Liza Graves in Civet is the girl which says what Civet think about things and here she tells us the whole story about Civet. 2006 second interview, please enjoy it.


History, long or short, but some history please?

-Civet is an all-girl punk band that came together about 3 or 4 years ago

to create some ass-kicking femme fatal punk rock music. In 2005 we released our first album on Duane Peters’ Disaster Records. We’ve been touring and causing trouble ever since.


Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, work, interests

and something bad about every one?

-Well let’s start with Miss Suzi Homewrecker (who plays guitar and backing vox)….she’s the baby in the group because she’s only 17. She’s a very stubborn Taurus and has never held a job. As far as family goes, Suzi and I  (Liza Graves) are sisters. Jacqui Valentine is our bass player  who also sings backing vocals. She is 22 years old and does hair. All of our hair,

all the time, it works out great.She is also a Taurus and kinda stubborn

too, but we love her for it.  I, Liza Graves, am 22 also and work in the

restaurant industry. My fault has to be that I’m kinda controlling, I’ve

been jokingly called a dictator. Bad Cat is only 19, but she rocks really

hard on drums. She’s the backbone of the band and really keeps us together.

She is unemployed as well. It’s good to be young, huh? Her only fault is her

soft spot for old men. Now I won’t name names, but we’re talking really old men…..shh! Don’t tell her dad!


Many girl bands seems to hate that label on the band but it seems that you

don’t care? It isn’t so peculiar that you compare with other bands with

girls in reviews or?

-Yeah…I’d say most of the time we are pretty proud to be a girl band. We

really can’t change that fact, so we just kinda embrace it. If another girl

band just wants to be seen as a “band” that’s there own personal choice, but we think that by saying “hey, we are a girl band, and we play really good, hard punk rock, deal with it” that we are not only being role models to other girls, but we’re doing our part in the big picture. Most of the time

reviewers can’t seem to break outta the “compare them to another girl band” box, and that’s ok. Corey Parks says I sound like the singer from

Mudhoney…now that’s definitely breaking outta the comparison box.



Do you care about reviews?

-Not really. I don’t usually read them because they won’t change what I

do…We play our music our way, because you can’t please anybody, just



Which is the most peculiar review you ever have got?

-Um, we got a review for a show a long time ago where the reviewed reamed us…then said we were a terrible all girl band, but the thing was for that show we had a fill-in drummer, who was a guy, so apparently this particular review hadn’t even seen us play, or hadn’t been paying attention. Hmmm…maybe I do read reviews?


What is the best with being a all-girl band? And the worst?

-Really, the best thing has to be the girls in the band. I love it…it’s so

fun….it’s like a 24  hr sleepover when we are on tour…we get in so much

trouble together it’s ridiculous. It’s also great when other females come up

to you and tell you how impressed they are, or that they are going to start

there own band…that’s moving. The worst thing has to be just being written

off as another girl band, it goes away once people actually see us play, but

people really don’t think girls can play, so we have to fight that

stereotype n’ prove them wrong.



How does your average audience look like? Is it mostly boys or do you have much girls in your audience?

-I swear it has to be about half and half….old and young too… we get all

of um…


How would you describe your music in three words?

-Femme fatale punk…


What drives you to play music?

-We like to express ourselves through music, get out some of that

aggression we have against our boyfriends & ex’s….its also just fun…we’ll

play till we can’t play anymore…



Why this macabre cover on Massacre with all the blood and so?

-That was the big idea for the album….we actually wrote the title track to

go along with that concept of blood & murder…too bad it dropped the same week 50 Cents’ Massacre did….just for the record, we had it first!



Hardcore bitch?

-That song is about trusting someone enough to make music with them and

then watching them slowly give up something they once loved because they are totally jaded and young. It’s pretty much about an old band member leaving, people changing….


When you do lyrics, where do you get your inspiration from?

-Usually heartbreak, that’s the easiest, we are always ready to write a

song about heartbreak. Lately though it’s been a little more hardcore, songs

about life, and not being happy.


Is it important with lyrics which matter or can you have a lyric simple

love song also?

-There aren’t really ever any simple lyrics. I think I consider myself a

writer before a musician, so when I write a song, there may be a simple

chorus line, but the whole of the song is pretty tough.



Is there any good bands in USA right now?

-No…ha ha…ok yeah maybe a few…We’re from Orange County and I guess I’m still into a lot of local OC bands like the Stitches, The Schemers, The Generators…there’s also bigger bands like the Confession, The Black Halos, Ministry…etc.


What do you know about Sweden, what is typical Swedish?

-Well I thank Sweden for Ikea…I was born in Germany, so I’m a fan of

everything European and I can remember visiting Sweden as a kid….fucking amazing.


Have you heard any good Swedish bands?

-Oh yeah! Probably the only girl band I actually can say I love is The

Sahara Hotnights…we see them play every time they come over here. They are really balls out girl rockers and we love them. There’s also Randy & pretty much anything else that comes out on Burning Heart we are fans of.


How is it to live in USA right now? Political?

-It’s tense, but I don’t think we can ever complain because it beats

living in a third world country. We are always concerned about how the rest

of the world sees us and it sucks that we, as a country, are making a bad

name for ourselves right now. We just have to do our best to be good people at home and remember to vote & hopefully everything will work itself out. That said, we aren’t really a political band at all…


Have bands like Donnas helped bands like yours out anything?

-No, not really. They have been playing for a long time, but there hasn’t

really been a big influential girl band since The Runaways. It’s kinda

sad…it’s something to work hard for.


Have you been outside USA and played?

-No we have not! There’s talk of us licensing our album to People Like

You, and possibly touring over there some time this year….we’re gunna keep our fingers crossed & we’ll for sure come by Sweden!



Is Disaster a good label? What do you think about the other bands there?

-They are a very good label. They take care of us, but at the same time

give us the freedom to make our own decisions. We have great bands on this label- The Hollowpoints, Union 13 and any of Duane Peters (US BOMBS) projects are amazing.


Have you done anything more than Massacre, (if you have how can I get it)

-Yes! We have. We’ve released two albums prior to this one, a self-titled

album & “Graceland”. You can order either of these off of Interpunk.com,

just type in Civet.



Idols when you were small?

-Our Parents, Rainbow Bright & all of the Disney princesses. Go figure, we

were young!


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-First - Bush “16 Stone“, Last- Social Distortion ”Sex, Love, And Rock n’

Roll“, Most Expensive- Sahara Hot nights (Import Vinyl)


Most embarrassing record in your collection?

-Suzi owns Hilary Duff and Ashlee Simpson Records, but I think all of us

can admit to owning some Good Charlotte Cd’s,  yeah Waldorf!


Is it many interviews? Is it boring?

-It is long, but it’s really, really good!(I meant interview over all but she´s answering about this interview I think/Peter)


The question you never get but you want to have, please ask it and answer


-What do you drive to shows/ on tour? We have a “band van” that is a Ford Econoline 350 it’s an old Corona beer van with red interior…we also have a cherry red trailer that we hook up to the van when we go on tour….it’s like home away from home.


Futureplans for the band?

-We are recording a new cd this year and hope to tour Europe! Keep an eye out for us or visit us at www.Civetgirls.com!


For yourself?

-We all will continue to work hard and just become better people…It’s

kinda crazy growing up, but we’re glad we have a chance to play music!



-Do what makes you happy, not what other people want you to do!


Something to add and say to your Swedish listeners and readers?

-You fucking rock! We will see you soon! Xoxo