Colossus is a group that is very interesting .... when their album came I was knocked out by all their influences and thought that I must interview .... April 2013


History of the group?

-Colossen has always existed and will always exist, resting dormant within us all wait for the day when it will wake up and get up. This reincarnation was created during the random shapes of the two individuals were drawn to each other in life's symphony, united in a penchant for odd tactarts, sullen noises, complex song structures, but most importantly a hell of a speed and heaviness.


Members now and previous, previous bands, family, interests etc for the current band members?

-Members are:

I, ie, Niklas Eriksson - vocals & guitar

Thomas Norstedt - drums

Peter Berg - Bass

There have been previous bassists we've had good and creative moments with, but that's another story. This is the definitive Colossuslineup, a plea masterpieces will be built.

Because of coincidences, we are all right now singles, which in itself might be gloomy, but it opens up a lot of time to the music, which right now we are in great need. The music is a demanding and jealous mistress.


I compare you to bands like Rush, Metallica, stoner rock and Amebix .... comments on this?

-Yes, I buy quite clear. All is not really the main influences, but I can see Metallica complicated melody splash, Amebix raw energy and Rush, we have been associated with in the past, prog-rock pioneers like us ejects a technological hell of only three men.


Will you be tired of comparisons or understand that journalists / reviewers use other bands that comparison?

-Absolutely not, it is in your professional nature and makes it easy for readers to get a quick view. There are some bands that often recurs in comparison, which is perfectly okay. Often pops up exciting new comparisons, and it's just fun, to see how people will find different links from our music. Would it be any band you can not relate to, or even hate, it would be harder, but it has not actually happened yet.


What is the strangest thing you compared?

-After a gig, it was a guy who asked if I listened a lot to Frank Zappa, and thought he heard the clear influences. I listen to a lot of Zappa, but I do not so much leaks out in our music. But he was clearly a man who also thought outside the box, which I relate to.


How would you describe your music in three words?

-Majestic, demanding and emotional.


How do you think the interest in this type of music is in Sweden?

-Interest in the heavy metal / rock as sludge and stoner has increased quite tremendously in the last five years, not least in Sweden experiencing a major wave right now. People today have a completely different understanding of complex music and genre-overruns. Awesome fun and great music that comes in the wake.



Much interest from abroad?

-We have received a lot of appreciation, when we released our demo was an Australian FM radio program that started a unsigned section just for our sake, and we got a special feature on the 45 minutes dedicated to us by a podcaster from Guatemala. We have fans all over the world and we will continue to seek to reach out to them and meet everyone on a stage in their vicinity. Closest is a European conquest.


Have you played much abroad?

-Some, not so much as we would have liked, but we were out there including a week in Italy, which was crazy fun. In May pulls out of Europe as the opening act for The Resistance, which will become unbeatable. With the plate out, in that the name begins to spread properly, we hope to come out a lot more and lira outside the country forward.


What kind of audience do you draw?

-Music lovers of all ages. Young rock girls, wintered prog-foxes, pace counting musician musicians, HC pants, metal geeks, sporties, idiots and geniuses of all shapes and colors. Core fans often follow a certain shape and it's clear many stoners and metallers, but there will be people of all ages who accept and find something unique and exciting in our music that speaks to them. Which is a blast.


What do you miss a concert, what kind of people?

-I do not want to complain about our fans, they're really good everybody. Some days I can in and of itself to think back to my youth and lack wild stagediving orgies at Kafe 44 or headbanging moshpits on black metal gigs at any shitcluband find it more speed on concerts before or even wish that people gave more references today. But then I give myself a slap and tell me to stop being so old men styled, giving everything on the gig and just have a blast!


Are there any good bands in Sweden right now?

-Well, damn it, a whole bunch. I like Signo Rojo, The Resistance, Skraeckoedlan, New Keepers of the Water Towers, Meshuggah, Dozer, Cult of Luna, etc, etc.


What is the biggest bands you have played with .... which is the biggest band you had as a support act that become bigger then?

-We played at the Sweden Rock Festival last year, as Motley Crue, King Diamond, Soundgarden, Motorhead is well decent-sized acts.



The lyrics ... what is giving you the influence?

-It can be very wide. Everything you experience and takes impressions from and influenced by. Life experiences, setbacks, emotional impressions and crises. Although some literature, film and media.


Are lyrics important in this type of music or is it just something that needs to be?

-Lyrics is obviously important. It provides an awesome opportunity to raise the music and give the song another dimension and also spread a message. Sometimes you need not so much hassle to put a good text, but it is straight and honest and from the heart.


Politics and music hear it together?

