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Dålig Isolering is a new group of three girls aged 15-16. A lot of energy and happines to play is there. Here they answer questions from me at the end of July 2022.


Tell us a little bit about the group and about the members?

-It started with Vega (me) and Nora recording covers in the rehearsalroom in Skarpnäck with the help of our dads, about a year before the band was formed. Then when we had finished it, I wrote to Nora on Instagram and asked if she wanted to start punk bands (I was bored and felt the need to do something meaningful and BIG), Nora obviously answered yes and a week or so later we were seen in the rehearsalroom and wrote our first song (Rassepolitik). We fixed a drummer that lasted for a while, but after a few months Nils got into the band instead. In connection with this, we also changed our rehearsal room to one in Kulturama.


What makes three 14-year-olds play such an outdated music as punk music?

-WE'RE 15 AND 16 YEARS OLD!!!!!! Nora and I grew up with punk dads but we've all been inspired by punk since before. We all felt the need to express what we really believed in and felt, a certain urge to be a rebel obviously also mattered.


How did you get in touch with Grönpeppar Records?

-Grönpeppar wrote to us after our first gig in the fall of 2021, which for us at the time was unreal, we could not imagine already releasing on Spotify. But then when it came up, we got back in touch and he was still excited!


You don't want to release the songs physically first I read somewhere... why not? I know you grew up with music online but isn't it a special feeling to hold something physical that you've done?

-During that time, we didn't have the money for it unfortunately, even though we wanted to release vinyl. But then we talked together with Grönpeppar and came to the conclusion that cd would be fat to release! It can be found on their website and we plan to sell on gigs in the future.


Do you listen a lot to old Swedish punk, I describe you as a modern Mögel (a girl punk band from the 1980s)

-We all listen to punk in part, even though we take inspiration from many other genres as well! Ebba Grön, Soundgarden and Hårdgnissel are some of those we listen and get inspiration from!


Are there any really good new bands that you guys are listening to now?

-Hårdgnissel (really awesome)! Trubbel, Vidro, The Baboon Show, Sardo Numspa and Borgerlig Begravning.


What does punk mean to you – is it just a style of music or is it a lifestyle?

-For us, punk is a lifestyle, it is mainly about politics, opinions and expressions! Community is also important and how we in the punk scene support each other.


Photo picture 2-5(Staffan (@baffalaffa på insta

Do you get shit from older punks because you play punk (just because it's their music) or do they like you?

-The majority support and like us, even though there are always some old man cones who think they know so much more than us, for example when they ask "do you know how a distpedal works" giggling - clear as hell we know!! But we are grateful for the support of the older generation that we received, it was not what we had expected!


Having texts that are about important things, is that important?

-Of course! Most of our songs are about important topics because we want to convey something and make a difference in the world, but we also have some "joke songs" that may not be directly written for change, but rather just because we want to have fucking fun (Pär is an example of a song like that)!


I understand that you dislike Jimmie Åkesson etc, is politics interesting or is it just some necessary evil?

-Politics is really important! And that's exactly why we're writing about it, Vega is also politically involved in his spare time, so that's something at least I (Vega) find very interesting.


What do you think it's like to live in Sweden otherwise?

-We are very fortunate to live in a country without war and starvation, which we are grateful for, but we also know that much is not perfect for everyone even here in Sweden - and that is exactly what we want to change! We also write about global problems.


When you have gigs, are they mostly youth centers or where do you play?

-Youth house for the most part! We have played a lot at Kafé 44 among other things.


Playing this kind of punk in Sweden, what's it like? Do you guys play concerts mostly with other punk bands right? What's the oddest band you've done a gig with?

-We usually play with other bands to attract a bigger audience. We have never directly played with an "odd" band, but on the other hand we have played some with quite a lot of older people, which feels a bit boring - we want to play with people our age! But but! We accept all the gigs we get!


If you could choose five bands to have a concert with you, which five would you have chosen if you could choose any band, dead or alive band?

-Ebba Grön! Vidro! D.L.K:! Nirvana! Iggy pop and the stooges!


Do you buy a lot of records yourselves? First record you bought, the latest and the most expensive you ever bought? Or is it just Spotify?

-Of course we do! Nora's first: Norgerlig Begravning Nora's latest: Sardo Numspa (För alltid) Most expensive record: KSMB (action) Nils first: Nirvana (Nevermind) Nils latest: Nirvana (In utero) Nils most expensive: Red hot chili peppers (Blood sugar sex magics) Vegas first: Thåström (Beväpna dig med vingar) Vegas latest: Beatrice Eli (Die another day) Vegas most expensive: Nirvana (Nevermind)


What three words describe your music?

-Riot grrrl, creative creation (even beyond the music), raucous/energetic


Will there be a lot of interviews or is this the first?

-We've had a few interviews before!


Who makes the lyrics?

-We write all the songs together but the older songs are written by Vega and Nora. Sometimes one of us writes a song at home and then we come up with the instrumental piece together in the rehearsal room!


Why a song in English? Is it Swedish that applies in most other songs you do?

-We wanted to try something new and were happy with the result! But also because the song is about the United States and therefore we felt that it became clearer if we sang in English. Most often we write in Swedish!


Do you have many more songs than the ones you released on your debut album?

-We have three more songs that we're playing at gigs, but we're in the process of writing more songs for another EP in the future.


Will there be a lot of gigs now or what?

-We have taken a break during the summer but this autumn we are 100% back again with hopefully many gigs! We already have some booked!


What's the best thing about playing live? What is your strength live?

-The adrenaline rush and energy we get from the audience is lovely! We are often quite joking on stage and always offer more than just music! Which people seem to appreciate!


What else are the future plans with the band?

-Get more gigs, release more, release vinyl and keep having fucking fun!


For yourself?

Nora: Want to go music in high school! Play more with the band and watch DLK live!

Vega: Has entered a music line and hopes to develop a lot musically, dreaming of playing in front of large audiences both with the band but also as a solo artist in the future! Also wants to become a successful songwriter in various genres.

Nils: Want to travel by train in Europe in the future! Want to see more concerts, especially Green Day!


Words of wisdom?

-Dare to go your own way! Dare to be a rebel! Dare to break the norm! BEST WISHES DÅLIG ISOLERING