It took a while but the interview came anyway in the end of march 2009.. The polish group DeLindows sounds so good and it´s an honour to have them on my site.


History about the group, you have been on the road for many years?
-History of De Łindows started in 2002 when we did our first EP “ Niech zapłoną Katowice “let Katowice burn” . Katowice is our City. The ep we did D.I.Y. and it´s sold out.. 2004 we did our first album “ Depresja” and in 2006 “100 mil na sekunde” ( 100 miles per hour) for Pasażer rec. Lineup have changed in De łindows. Now we are Marcin- vocal, Agnieszka-vocal. Mateusz- bass, Redek
Jguitar , Michał trumpet, Robet drums. We are not so old  

Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, work, interests and something bad about every one?
-The youngest is Mateusz - 23 and the oldest is Robert , but we are still mental punk
J-34 (I think), so we are not teenage punk band kids. Most of us work , some of us are students. Robert has a wife and a son , I have a wife, and the rest of our band members are still single. We are ordinary people, sometimes a little bit lazy, sometimes nervous. Radek is a real gentleman.

To play punk in Poland, how is that?
-It’s not a fairytale. Now it’s not so dangerous like in early ’90 when in Poland hade many nazi skinheads. Not every club wants to do a punk rock concerts. Punk rock in Poland it’s not a very popular music. There are only a few punk label generally we have 2 big fanzines: Pasazer and Garaż. We have many bands and some people who are involved in punk rock.

Why do you sing in polish and not in English?
-Coz we live in Poland and we speak to people in Poland. Many punk bands sing in English but we want to sing in polish coz its our language.

What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?
-Punk for me means to think independent, and to do things the way you want, not like somebody tells you to do. It’s also a music, without life would be very sad.

Is it important with lyrics which is about something and not only about love, beer and so on?
-Lyrics for us are very important, coz we live in this country, we know the problems, and we want to sing about it. But not all our lyrics are political, very often they´re personal, sometimes describes some funny situations in our life, we have also some about alcohol

Which is the most political song you have done?
-I think the most political is “Toxic Days”. It describes the situation when our government was PIS- very closed minded, homophobic, and not a tolerant party. They took to government a party which was right-wing, it was terrible thing. Now they lost last election and now they are not in government.

Doesn´t music and politics goes along hand in hand?
-Not necessary. For many bands politics and music are two separate things, and its ok. But for us it’s important to say what is wrong and what we don’t accept.

Is there any good polish punk band which is really political? ! Other good Polish bands? ?
-In Poland you will find all kind of hardcore/punk/ska/oi! bands. The most political is Włochaty. Punk rock legends - Dezerter - has one of the best lyrics describing situation in Poland. Ska/punk bands e.x: Koniec świata, Zabili mi zółwia, Leniwiec, Alians, Skankan. Punk rock bands e.x: Farben lehre, Uliczny opryszek, El banda . Street punk: the Analogs. Hadcore/punk e.x: Eye for an eye, Apatia. Melodic punk e.x: upside down.

How is it to live in Poland nowadays? What’s the best and what’s the worst?
-The situation in Poland is much better then 20 years ago when communism fell. Communism was the worst thing for this country after the second world war. Nazists during 2 world war destroyed the country, killed hundreds of thousand people. When war was over and things could be normal we got in to Soviet influence. We lost 50 years of normality. When countries in western Europe developed we had terrible stagnation : no freedom, no freedom of speech. We couldn’t get anything, no goods. Many people were in prison. Poland were under control. People in Poland were angry and said no! Many of them died. After 50 years, we in Poland, destroyed communism. We have only 20 years of normality. It’s not easy coz of unemployment , high cost of living many young people have to leave this country to find a job. But we have freedom, you can do what you want, say what you want.

Is it many differences between rich and the poor?
-I don’t think so. Like in every normal country.

Football? Any favourites?
-I don’t have my favourite football club. But me and my friends always the watch polish national team. And that’s all.

Is it any big punkbands which have been over in Poland and played?
-Green day, Sex Pistols, Agnostic Front, Misfits, UK.Subs, the Vibrators, the Business, Deadline, Poison Idea, the Adicts, Ignite, Exploited, GBH, die Toten Hosen, the Casualties, the Unseen, Anti Nowhere League, Oi Polloi, Los Fastidos……..

