Peking in the right way!

I had  Clockwork Crew on a compilation I did and have some record with them but it was when I got their record there they sing in english i woke up and I was really sure that I must have an interview with the group. It was done immediately  and the date of it was the 18th of March. It´s the only originalmember Peter who answers the questions for the group



-The ususal you know, some mates sits and talks when they´re drunk how fun it would be to be playing in some band and we did actually begin. 1996 was the year and then it has been going both leewards and backwards. Members have come and meber have gone. I(Peter) is the only originalmember. Dennis came 1998 and have been staying since then. Eka played the bass for a longer period before he found love and went to the States. For Eka came Stiwne tow years ago and have made a success out of it since then.

  The biggest problem through times when were talking about members have been the fucking drummers. Since the beginning 1996 the drums have been drummed by Oskar Nord, Henrik Helander, Dennis Wilson (yeah, the same!), Christian Lagerström, Robban Svensson and now finally Tommy ”Timotej” Storback.  Must say that it has been a smaller hell to take everything from the beginning every time a new drummer have arrived. Timotej knows how it should sound and he drums really good and that he is good to have in the group in the personal plan is really fun. That I say the personal plan is that many drummers can be really special, that know people who is doing music., they can be really odd persons…

The history about Clockwork Crew can be really long but I don´t want to tire out the readers with all the details which only have a value for us it stays here. More interesting is to do you as parts for the future for the Clockwork Crew. 


Please tell me a little about every member, work, family, interests and something bad about every one?

-Yeah, we will see if I can come up with something…

Peter Aspegren: Really long guy born –77 works on Skivhuset here in Norrköping. He have a girlfriend and a son which is one years old. When he don´t shouts in CC he listens to some similar which shouts as much as him. I don´t know what terrible things I can say about him, he maybe says what he wants sometimes, and that can be really terrible sometimes.. …

Dennis Wilson: The guitarist born–80 he is between jobs as it is called so fine. The family is Lena Handén and a big pornocollection which can be said as his biggest interest. Yeah some training on the gym together with Stiwne he does also.The terrible thing with Dennis ,except his whole existence, is that he hasn´t any bottom when we´re talking about drinking.I mean can you stand after a hard night in Germany and piss on a garbagecan(indoors) in the same time as you trembling as leaf and don´t understand anything are you a really terrible eyesight!

Kalle Stiwne: The band behind the bass is born –81 and he study to some form of economic criminal in our local university. It´s not so much family around Stiwne if you don´t count some relation here and there with some local girl in the 30+ or so. Yeah, he have managed to get some good looking chick sometimes also. It seems like Stiwne actually is interested of economy and that´s fucking terrible!

Tommy Storback: he drums and he´s born sometime in the 20th century and he is also between jobs. He have a chick and he´s tattooing himself as much as he can. It´s nothing much terrible to write about mister Beerback except that he have been in  some other Norrköpingbands but he isn´t that now …


You are a skinheadband or what do you call yourself, I can think that it´s bad sometimes? Please tell me which prejudices people have had against you?

-Both yes and no! I wouldn´t call us a SKINHEAD-band but it´s more people around who wants to put us there. Not so that I take distance from Skins or so but it can be really frustrating that people put us in some special profession and they except that we should sound in some special way, only because that we look in some special way. It´s possibly so that Skinheadband was more right during our first records and then it was more new and more interesting. I mean, after a while you find yourself more comfortable in the one you are and it´s not so interesting in being so extreme which skinhead can be or what you want to be. I think it´s more important things to put force in. I would say that we´re a punkband, shorthaired punkband.

  The prejudices people have/had about us is that we are mad nazis to really big communists but let me say that we´re not on the right or the left side. We thought it had been calming down with that bullshit but as late as in Västerås didn´t want to play with us because they´ve heard that we nazis and queerhitters, people isn´t sane!!!








Aren´t you irritated that people don´t can the real skinheadshistory? And that people who are nazis have done the skinhead thing to theirs

-Of cours it´s irritating, but on the other side we have been on the road so long that we don´t take as big notice about that if you meet some nuts on the pub or so, they know so much about the things and about everything- they think!

  Yeah, the nazis….Of course it´s bad that they have jumped on the train and they´re most to the bad.

  No, if people could give the fuck about politics and try to have a little bit fun together instead I will be happy!


You have now released a record in swedish, why?

-The whole started with that we did some swedish covers but then we thought why don´t we do a record in swedish?

  We have never(almost never) done any recordings in swedish we thought it would been a fun thing to do.



And why the covers you did, Moderat Likvidation, GBG Sound and Ebba?

-It´s enough to listen to the songs to understand why we choosed them! It´s good songs and that´s enough for us to do a cover on them.

  Moderat Likvidation have always been a favouriteband and ”Sprängd” is a classic song which must be done ,and so is ”Pappas Pojkar” too and when you do Swedish punk you must do an Ebbasong!



Do you do any other covers?

-Yeah, through the years we have always spiced our liveset with some covers to make the people going crazy. Among the bands we have done covers by we can mention  Sham 69, Cock Sparrer, Blitz, Business, Oppressed and some others. It´s so many good songs which is really fun to do!


What´s the best with doing covers?

-yeah, it feels like you lift your hat for the old heroes and then it´s always fun to see how much people appreicate when you do some old honourable hits between our songs. ,


is there any good bands in Norrköping?

-No, I don´t think so. This town have only heavymetals and hiphopper and their shit you can be without. In the punkfront it´s only we and maybe Sattyg but after that it´s nothing more. 


In Sweden?

