French Group Clean Cutz Vinz have been so nice to me and answered a lot of questions about the group. He excuses him self for the bad English…but I don´t think ha speak/write bad English…October-2006-10-10


First, excuse my bad English, I hope you'll understand and excuse the short answers...I wanted to play my favourite style of punk rock, and I asked for friends who were interested in this style and who were listening to bands like the Jam, Wire, the Buzzcocks, the Clash....


Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, work, interests and
something bad about every one?

-Vinz: I’m Vinz, I’m 25 and I sing in the band. My all life is devote to rock n' roll, and tattoo, punk rock in particular. I could send you a very big list of what is bad about me...   

KiD: Well, I am Kid, I’m 23, I play the guitar. I love skateboarding, dj-ing some rockabilly, northern soul, 60’s pop and garage 45s at parties, and riding my ’65 Vespa. I am the worst guitar player, skateboarder, and dj you’ve ever seen and heard.

Tonnie: Tonnie 21, swinger, Industrial technician worker. Bass player with the clean cuts and usually guitarist.
There is also Sam who plays drums in the band, he’s 20, he likes punkrock, dark music and dark punkrock music.


”My review of your stuff is like that:
CLEAN-CUTS-CLEAN-CUTS(CD) This French group looks like it's taken from 1977 and they sound like that too. Really fun to listen to. They sings in English and that’s almost a shame. I think about old French groups like Telephone(does anyone remember them?) and Edith Nylon(does anybody really remember them?) and I don’t remember how they sounded. Here’s energy and they sound cocky and this many of today’s band miss and nowadays it's more focus on how good you’re on playing instead of mean the things you’re doing. It feels like if Clean-Cuts is angry and that makes anyway me happy. Check this out if you’re in on 77-punk….(EIGHT) 12/9-06?
What about it?

-Vinz: Hey it's a really cool review, thanx a lot.

KiD: Yeah it sounds great to me, thanx.


Is there any other bands you’re being compared with?

-Vinz: The Hatepinks from Marseille.

Do you care about reviews?

-Vinz: Yes, I care a lot about reviews, I’m always happy when it's good, and always sad when it's bad.

KiD: And it’s also a good way to know what people think about your work.

Clean-Cuts, where did the name come from?

-KiD: It was Vinz idea…

Vinz: I think appearance is very important(even if it's not necessary) in punk rock, I like punk clothes( when it's D.IY., stop buying punk trademarks, do it FOR yourself !!) in life ,and on stage, so I wanted a name about that.

What´s the best and the worst with being a punkband?

-Vinz: What's cool is that everything is a victory, a good show in front of 10 people, someone you don't know who tells you that your music is great, a good review and an interview in a Swedish webzine...cause it's a passion. What's bad is that we have no money to do all we want to do. Being a punk rock band in 2006 is very hard cause labels take no risks with little bands, everything 's going faster and bigger in the scene, in some country in particular. In the U.S.A , punk has become a "job"...There's tons of great bands, perhaps because of Green Day and Offspring, but the real diy punk mentality is dying perhaps because of them too.
KiD: For me the best thing is playing gigs and meeting cool bands. And as Vinz said the bad side of being in a band is that it’s really hard to find labels and sometimes shows to play.

How is it to live in France today?

-KiD: It’s sucks.

Vinz: That sucks, of course. Ten years ago everyone kicked or laughed at me because I had a green hair and slim trousers, today it's in fashion. I don't know what is the worse.

What about your government?

-Vinz: Like every government, it sucks.

Tonnie: OH! Great ! I think they feel well, only a little migraine for Jacques but he feels good now! Adolescent crisis for Nicolas Sarkozy (“the next one”), I think he’s a facsist, sorry for him....

Do you think that music and politics goes hand in hand?

-Vinz: Yes it can. But we're not a political band. I used to be very involved in the anarchopunk scene, but now it's over. The only ideology I believe in now is nihilism, I hate people, I hate the world, I hate the fuckin' human race. I told everything I had to say in my old anarchopunk band called CIDER BREAKFAST.

KiD: Music is probably the best way to give a political message.

Tonnie: of course many years ago....but now, it became really ridiculous for much bands! . With the clean cuts the message is no politic, punk rock is more a way of life. We lead our politic fight personally, .... sorry. It’s more serious. Politic is more interesting with concrete life experiences.... and we think our music can’t be “stick” to these cases.