-Absolutely. Music has a long history of political affinity, and it is a powerful tool against oppression and injustice. Good intentions and passionate lines of text can easily become ineffective and obsolete quickly, however, as always, it´s time to choose their battles.


Best political band / artist?

-I remember when I came into contact with Dead Kennedys late 80s, the music was crunching and worked perfectly with Jello Biafras texts. Toxic cynical little satirical masterpiece and so politically sensitive fingertips that you could taste the curdling hatred of Reagan and the current climate. He just continued to beat the nail on the head and prove to both articulate, well-read and politically literate. So during the period Jello fronting the band, before other members farrowed out and kneeled to Mammon, so is DK kings.


Can you affect any man of music do you think?

-Absolutely. Music is a universal, powerful and the driving tool and the word is sharper than the sword, the combination can evoke emotions, thoughts, and get people to do the impossible. Colossus believes in managing this power well and responsibly. My hope is that anyone who digs deeper into our music and are looking for more than just an auditory punch in the face (which can be quite instructive) to find a small source to drink from.


What is the weirdest thing you ever experienced during a concert?

We played at Club Orbit Fagersta recently, when it popped up a naked, sweaty man on stage in the middle of the gig. It turned out that he came straight from the sauna. Aggressive, male nouthkisses from over overexhausted Italian fans were also quite fun and has not happened in Sweden, than ...


How do you think it is to live in Sweden?

-In many ways, we have the course that obviously damn good. Most have shelter, some food on the table and the possibility of dignified care. I begin  to think that many of these certainties is limited hard. Our welfare has begin to rattling and squeaking quite dramatically. That's right gloomy times and worse it gets, we will soon enough feel the shock waves after the collapse of the faltering economy. Otherwise, there are plenty of opportunities, good people, nice music climate and now summer and park pendants. It´s good.


Is it many interviews? Is it boring?

-There will be a lot, but it is a labor of love. It just means that we have many fans who actually have an interest in what we are doing. Plus, I'm sufficiently self-centered and conceited to estimate to babble about us and our pre conceived in season and out.


The weirdest question you've ever gotten?

-The weirdest question you've ever gotten. ;)


How do you see on downloading, Spotify, mp3 etc? Is it good or bad for your own part?

-Overall it is good for us, in the current situation, we want to get out as much as possible and give people an opportunity to listen to the album. Overall, it's probably mostly positive for the entire musical climate, I think I see signs that people even free opportunities are still willing to invest in music and their musical heroes. If you give them the opportunity to get the fans' trust inherent generosity and goodness. The new technology can be materialized in the form of obstacles or opportunities, it's yours.


Do ou buy any physical discs today?

-I subscribe to Spotify, which gives a decent basic range. In addition there's bandcamp and iTunes for example. I also try to support friends and bands I respect by buying merch and records. It is clearly more vinyl than CD.


First, last and most expensive record you bought?

-First: Motley Crue's - Shout At The Devil, a band that may not be fully stands up today, but once upon a time was damn sharp.

Latest: Hmm, not really past, but I ordered Baroness - Yellow & Green deluxe gatefold vinyl fairly recently. 2012 by far the best record and probably the most beautiful edition.

Most expensive: Must probably be my Mercyful Fate - Nuns Have No Fun EP on vinyl, saw later that it went for $ 300 on ebay.



Best album to have sex to?

-Next to Colossus Wake do you mean of course. Depends a bit on whether you planned to have caressing and groping Barry White-lovemaking on a sea of ​​rose petals in a haze of incense and massage oil and fuck like a cracked pig to Pig Destroyer, but the golden mean might be Danzig III: How the Gods Kill . Or why not head to spin out of time and space to Hawkwind Space Ritual.


The disc must be in the tour bus?

-The latest passions, plus anything with Devin Townsend, Meshuggah, High on Fire, etc. And some Whitney Houston to Peter.


Future plans for the band?

-Record is soon out in the stores so we will continue to focus on it and let people enjoy our music, reviews are starting to fall in and we get such beautiful grade that I get red cheeks. We will also run live and supporting plate as much as possible, in the this country and outside. In summer it gets a little festivals and more in the fall of the former. Colossus gears up.


For yourself?

-Wow, my life now is so tight with the band, to the right a little time is spent outside. But I hope to continue to develop as a musician and individual scale of bad habits and pick up new constructive ones. Filling my time and mind with abandonment, substance rich content and push me to my förmåga abilty at all levels. Modest goals.


Words of Wisdom?

-Think for yourself - questioning authority.


Something to add ....

-The usual, if you want to give us a chance; visit us on the web: / colossusstockholm

Buy the CD, come to the gigs, have a beer and come back and tell me what you thought.

Live right and be well, thank you wanted with us.

We'll see you out in the crowd ...