-I don´t really know what Sweden have today. The bands which are around we must see as good I think, and it seems that it´s a feat to be in a band generally and then it´s really bad? 


I was much in Norrköping when I was little(my grandma and grandpa lived there), my biggest memory of the town is Guld-Olle and that they took away many old house and made parkinglots out of them, is it something which is typical for the town nowadays?

-No, it´s more houses now than its´s building to be demolished and thats good because it´s (was) a lot of spaces which only looked bad.The typical for Norrköping today is that they seems to give everything to make the city to universitytown from have been a fabrictown. Yeah, universities is good but where are the students going after their studies and Norrköping have no works to give them. And what shall the people who don´t want to study do. And must it be so much discounts and fussing for them?!!


Are you interested of fottball, if you are , is it IFK, Sleipner or Sylvia whichj is the team(I like GAIS a lot myself)?

-Noone of us cares about football, no …


Can you imagine to be on a record(tribute or help) to something you believe in?

-Yeah hell, if it´s a good band which you do a tribute to, it´s no problem with that, the oppsite way. We will be on a tribute to Ramones which a german record label will put together, not so that Ramones is any personal favourites, but we did a nice version of Cretin Hop which could be used. But of course, the thought that the world is missing a tributerecord to Sham is spurring, and was it only economy will I release it myself. But would it be actual we want to be on it. Yeah helprecord, of course we will do it if the purpose with it felt important to us.


Have you got any reviews on the record På Svenska?

-The reviews I have read about the record is all good. It seems like the most listeners, reviewers or not is surprised in a good way that we have done anything in Swedish and that feels fun. Generally through the years we have got a few bad reviews.. …


Do you care about reviews?

-Of course you care, but it´s nothing who makes us change anything. It´s good to read a positive review and I suppose I put it back in my head somewhere, but I don´t think it´s something we make so much notice about for the future. A negative review can be funny to read too but in another way if you understand… …

  I never think we will change us because of a review , we know what we want and we don´t change ourselves because of ”somebody-who-knows-everything” say something in some way.






Which is the most peculiar question you have got?

-Good question, I think it was a german vegan which was said something peculiar sometime and he made parallels to a lot of suspect bands and similar. I choose to not say more about the thing because the only thing with that is that it should be forgotten, for his own sake. 


You will go out on tour in Germany in May, that isn´t the first time you play outside Sweden, where is it best to play? 

-No, it have been some times outside Sweden now actually. I can´t say that any place is better than the other. But you can say that the interest is bigger when you come outside Sweden . And wherever you play the response is good and people is really good and then it´s don´t matter which country you´re in.

The thing I wish is that we have got more chances to play here at home but it seems like the interest for punk isn´t so big, but it´s maybe a thing which will be changed. I think the time is in for a new era for punk and then  I don´t only mean for bands like Asta Kask or so


How is a good concert with you?

-A good concert wit us is when we fill a relative small local with punks, skins and ”normal” people where people have fun and don´t care about a lot of other shit. When the audience have fun with them self through us it´s a good gig


What´s the most peculiar which have happened during a gig with you?

-I don´t know, it seems to happen some weird every time, but of course, weird is a relative word. 


How does a fan to Clockwork look like?

-He/She could actually look like anyone. I think we have met the most sort of people who likes us and you don´t have to be in some special way to like us.


You have done many records but for me På Svenska is the first record I have, how can it be so that you have done so much records

-We are productive I suppose and when it´s material which is worth recording and release and someone want to release it, so is it only to do it.  


How do you think it is to live in Sweden today? What´s best and what´s the worst?

-In the whole we´re really satisfied with living in Sweden today but of course it´s thing we want to change to the better, but in the wholeness it´s reasonable.


Please rank your five favoruiterecords, five favoruiteconcerts and five most important things in life?

-Okey, but not in any particular order:

”That’s Life” – Sham 69

“Hersham Boys” – Sham 69

“In the City” – the Jam

“Shock Troops” – Cock Sparrer

“Nobody’s Heroes” – Stiff Little Fingers


The first last and the most expensive record ever bought?

-The first record I remember I bought was ”Please, please me” (Beatles) and it´s really good nowadays too, the latest was a compilation with Alternative TV and the most expensive  ”Only Lovers Left” (Wanderers, 250.- on vinyl in original).


The most embarrasing record in the collection?

-I think I have cleaned up the most embarrassing through the years but it´s surely some left on my attic. I don´t figure out something so here right now, I try to choose record with much care.  .


Is it much interviews, is it boring?

-No, much it´s a shame to say, maybe 1-2 in a month but it varies. All have a tendency to come in the same time and then it feels like you have a lot to do in time you don´t have and that´s a lit bit boring.

  It´s never direct boring to answer interviews and it´s more so that people is interested of the things we do-and that´s always fun.


Which is the question you never get but you want to have, please ask it and answer it?

-Shiit, this have we always been talking about but now when I got the chance I cannot come up with anything! Sorry…


Futureplans for the band?

-We plan to record a fullength during this year and we do as we said a tour to Germany in may, we try to get a bunch of gigs/festivals to the summer and the autumn and then we take it as it comes. We maybe try to release something together with Truth Teller and as long as we have something to do and it feels interesting we let it go on as good as we can. 


And for you

-As for the band and add family so do you know what I do in the near future



-Try to have as fun as you can and don´t destroy a lot of force to listen to all bullshit people spreading about themself-THINK FOR YOURSELF!


Something to add?

-Thanks for the chat and hope we see each other out there in the future!




/Peter Aspegren –the CLOCKWORK CREW-, Norrköping