink with them.
Futureplans for the band?
-New album for the beginning of the new year.
Futureplans for yourself?
-Yes a new album for the beginning of the new year.
-The best time for the Punk Rock is now.
Something more to add?
-Thank you very much, we hope to come in Sweden as soon as possible. Ciao.