Mart Hällgren ve stayed in a while and now I thought it was time to grab a new interview with DLK when they  still quite recently has released a new album and going on tour with Diaspalma and Asta Kask ... .september 2016


I don´t know so much about todays members currently in the DLK, Who are they, what other bands are they playing in and what other bands have they been in the past? What do you work with?

- Jouni Haapala - drums. He also plays in the Electric Banana Band, Sthlm Node Lets dance orchestra, Fas 3. Mm. Working also sometimes on hospital.

Roger Reinhart - guitar. Plays also with Definitely, sometimes Headline. Works as a youth leader.

Simon Dahlberg - guitar. Study to be a music teacher at Ackis and plays with many different projects there. Although childhood friend of Roger and with the Headline, their old band.

Martin Hällgren - bass and vocals. I work as a math o physics teacher. Player also in Dweebs and Total ego. Sometimes with Krymplings and Sighstens Grannar. My old band: Brackor, Dr Anti-skval, Ubba


Is it only vinyl that comes now with digital ? Do you think it is important to get out physical things as well?

- Vinyl is the shit now. People want to have one of those. I like to get the lyric sheet


I like the format CD (on the job, etc.) and do not intend to start with Spotify, am I a grumpy and sluggish old man then?

- Yes

Spotify is good to make mixes, such as having in the car or at work

Unfortunately not everything is there, but very much

More than I ever have time to listen to

Are you on any company or do you release it themselves now?

- Now we are back at Birdnest

Spotify has made it possible to bring in some money for recording and stuff. And I know Per since a long time back

It works fine


Are you doing some other things right now musically except DLK?

- I play bass in Dweebs. We do Robin Jansson's songs. His brother Jonas plays the drums. They live in Dals Ed so we reharse about every month.

Then I keep on experimenting with a cover-LP with Total Egon. Could be good. Could be shit.

Mostly because I'm going to have fun


Are there any good Swedish punk band right now that you can recommend?

- KATTHEM, I saw them on the P & L. They were good.

Nowadays I am really picky.

Guldet blev till bajs with D-Takters is a really nice one

With cartoon unicorns in the video

How do you think that punk has changed over the years? I mean since you entered the wonderful world of punk until today?

- It is difficult to answer objectively. Society as a whole feels more touchy today.

The taboos punk rock possibly broke before is now broken. New questions have become sensitive.

As you get older you get the other seat. Things that you were disturbed on when you were young is not the same as interfering in now

The most important thing for me is still that I can make art, challenging dogmas, imagine the situation of others while having fun with my friends

Punk is only one of the names of this.That I cameinto the punk was probably because that punk was modern 1979, and I did not like sports

Music was better


How do you see SD, KD etc and how policy is developing in Sweden and in Europe?

- Politics is sad. Visionsless is sprawling. No asking why we have the targets we have. It's all about winning votes in the next poll. There are probably many good politicians, but the media focuses not on the essentials. How do we breathe and get food o water in the future? How should we live? How should we go? What is important? How do we avoid war, disease and oppression?

We may not be working and buying in the future. It may be possible to organize society in any way. So it will be more fun and culture

The EU is a strange project. When it becomes a problem can they suddenly do not get along. Cooperation is good, but what's the point of bringing power further from the citizens? I've always interpreted that as a neoliberal ploy.

I am simply more socialist than most socialists of today.

Freedom of expression and other liberal values ​​we should all uphold. A society stops developing if not to be questioned.

Right now blaming on other people. Worse than the sandbox

Neoliberalism has become dogma. Nothing gets better by itself (for the majority), according to me. The state must have a vision and steer the economy in environmentally friendly and socially inclusive direction.

To have somewhere to live should not be a commodity like any other. The state must control so that everyone gets a good home. And access to the mixed culture nearby.

Hopelessness and crime are linked. Everyone must be able to rely on the community. All must feel that they are needed

When we get to the lyrics, it happens sometimes that Gothenburg have been appearing in the text, how is your relationship to Gothenburg?

- Gothenburg was the town where it all happened. Until I moved there. Then I discovered that there were only to tell the best pun. And that Gothenburg is built for cars.


Is it easier or harder to write lyrics today than it was when you were younger?

- Clearly harder now. I am more self-critical. But sometimes it happens that I do not care how it gets. Then it may be something.


Is there a topic you would never write about?

- Fantasy and historical war. Rosy romance. Texts peppered with hate and derogatory. Not my style.


Have you made any songs as a tribute or similar to other bands, football teams, political views or other?

- Tompa Eken has got a song.

As well as some old's favorite places


Does politics and music come together?

- Everything is related


Best political artist / band?

- Nationalteatern is still hard to beat at this point.

When you wrote Dit kuken Pekar(There the cock point), was the self-perceived or was it someone special friend?

- It´s probably both. It is about a workmate at Scania, who always talked about his conquests. Sometimes it has probably happened to you yourself messed up and was like, even though you wanted to treat all people with respect.

It was hard to know what to do in social life. I learned from my mother that you should not hit on girls. I thought everything was inviting harassment. So I was thinking pretty much how my workmate could do as he did. Or did he just making up?


I understand that many want to hear Hockeyfrilla but what other songs are favorites out there in the audience?

- Flipperspel usually works


Which songs do you prefer to play at a concert yourself if not the audience have had something to say about it?

- If I had it my way, we would only play strange odd songs that we can not, and that no one has heard. Strange covers and dry talk between the songs

So it is lucky that we help each other out with song list


Have you done any love song? If so which one? What is your most political song do you think?

- Där värmen tar vid

It is well a love long

Political songs, Dricka sprit maybe

Where is the most fun to play live somewhere? Some favorite place?

- It was nice when we played in Linköping last. It's less fun when everyone in the audience is stoned and fight and gropes girls.


Have you played a lot abroad, have they appreciated your Swedish texts?

- We have hardly played abroad. Only a few gigs in Norway

Once in 1991, we were in Turku, but nobody saw it

But we have played several times at the Finnish boat, and then can we have been in the Finnish waters

Can Asta do it , we maybe can too ?!


You will be on a tour now with among Diaspalma etc, will it be fun, what are you most looking forward to?

- I like most to be home and take it easy. When it comes to music then rehearse and record is a lot more fun than playing live, according to me. But it is well that I am not so social by me. It will be fun to meet old friends!


Five favorite records right now?

- Hanna Hirsch - Gå hem över himlen

Lagwagon - Hoss

Laleh - Sjung

Eddie Meduza - En jävla massa hits

My discomox

Future plans for the band?

- Write some new. Hang nd rehearse. Think and talk


For yourself?

- I'll will bike more.


Words of wisdom?

- See above


Something to add?

- I was hoping that this fanzine classics would come at the end.

Hej hopp