Your hometown, how is the musiclife there?
-We have only a few clubs which have regularly concerts e.x Cogitator, Mega club , Lesniczowka music club. The are only 2 shops where you can buy a punk rock stuff. It’s not to much.

What do you know about Sweden?
-That you have a very high level of life and you have a very high taxes

Have you heard any good Swedish bands?
-Asta Kask, Nombshell Rocks, Millencollin, the Hives…. I don’t know many bands from Sweden.

Have you done anything else than 100 mil na sekunde?If you have how can I get it
-100 mil is our second album , but first the “Depresja” was edited only on a tape and now it’s sold out. We did our cover on the CD “ Nie ma zagrozenia jest dezerte” it’s a tribute to Dezerter. We have also doen a few compilations cd.

New things like MY Space, Facebook and those things, have it helped you a lot?
-If not My Space had been you wouldn’t have found our band, so sometimes it helps. Nowadays internet is normal thing and any one can find bands from Argentina, Poland , or Japan. It’s good . It helps to communicate with people from other countries , other cultures.

You have been a lot outside Poland and played, where have you been and where was most fun?
-We played many concerts in Czech Republic with our friends from the band Kohout Plasi Smrt. Best regards guys! We played in Slovakia on festivals like Punk Island or Underground Fest. Wherever we play we meet good, open minded friendly people doesn’t matter if its Poland or other country. Last year we had invitation to Sweden, to Malmö but unfortunately we couldn’t play. I hope we can do that the next time.

How does the average De Lindows-fan look like?
-It’s hard to say. On our concerts you can meet punk rockers, hardcore kids, some anti-fascist skinheads ska/reggae fans and people which are not connected with any subcultures.

Which people do you miss on your concerts?
-With high “houke” in polish it’s “irokez” like Casualties

Which song is the fans favourite? And you own De Lindows-favourite?
-I think “Depresja”, “Wnc” and “Azbestowi piromani”. It’s also my favourites.

You haven’t done any cover-songs?
-Some time ago we did Barbie girl, but it was a music joke. We have played Londons burning by the Clash, Blitzkrieg bob by Ramones, now we often play “99 red ballons” by Nena but in a punk rock way. You can find it on our website. We did also did a Dezerter cover but I wrote about it.

Punk before the Berlin wall fell, was it dangerous to play that in the eastern Europe?
-I don’t remember those years I‘m to young. But bands had a big problems to play concerts. There was a censorship. All lyrics you had to give to a person from censorship before a show. Polish punk band couldn’t record records. You could be beaten by Milicja (police) just because how you were dressed. It was not a good time. It was not a good system.

Please rank your five favouriterecords? Five Favouriteconcerts? And five most important things in life?

-Rancid- Out comes the wolves, Pennywise- Straight ahead, Post Regiment –first album, Armia –legenda, Sex Pistols- Never mind…, Social Distortion “White light….” and many more.
Shows- Dropkick Murphys in Prague, Ska-p- in Prague, Misfits in Warsaw, Ignite in Katowice and my first punk rock gig Dezerter and Włochaty in Mega club in Katowice.
Most important: my wife, my family, my band

First, last and most expensive record ever bought?
-First record I bought was T love “Dzieci rewolucji” then Dezerter and many more…. I don’t collect records on vinyl, I have some classics like the Clash, Damned, Ramones, Crass…I rather buy cds of bands I like. The last cd I bought is Dropkick Murphys “The meanest of times”

Most embarrassing record in your collection?
-Definitely Aqua cd with Barbie girl

What about mp3 and downloading, where do you stand?
-I think when band gives mp3 to download it’s ok. On our website you can find many free downloads mp3 and live videos. But if one day after premiere you can download all album its not ok. I buy punk rock cds coz it’s support for my favourites bands. And the cost of records is 3 or 4 beers in pub, it’s not to much.

Is it good or bad for a band of your calibre?
-I will answer in another way. A few years ago there was many big and small punk rock labels in Poland . Now there is only a few, and people generally don’t buy cds coz they can have it for free from the internet.

Futureplans for the band?
-We want to play many concerts and we have to start work on a new CD.

Something to add?

-Thanks a lot for interesting on our band. Maybe one day we could meet At some concert. Visit our website When I started to play I never thought (Keep the faith. Punk rock forever) that someone from Sweden can be interested in DE ŁINDOWS music. Thanks again.