I did an interview with Mart 2016 but now they release their new album and here comes a smoking fresh interview about that album and about the election etc. Sep-2018


New disc again, how does it feel?

-It feels good! We aimed do dot an EP but it became 12 songs. Beyond expectation.


Gaphals this time, why did you change recordcompany?

-It was Kaj who asked us. He seemed to be on topp. Dadde also thought that Gaphals was good, and then it was just to accepting the bid.


Money has no eyes(Pengar har inga ögon) ... explain?

-The cock has no eyes, you said when you were young, stupid and too much to drink. I transferred this behavior to money. The money goes into anything, only they be more. Weapons, tobacco, games, etc.


Tell us a little about the following songs Martin in the shitland(Martin i skitlandet), Our most famous words(Våra fagraste ord), Leave back the discs(Lämna tillbaka skivorna ) Various cultural clubs(Olika kulturklubbar)?

-Martin i skitlandet: When I was a kid there was a children's program about a guy who designed everything he wanted, so it became reality. Instead of the drawing country, it became now the country of shit. It's about when I'm sitting on the toilet and drawing.

Våra fagraste ord: A song about floccles, as one should say but that does not mean so much. Imagine if everyone meant everything beautiful they said!

Lämna tillbaka skivorna: Why are some discs missing in my record collection that I know I had?

Olika kulturklubbar: I recently realized that I have been to Arnault's club in the 90's. Wondering if he ever was at the UltraHuset or the 44:an? And what was different withmy favorite place from his? Maybe not as much as you first think?


Who has made the lyrics and songs to the new records?

-We have been helped each other. But if you are going to generalize, you can say that Roger and Simon have written a lot of the music and I have doone a lot of the lyrics.


Same members as last or?



How are the thoughts after the election?

-It is sad that politicians of all sorts have difficulty in treating the voters and each other with respect. People in general also find it difficult for this, especially online. I want arguments and compromises, no false playing and no soap opera. I wished it was a more Keynesian opinion and politics. And solidarity!


I've run a fairly massive anti-SD campaign on my facebook page, do you think it helps something to do it or do I just preach to those already believers?

-Unfortunately, Facebook is built so that you live in your own little opion bubble. But every way to exchange arguments is good. You do what you can to make others think.


Are you / yourself out there demonstrating etc against the extreme rightwings or do the young people do it? Does it help you to show your disgust in that way?

-I'm more the kind of person who is talking to people. I think that a fair exchange of views is useful. You have to get into the opponent's mindset. I do not need to agree, but I can develop it. It may also happen that I sing a song.


If you had become primeminister for a month, what would be the most important thing to change?

-I would try to be educational. Try speaking in a way that is not only black or white. Hard questions have no easy answers. But I would be overwhelmed in all debates. That's why I'm not a prime minister, or even a member in the city council.


Back to the music, have you heard any good cover on DLK songs? Swedish or foreign?

-A few. Japanese 4Zugara has made a medley with Egon and Rysk Bompa. Snorting Maradona's did the Punkskolan, and then I have heard some different calm versions of Troll och häxor. Once upon a time, I saw Hydrogenium play CP framför sin TV.


How is it going with your Total Egon cover record? When does it come out? How does it come out? Which company?

-It is on mixing with Ronnie Björnström. It will be Birdnest and it will come out when it's ready. Soon I think. I would like to print vinyls, but at first it will only be digital. By the way, the disc is too long to fit on an LP.


How do you think people will receive your new record?

-You never know. We like it, that's really enough for us.


Have you tried any of the new songs already live? How did people receive them?

-We have not done that. I played demos for a mate who was kind and said it seemed good. But this fall some songs will be included in the set.


You are going to Japan now and play, how did this happen ... .I know that Japanese are as crazy in Swedish punk I have understood? When will this be?

-Yes, that's crazy. There are a lot of bands in Japan that sing in Swedish. It feels very odd. But we think it will be fun. I think that in any case, we'll see Japan and ride fast speed train. Then maybe there will be some music too. 21/9 we go there.


Last interview was one of your future plans To bike more ... how has it been?

-I bought a bike.


Will there be a lot of gigs in Sweden now also with the new release?

- It will be about 8 to start with. Then maybe some more in the spring/summer.


Do you sell much merch when you play gigs, I mean so it's worth take such things into the gigs?

-It depends on what you compare with. No, not so much. Most fun to find on new sweater patterns.


What's the most strange thing that has happened during a gig with DLK?

-Once upon a time there was a guy on the stage between two songs and gave us a penis of wood that he had tickled. Another time, someone who had not reached the age of 18 was climbing through the ventilation drum. A third time we got a dunk of homebrew(it was very long since that was OK). Once a very long time, Jouni climbed out through a window in the middle of the concert and came back excactly to the next song.


Five discs that must be included in the tour bus?

-This question should you really ask Simon and Jouni about? But when I make my next mix it will be Killerpass, Lastkaj, Vasas flora och fauna, Frenzal Rhomb and Björnarna.


Would you like to live on the music and stop working or is the job important? Could you do it when punk was the biggest there in the early 90's?

-I like my job as a teacher. I have fun almost every day at work. If I had tried to feed myself on music, I would have had to play thing I don´t  like . Two years in the 90's I had to stop studying and just play. I did not managed to do both. Being a musician was fun for a while, but then the money and the desire ended.


If you could choose five bands and have a dream concert together with DLK, what would you choose then , both dead and living bands?

-Oh, how difficult. No clue. I can not appreciate the music of other bands when I have played/will be playing. So others may choose.


What do you want to greet to your fans around the world like this in front of the new record´s release and the tour?



Something to add?