Best political band?

-Vinz: Conflict not under Crass influence, Anti-Flag 10 years ago, Oi Polloi, Aus rotten, Refused for the lyrics and many more.

KiD: The Clash.

Tonnie: I think music and politic goes hand in hand with three bands : Bad religion, Dead Kennedy’s and Fugazi.

Is there any good bands in your homecountry now?

-Vinz: Yes of course, but honestly, we're the, seriously I really like bands like the Zoomen or Operation S for exemple.

KiD: There’s a lot of great bands in France now: the Hatepinks, Operation S, les Terribles, Plastic Guns, just to name a few.

Tonnie: Ken park (hxc, Saint Etienne), Strong as ten (hxc, Metz), Kiss kiss martine (Saint Etienne)

What do you know about Sweden?

-Vinz: There's a lot of punk rock bands, slim trousers, blond girls...someone told me that in Sweden it was girls who chat up guys, is that true? If it's true I want to live in Sweden.
Kid: I went to Sweden when I was a kid and all I remember are the landscapes, Viking stuff and red wooden horses.

Tonnie: Wasi Wasa, Krisprols, Volvo, Saab (expensive cars!!!!!!), The new “nest” of punk (the next one is Saint Etienne), IKEA, Ecologic life.

Have you heard any good swedish bands?

-Vinz: So many man, that I can't all name them...I think Asta Kask must be the first one I knew. I like the Bones, Voice of a generation, Bombshell rocks, Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, Perkele, Clockwork crew, Down and away, Diskonto, for the biggest. The Drive-ins were really fuckin' cool too! Hanoi rocks are Swedish no? They're one of my favourite band.

KiD: There are too much great bands in Sweden that I can’t listen to all of them. But I like: The Hives, Backyard Babies, Randy, Hellacopters, Refused. And I heard a band called Miss45 the other day, I don’t know if they are famous in Sweden but they rock.

Tonnie: Randy, the Hives!!!!!!!!

What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-Vinz: Definitely a lifestyle of course. Punk rock saved my life, it's MORE than a lifestyle.

KiD: Being punk is a lifestyle, and above all a huge (counter-)culture, that seems endless. cause there are so many things to learn, and bands to listen.

 Tonnie: Se annan fråga « It is the bond between the rebellion of the r'n'r and the anti-culture underground»

Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five

most important things in life?

-Vinz: vVry difficult question...i'll tell you the favourite 5 I bought/seen this year...:
Records:BACKYARD BABIES "People like us", MAD SIN "Dead moon's calling", The Pricks "Maximum s&m", the Fevers, the Plastic Letters.
Concerts : Backyard babies, Grovin' flames, the Fleshtones, the Briefs, Radio Reelers

Things : punk rock, tattoo, clothes, my bands, girls
KiD: It’s quite hard to choose, but here’s my top 5s.

Records: River City Rebels-No good No time No pride, One Man Army- Last Word Spoken, Merton Parkas-Face the crowd, Buzzcocks-another music in a different kitchen, and every songs recorded by Eddie Cochran.

Concerts: Radio Reelers, Buzzcocks , Backyard Babies/Social Distortion, Generators/US Bombs, The Briefs.

Important things: My girl, Family/Friends, Music (from western swing to punkrock), oldschool skateboarding, playing shows.

Tonnie: Top five of records: Minor threat : out of step, Fugazi : red medicine, Husker du : Zen arcade, Nirvana : In Utero, Gorilla biscuits : Star Today
Top five concerts: Sonic Youth (2003), At the drive in (2002), Capitol city dusters (2003), The Queers (2001), The saints (2005)
Five important things: Drink (parties, have fun), fight stupid people (not obligatorily in the violent sense), fuck (sex and love), r’n’r and friendship with weapon city inhabitants(saint Etienne)
First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-Vinz: My first record was a tape of ELVIS, but the first record I bought by myself, it must be G n'R Lies of Guns n' Roses. The last ones was the last Mötorhead, a damned and two vandals. The most expensive must be the first 7" of asphalt jungle, a French 77 band. It cost me 30 euros.

KiD: The first record I bought with my own money was Parklife by Blur, the last lp is the American pressing of the Undertones first album. I am a record collector, I mostly buy rockabilly, northern soul, French 60’s beat and mod stuff, I think the most expensive record I bought is the 1st EP of Les Problemes, which is in great demand by 60’s mod music lovers. I bought it 45euros, but I have saw it several times for more that 120euros on e-bay.

