I have interviewed Death By Horse once before (2016) but now they have released a new album so then we have some new questions and some new answers…. March 2019


Have there been any member changes since last (August 2016) If that´s the case, which and why?

-Yes we have, it's actually only us (Jahna & Tommy) who are original members now. We had different visions and one had to skip for personal reasons. no hard feelings at all, just different goals and obstacles in life. So now it's new start! And we are happy for our new drummer Linus!


I said last time I was thinking of Vice Squad, Action Pact and you hadn't heard them, have you listened to them now?

- We actually forgot. But we are now checking them out a bit quickly. Listening… hmm .. The only similarity I hear is that it is punk and women on song.


What are you compared to otherwise?

-It does not seem easy to find a good comparison, but many think it breathes some 90's and 90's skatepunk. Some have compared our music with eg. Rancid, The Baboonshow, Candusuck, The Cranberries, Blondie. Well, they were the ones I came up with now.


You have become with a record company, Second Class Kids, how does it feel?

-Fantastic. Pelle at Second Class Kids feels like an extra member of the band and our experience is that we work great together. Very pleased.


The cover of the latest album looks a bit brutal, how did you come up with the idea and why did it get this way?

-We had almost infinitely cover ideas. Where everyone in a different way has portrayed a brutal reality, or reality against unreality. On the final cover and pictures in the vinyl, I am dressed up as Alice in Wonderland and Tommy to Peter Pan. We have both been beaten by the brutal reality, the blood must flow, but we have not given up, we are still struggling. The idea is partly that we are all looking for "unrealities" to hide in. It can be games, social media, food, sex, alcohol, drugs, watching movies, watching TV, daydreaming. We probably do it all, to survive. Or maybe live. Reality can be ugly, gray and hard. And we all need a refuge sometimes. But when reality clings in and says that we should not have them here refugees anymore, nowhere to escape. Then the unreality stands and takes up battle. There is also a diagnosis called Peter Pan syndrome, where you seems to have an inability to "grow up" and get out of the dream world. And like Alice in the wonderland. Who can really say what's up and what's down? What is right and what is wrong? There is more to add. But we finish it there. The record is called Reality HITS hard because it's a fucking hit album!


We talked about politics last time and now it's like it is in Sweden with a minority government and a gang that has one fifth of all votes? How do you look on the current situation?

-Politics is frustrating. And just like news, I stay away from it as much as possible if I have no plans to try to create change, then I look up the information I need. Why go around whining and feeling bad and spreading negative energy, if I still don't intend to do anything about it?

According to me, politics is based on fear. Fear of anarchy, fear of what would happen if every person gained total control over himself. Fear of not having control. Fear of the future, fear of everything that does not exist here and now. Fear of everything that you do not know and fear of total change. I (Jahna) comes from a super red family, which I appreciate, but I do not see how this "game" will help us in the future. I think that all parties in Sweden today exclude and box in. All parties are narrow-minded and hold hard on their chosen "package". You have learned what you think is good and bad, right or wrong, rather than actively thinking o taking a decision yourself. Because if you are red you have to think red! If you are blue you have to think blue! And we cannot possibly cooperate. But seriously! We are all the same breed. We call ourselves human. If we compare ourselves with another species, a reptile, for example, man is as species very similar, with very similar values. Had we been subjected to threats to humanity (extraterrestrial attack or environmental disaster) then maybe we would see that we are actually fighting for the same thing and that we all belong together.


Tell us a bit about the following songs:

-Cowtittysucking It's just a desire for people to open their eyes and see what they do. It does not mean that what they do is wrong, but see, acknowledge and ponder. People have long believed that children must drink cow's milk for example. Which is breast milk from a completely different species. A species that also needs a powerful milk to grow from perhaps 50 kg to 150 kg in a short time. Not at all particularly suitable for man. If you now want to drink breast milk from other species, then the goat's milk had been better composed for us. At the same time as it is said that drinking cow's milk is vital, it is loudly protested about when mothers breastfeed their children over two years. With a milk that is just for them. People are disgusted if you were to offer human breast milk to the coffee! If we then look at how the industry looks. Then I can add that all the regular milk that is not organic, so the calf is taken from his mother and the cow is put directly into for milking so that we humans can get her milk. The calf must never even taste its mother's milk. Imagine it in the human world. And understand how wrong it actually is! Regarding eggs, this is the chicken period we eat. Thus, non-fertilized eggs. People are disgusted by hearing. The menstruation itself itself is not wrong. But the storage of the chickens and our total control over these animals and their slavery in order to have good breakfast eggs, it is wrong, I think. Although it is free-range chickens that are organic, it does not mean that they get a little more surface, with the possibility (during the summer months) to go out into a resting garden (most chickens never even find out) otherwise they spend their lives in a giant barn, like a concentration camp.


White Christmas A desire to find home, and the life that is lived on the trip there.


Narcissist It is about blindness and unwillingness to see what you do yourself and to refuse to take responsibility. It is also about double standards, where, for example, you tell how much you love each other on Facebook, with cute pictures, but when the screen is gone, reality is something completely different. It is only you who can grab your life and turn it in the direction you want. It may sound hard, but what you out in the ground you also get harvested.


