progressive master


Dan Berglund is a really good ”old man” which plays and have played progressive political music I must say. His lyrics is superb in some political way. He have precisely released a new record and he have taken his time to answer this in the end of august 2007.  


A short presentation of Dan?

-I can´t deny that I´m a 53 year Finlandborn troubadour, living in Gothenburg.  


Why haven´t been so long time between your records? What have you done between them?  

-Maybe it´s so that time goes differently for different people


It came a compilation some years ago and it was someone in EAK who released it…did you get a new start then to do more?  

-No, I had stopped doing songs, so it felt more that they put out archaeological things.  


Sören Alexandersson released a tribute record with your songs Endera Dan also....how did it felt? Favourites on the record?

-Must say that this with a tributerecord make me shy…What was it all about? Would them make a joke out of me? Favoruitesong from that? Maybe  Jan Hammarlunds "Jag reglar dörrn för varje missionär".


How does it feel to have inspired a lot of people to do music as you actually have done

-Of course it´s fun. I have had my own “idols”.


The lyrics have changed through the time, from the straight political to a more aroundwritten style? How does it become so?  

-Did I write ”straight” political songs in the 70´s? My memory says me something else. I remember that time when I had some attention just because of the fact that I DIDN´T did that. That I DIDN´T painted it in strong colors.  . Järnarbetarlåtarna(Ironworksongs), which today is really underground I sang in the most popular fridayentertainment in TV, in a direct concert from Solidens stage and so on.  

Aren´t you so angry that you once was, or do you hide it a little bit more?

-As many other people I put my version of the world to the others. But I don´t come with some plans how to act.


Did you get a load of shit because of your lyrics in the 70´s? Was it many who was angry on you?

-If I get a load of shit from someone I have forgot it. I only remember the love and the warmth I met.  


Do we need another wave of political music now when the right wing have the power in Sweden?

-The last progressive and political wave was resulting, if I don’t remember wrong, that the right wing take over 1976.


I was raised in the border between progg and punk but it feels in some way as the same children if you understand what I mean…which is your relation to punk?  

-I don´t know so much about it.


Your lyrics and music feels a little bit more soft and I think a lot on classic singers like Cornelis….what do you like that?  

-Thanks for the compliment.


How would you describe your music in three words?

-Drastic, lyrical, visionary.


Is there any good groups/artists in Sweden today?

-It´s so many. I have very easy to like things that I hear.


What do you think about MP´3 and downloading and that way to get music?  

-That people steal have always been something they have done when states are going to be smashed – for example when a nature catastrophe happens.


Which records have you done and which are released on CD? No thought of giving out a Box with everything you have done?  

-"En järnarbetares visor" (1975), "Dan Berglund sjunger Rudolf Nilsen" (1977), "Den stora maskeraden" (1979), "Vildmarken" (1987), "Såna som vi..." (2007).

-"Vildmarken" was released on CD by MNW 1987, but that CD was destroyed soon and the mastertapes disappeared. I will maybe release it myself on my own label.


Which type of people comes to your concerts? Age?

-All ages..


What do you think about living in Sweden? Politically I mean?

-It´s been consuming a lot of anti depressive medicine here and I have often wonder why?  


You live in Gothenburg and there like´s everyone football(or?) and all alternative people likes GAIS(anyway me) is it something you care about(football I mean) and if you do which team do you support?  

- We are many who suffering in the quiet with our dark secret : that we don´t give a damn about anything what football is about.  


Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and the five most important things in life?

-5 records in my collection then:

Johann Sebastian Bach, "Berümte orgelwerke"

Bob Dylan, "John Wesley Harding"

Rolling Stones, "Let it bleed"

Gillian Welch, "Time (The Revelator)"

Blå Tåget, "Inget är längesen".

The favoruietconcerts is three: It was cool to see Nynningen at Kåren 1973... Or the celloplayer Mstislav Rostropovitj in Dvoráks celloconcert in Göteborgs concert house, and Fred Åkerström do Bellmansongs in the old pub Sven Dufva in Haga in Göteborg.

The five most important things in life? I was a wise man if I that knew. Then I will put everything else to the side and start doing these things


The first, the last and most expensive record ever bought?

-The first was Beatles white album 1968.The latest was Elliot Smith "XO". The most expensive could have been Joni Mitchells "Travelogue".


Most embarrassing record in your collection?

-I don´t find any embarrassing thing how much I look.


Have it always been this type of music or do you have been playing a pop/rockband too?

-It have always been these style.


Futureplans with the music?

-I would´nt call it plans. It will surely be some more songs


And for you as a human being?

-Same answer as above.



-There´s a life before death.