Tonnie: First : NOFX: heavy petting zoo, I was 11.
Last : The first Suicide reedited in two cd’s and a good booklet for 7 euros !!!
Most expensive : Shellac “at action park” 180 mgr LP : 17 euros

Most embarrasing record in your collection?

-KiD: Maybe a cover in French of the Beatles Twist and Shout called “Twiste et Chante”, it sucks and its ridiculous but its really fun to hear.

Vinz: An FM rockabilly band called "les forbands"'s a shame in france.

Tonnie: Double LP best of Eddy Mitchell (French blues/rock crooner)


You sound really much 1977 , how come?

-Vinz: I've got a real passion for "old school" punk rock, so it's a pleasure to try to make it again. And it's a way to say "fuck off" to all those trendy "big sound" styles like shitty screamo-emo, or "MTV punk rock" shit. Roots music & roots attitude.

KiD: And we listen to a lot of bands from ’77 like the Undertones, the Ramones, 999, the Damned, the Jam, and also many bands of today like the Briefs, the Hatepinks, Radio Reelers, so it help us to do some stuff sounding ’77.

Tonnie: I think our music is like many 77 bands in their early tapes so our music is more from 75-76 I think because of the sound and the stupidity (joke)!

Where did the old bands Telephone, Edith Nylon and Metal Urbain took their way, have you heard anything about them now?

-KiD: I don’t really like French punk music from the 70’s and the 80’s.

Tonnie: Metal Urbain was a good band.

Vinz: I love Edith N, and Telephone was a really good r n' r band, but they turned like shit. Now the two guitarists make mainstream shits. Metal Urbain had reissues last years, and a record on Alternative tentacles....but I’m not sure cause this band is not my cup of tea. If you like old French punk (with French sing) check out Bulldozer and Starshooter.

Is it many interviews? Is it boring?

-KiD: It’s only our 3rd interview, so it’s quite unusual.

Vinz: Not enough...I like making interviews, but I prefer live ones, cause I’m very slow with a computer.



Which is the question you never get, please ask it and answer it?

-Vinz: "-Do you want to sleep with me(us),even if we don't know each other?"
-Yeah! of course pretty girl(s)!

KiD: “-Pretty boy, Have you ever heard your mommy say noise annoys”



Is it any chance to see you in Sweden soon?

-KiD: I hope so.

Vinz: I hope. If someone is interested to make a tour...With so many great bands the scene must be really exciting. I'd like to visit the country too, I’m sure it's pretty cool.

Where is the best place to play?

-Vinz: Not in France, believe me !I don't know where, but my dream is to play at the CBGB.

KiD: Yeah, the CBGB seems to be one of the best place to play.

Tonnie: Mark o brian show on cnbc live!!!

How is a good gig with you? Vinz:
It's when there is some ties and sunglasses, some fun, some action, loud music and naked girls. Beer help us(and you) when there's not all those things.

Why don’t you sing in French?

-Vinz: Cause my inspiration comes from bands that I don't understand the lyrics and who sing, for a lot of them, in English. I like French sing, but it's not the "sound" I want to bring into the Clean-Cuts. And my lyrics are too stupid, I don't want to hear them in French.
Tonnie: Because we’re not Serge Gainsbourg or Plastic Bertrand


Futureplans for the band?

-KiD: We will self produce a 7” for the end of the year and we are looking for a label in order to release a 10”.

Vinz: We're looking for a label that makes vinyl. Making a lot of gigs, coming in Sweden and kicking Millencolin in the ass.


For yourself?

-Vinz: Buy some new records, ties and sunglasses. We also have another band with Tonnie (bass player), with a lot of Scandinavian influences(Turbonegro, Psychopunch, Puffball...),it's call WEAPON CITY BRATS.

KiD: Well, I will try to create my own record label to release our 1st 45, and maybe release other bands records in the future.

Tonnie: Find a job


-Vinz: Fuck the world(Driller killer)
There is no wisdom anymore!


Something to add?

-Vinz: Thanks a lot for your interest and your really cool interview. Hope coming one day in Sweden.

KiD: Thanx a lot for the interview, and cheers to our friends back in France, the Plastic Guns.