You had not played outside Sweden in August 2016, has it become any of this yet?

-2017 we were touring Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Have you not seen our tour documentary on YouTube? (The Trojan horse tour) backlash! ;) (get it checked right away ... sorry!)

2018 we were on tour in Denmark and Germany, which is also recorded, but we still have not had time to cut it together, so much else to be done all the time. But it comes!

Now in April and May 2019, we are going back to Germany, the Czech Republic and Belgium.


The new album comes on vinyl, is it a dream come true?

-Now, even if it feels very cozy and special, the format itself has never been important. The dream was to make music that reaches out to other people's ears and minds.


Is it as fun with interviews these days as you thought then? Has it become more?

- There have been more interviews. I (Jahna) both like and don't like them. I have a tendency to talk too much and have difficulty expressing myself in speech, so it becomes when millions of thoughts are formed into a few words. But it's fun when the interviewer has done research and knows who they talk to. It is also fun when the interviewer feels interested.


The strangest question you have received so far?

- Do you feel lonely as a woman in the punk world? I have received that question on a few occasions and it surprised me so much the first time I got it. Why should I feel alone and how? I do not understand. On stage or was it? I do not feel that it is important if it is what´s inside the pants of my fellow musicians in the punk world. We are people who make music. Gender is once again just an inbox as I, where I am now, feel superfluous.


To be on Spotify, is it something you have to do, do you earn something on it or is it the other that earns it? What do I want with the question, are you forced to be there?

-You don´t must anything, so it is. But for us it has played a big role. Good for reaching out. People are generally not so eager to buy a record if they do not know that it is good already. We experience Spotify as a more honest assessment on the record and easier to check and see what people like. On Spotify you also get paid for each listening that is done, so you want to support an artist properly, buy the record, but listen to it on Spotify. haha!


Do you sell a lot of records and merch when you are out playing? Do people want to buy this ?

- Sometimes, but we have been a little poor at standing and selling after gigs. Maybe because we always run around and talk with everyone after the gig and forget about standing in the merchandise and sell. We also hardly ever have anyone who is selling for us. We both buy ALWAYS t-shirts from bands we like! Love them t-shirts. :)


Have there been many concerts in the last three years? Do you have anything memorable you want to tell us from something fun that happened last?

-It has become a lot of gigs since we last spoke at. So hard to pick something out. We really love all meetings with people along the way. To meet, that's fine.


When I was young punk (I'm old) it was enough to put a Six Pistols badge on your jacket for people to be scared, even worse was when you short hair and had green pants. But today not much shocks? What should a young punk do to "shock" their parents today?

- Hmm… if you want to shock your parents now, then you should probably be Straight Edge. ”The“ Drinking ”culture and jokes about liquor it belongs to the older generation I experience. If you come home and say that you do not drink alcohol, take drugs, eat meat and stand up for it, then many lost parents would lose their foothold. If you are of the male sex then you can still provoke most parents by dressing in women's clothes and kissing the same sex. Unfortunately, it still goes home. However, not as effective for the female sex. You could also ask to have philosophical discussions once a week with your parents, then they will surely be worried that you are using cannabis. You could also sit down and ask your father and mother how they feel, if they are happy and if they are in the life where they want. It would probably have been shocking.


Is there a lot of music you listen to that nobody believes you are listening to. Tell me any record or artist that you / you think shocks us that you like?

-Difficult. I almost don't think people have any definite opinion about what neither Tommy nor I seem to like about music. The biggest shock could well be "Triakel" (Swedish folk music) for my (Jahnas) part, I think. We both have very broad music tastes I would like to say. Everything from Hip Hop to Grind Core, Tommy adds.


If you were to make a six-song record with  covers you want to do in your way… ..what six songs did you bring with you?

What More Can I say – ‘68

Who’s Got The Crack – The Moldy Peaches

Save That Shit – Lil Peep

Trouble Breathing - Alkaline Trio

Hate song - Daniel Johnston

Poupée de cire, poupée de son - France Gall


Do you get a lot of questions about your name? Or is it something people do not think about?

- People usually respond to our name, but don't think about the meaning as usually. Once I got an unexpected comment from a woman, she said she liked us after seeing us live, but she had been kicked off by a horse and trampled on her head a while ago. It was her explanation why she couldn't buy our record.


Have you ever been on any song for any political purpose, or been involved in some tribute to a soccer team or something like that ... is it something you can think of to be or is it to be painting yourself into a corner you think?

-No, we do not have that. Well, it depends on what. We both dislike classic sports such as football and hockey but extreme sports such as climbing and boarding then we talk!


Future plans this year for the band?

-Musikvideorecordings. Europe tour. Gigs in Sweden. Tour Documentary-cutting. Booking Agency Exploration. Music Creation. Plana  tour for next year where we will break new ground.


Some new songs made for another album or is it harder and harder to do them?

- More difficult and harder to have time for. But there are plenty of ideas! However, we spend a lot of time booking our tours and gigs, cutting videos and designing merch.


Words of wisdom?

-Be nice. Don't take it all too seriously. Be open minded. Laugh a lot. Choose to watch and do not judge. Take care of each other. Do not see everything as a competition that must be won, we are no longer sperms.