Deep Within is a band which will become really big I think. I became drive over by their new record and it is such a good felling to listen to their really hard music. Please remember where you read this and think back in some years and read the interview now and then. February 2024


Please tell me a little about every member of the band, including any previous or current bands they may belong to, and what they do outside of the music. Please include details of the history of the band.

-Matt Wiggins Lead Singer: Matt, a former Lieutenant in the US Navy, proudly served his nation before he started his musical journey, in his first rock band, started in 2007when he was the lead singer/writer in a little indie band called MINDASYLUM from Des Moines, Iowa. His next level of engagement came after starring in an award-winning independent film “The Dying of the Light”. The film was based on lead singer of a fictitious metal band befriending an Autistic boy who experienced music in a unique healing way. That experience led Matt to continue his vocal development into what it is today as the lead singer/writer for Deep Within. When Matt is not in front of the microphone or writing the lyrics to Deep Within’s next big hit, he tends to get busy with his acting career. Don’t worry you will be able to watch Matt on national TV on the Inspiration Network and Amazon Prime in the soon to be released TV western series Elkhorn. The Western is based on the true stories of Teddy Roosevelt. Matt places the role of Teddy’s good friend William Merryfield. Schedule to air in April of 2024.

Jason Trevino Bass: Jason has played guitar for Cradle The Creature and Odd Bridges most recently before joining Deep Within. Currently he also plays bass for Rain Brings Weather when not touring with DW.

Joe Hawkins Guitar: The composure for the music of the band and loves Metal

Cody Hellion Drums: Former 18A Special Forces Officer in the US Army started his musical career the two bands FraXure and Epigenic before becoming the hard hitting drummer for Deep Within.

History of the band: Deep Within in its current line, was founded in Los Angeles in 2020. The band is excited for the Debut Album release February 9, 2024, and for the upcoming tour with Max Cavaleras’s band Go Ahead and Die in March of 2024.

The music style of the band came forward many years ago, what are your old favorites?

-Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osborne, Guns n Roses, Motley Crue, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Pink Floyd, generally inspired by bands breaking through in the 70’s and 80’s.  Tool, Mudvayne, Silverchair, and Lamb of God


Where did the name Deep Within come from? Were you afraid that the name was not already taken from a previous band? What is your favorite band name?

-Joe Hawkins: The name of the band came from an old song of his. He originally wanted to name the band Deep Inside, however a former member at the time said, “we are Deep Within the music” and the name stuck.

Joe Hawkins: Never really thought about or cared if the name was out there before.

Deep Within is our favorite band name, it is a name that is timeless and inspires a more sophisticated thought process and the name is open to interpretations.


Is it important to release physical copies of the music, or do you feel that recorded music only needs to be released digitally? Do you have other music that has been released besides your current debut release?

-It is important to release music in physical form and to also follow the trend of digital release.

Currently Deep Within has only the debut release, but lots more to come.


Has the band ever been to Sweden and played as tourist? With any band? When will you come and play here?

-No, we have never travelled to Sweden as a tourist or to debut our music. We hope to bring the Deep Within Circus to Sweeden soon!


Which countries have had the pleasure of hearing your music?

-Our music has been teased in Spain, UK, and France


Who wrote the following lyrics and why? Oncoming Storm, Valhalla and Deep Within?

Matt Wiggins wrote the lyrics for all three songs and included all songs released on the debut album. The narrative for all three songs came from inspiration through life experiences much too deep for a short discussion.


Who does the lyrics? Which is the most important, the lyrics or the music?

-On the debut album, Matt wrote the lyrics for the songs. The lyrics and the music are equally important. Music is the inspiration that allows the lyrics to come alive.


Is there a subject you will never sing about?

-No, nothing is out of the question under the right circumstances.


How is living in the USA today?

-Everyone has their own thoughts on these issues. As a band we tend to let our fans have their thoughts and we keep ours. The music is means for bringing people with diverse backgrounds together and that is what we love about it.


Is the USA better today compared to 25 years ago or no?

-This is a more complicated questions than a yes or no, in short no.


Tell me about your upcoming tour with Go Ahead and Die with Max Cavalera?

-We are excited and honored that we will be on the road with such a legend within the industry. This is yet another huge opportunity to get out with our fans and make new ones. Spreading the Deep Within sound to new places.


Beer is expensive in Sweden and there is a big interest here in beer and brewing myself. What is your favorite beer style? Will Deep Within ever attempt to brew its own beer and what would it be called?

-Matt appreciates yours and Sweden’s enthusiasm for beer. Prior to Matt being 11 years sober, he also had a great appreciation for beer, to an extreme. Who knows, maybe the Deep Within crew will try brewing one day and we would name it Deep Within the Signature Series.


Is there any good bands from the USA worth mentioning?

-There are so many bands still relevant in the US, past and present, making that a difficult question to answer in short form.

What is your strength when you play live? What is the most difference between playing nowadays and if you compare when you started to play?

-Our strength is the explosive nature of our live performance.  Which allows us an intense connection with our fans, and we feed off of that energy.  Learning and developing the live performances.


Which type of people come to your concerts? Which type of people does your music not reach?

-The type of fans we draw are fans that are looking for a connection with and release of energy through music. Along with the curious due to our visual appearance when enter the venue.  People with a close mind on what music should be. We are always working to expand those horizons.


Do you buy records or only use streaming networks to listen to music? Do you have any good record stores in your town?

-Both, buying physical music helps to keep bands like ours alive. Digital music has its place but there is still something special about holding that album in our hands.

Unfortunately, a lot of record stores have gone under, like Tower Record of LA. Iconic record stores like Canterbury, Atomic Records, and Mount Analog are a few of our favorites that are still around beating the odds.


Are you selling any merch at your gigs? Do people buy it? What sells best?

-Yes, Deep Within has a strong brand connection with our fans. We do sell a lot of merch at our gigs and our fans are always excited to walk away with everything from hats, bandanas, t-shirts, and more.. We look forward to offering our music in physical form with the release of our album, adding that greatness to our merch table.


What is your favorite song from the new album?

-Matt loves them all, he is vested in all the songs and feels they all have an equal sense of importance. There isn’t a single song that he doesn’t love to listen to and play live. Every song is its own journey with its own sound. No two songs are alike.

Jason: Devils Den as working with the legendary Ron Chaney in the studio was a blast

Joe: Fractured

Cody’s favorite song is Valhalla


You have played with some big bands like Quiet Riot, Adema, Crazy Town, and so on. What is your dream band to play with?

-Matt: Alive: Slipknot Dead: The Doors

Jason: Lamb of God

Joe: Lamb of God, Slipknot

Cody: Dream Theater or Tool


Do you care about your reviews? Which is the most peculiar your ever had, with any band?

-Reviews have a place, and they can help to push the band forward in a commercial manner. The band is not thinking about how our music will be reviewed when we are writing and recording the original sound of Deep Within. The music comes from within us….. Deep Within us.

I think that you almost have done a greatest hits of metal in your music with everything from Falsetto voice, death metal voice, slayer riffs, and some hard core influences. You have various music tastes that influenced your music or how did it become like this?

-Matt: My father is an avid lover of music and taught me to have great appreciate for all disciplines. From rock to jazz, classical to opera, to blues and R&B, and of course METAL and everything in-between.

Jason: Jerry Cantrell, Justin Chancellor, and Jon Stockman

Joe: Sepultura, Slayer, Pantera, Lamb of God, Slipknot, Parkway Drive, Unearth


Is music a good way to get out frustration and become a nicer person outside of the music?



Politics and music, does it belong together? Which is your most political song or do you not want to put politics into your music?

-There are a lot of politics in our music, but it is not directed as a specific political affiliation. It deals more with the establishment of power.


Any good Swedish bands you like?

-Meshuggah; Amon Amarth; Ghost and more


Is it boring doing interviews? Do you do a lot of interviews? What do you prefer, to interview in person, by phone, or via email?

-As an up-and-coming band, interviews are important, and we love them. Getting to talk about our music and what it means to us, meeting new people and spreading the work about what we have to offer. We have completed our fair share of interviews and in person is our favorite.


Future plans for the band?

-Touring with Max Cavalera in the spring, maximizing the release of our debut album worldwide, working on new content such as videos and social media content, planning future tours, and manifesting our first world tour to include Europe.


Futureplans for yourself?

-Matt: Prioritizing the growth of Deep With, working to expand my opportunities as an actor, and searching for opportunities to give back and serve the community.

Jason: To take Deep Within to venues far and wide and spread our energy, and the music we make, to the masses of metal heads across the world. DW is just getting started.

Joe: To make Deep Within a lifelong career and travel the world

Cody: Deep Within on a bigger scale


Wisdom word?

-I.A.O Improvise, Adapt, Overcome


Something else you would like to add?

-We appreciate the opportunity and look forward to slamming with you soon in Sweden. Music is the universal force that can bring us all together.