Charta 77 is a group all punk in Sweden know and they struggle tirelessly. Per responded splendidly to my questions in October 2015.


You've been around for a long time now ... you have been an active group all the time, or how is it?

-We have played all the time with a small break when I was sick.


You're the only original member now well ... how long have you been Mr. Charta 77?

-Charta 77 have always been those members who are in the band at the moment. Mattias has been in 17 years and Teijo total of 14 years. Would be a bit weird to say I'm Charta and we are not, right?


I understand that it is sad that Johnny and you have been separated now in the group ... we do not take any of it but it means that you take in a new member or will you only have temporary guitarists instead ..?

-We will have so-called reserve until we find someone we enjoy and feel comfortable with us. It feels right to do so because the tour was booked broadly before this happened with Johnny.


Did Johnny wrote something to the new album?

-No, he hadn´t written something or play something on the record.


Are you satisfied with the new album ... silly question really ... is there anything you could have done better? Do you think people will recognize you?

-We are very pleased with the new album but there are always things you can do better, but after the deadline you must allow themselves to be "ready" with a record.


What inspires you to make the texts really mean? It will be the best lyrics when you are angry?

-Everything really. It can be something you read or hear. Best lyrics and music for that matter, I do enough when I'm mostly low.


Is there any topic you could never write a song about?

-Not that I know of. Probably I have no real taboos.


Which is Charta 77's most "ridiculous" song of all times ... I mean the song is not about anything really?

-Nisse on the first disc is very much noising. Then there are the occasional incomprehensible songs later, but most of them have a thought behind it.


It is important to get into politics in the texts to get people to listen ... do you think you can influence people with the lyrics?

-No, but for me it is important that the text comes from the heart. I think that my lyrics can change me anyway, and with it so they have changed the world, albeit very little.


What is or are the songs you always play live, what songs the audience wants to hear anything and what / which songs are the most fun to play?

-Well, Lilla Björn of course, Ensam kvar, Världsamvetet, Herrarna etc. The most fun is when you feel that you get together a set they work straight through. With the dynamics and tone of the song and then continue.


You will of course out, or rather have been starting a rather extensive tour now. How has it begun to think you are?

-Really good, We played at a nearly packed Debeser Stand and Pipeline at the weekend and both places, the audience, and we turned a bunch.


Does punk lives in Sweden? Are there some great new bands?

-There are a plethora of new and good bands. Nothing mentioned nothing forgotten. On stage front, it can always be better.

No thoughts about releasing more records on Birdnest as in the past?

-No. But a few more records it will come.


Do you have many unreleased songs with Charter 77 who may come in a box or the like?

-No, most are out there in one form or another.


It was many years since the last album. I know you've been through a lot, stroke, solo album, etc? Have you played in any other bands from time to time?

-No. ThesSolo project is my only otrogenhets business. All the others have or have had other bands on the side of the Charta.


Are you completely healthy from cerebral bleeding ... no residual symptoms? Or restrictions?

-Fresh I probably never man with healthy mean that I will be as before the bleeding. I have full of peculiarities due to the bleeding, but I try to learn to live with them. I'm half-time sick leave permanently, ie half-time early retirement.


Tell us about the guys in the band now, good and bad sides, age, family, and if they might work with something?

-Mattias Söderlund plays bass like a God and is always the band that held his temper up. He worked as a personal assistant to a spine paralyzed guy. Teijo Granberg is my brother in law and a master of the drums, ensures that the order is kept and that the bus is packed optimally. Working with machine maintenance on Volvo.



Have you / in contact with the old members who have been involved in previous editions of Charta 77?

-All Except Martin, the first drummer. Have not a clue where he is.


How do you see else to live in Sweden today considering everything that happens refugee camps on fire, SD gaining ground etc ... Are you afraid of what the future will look like?

-It is very scary and places higher demands on all the humanistic views that we are visible and appear as the antithesis of the hatred that is spread right now.


You've just turned 50 years too ... has it changed your outlook on life, punk etc?

-It's just a number. Having children changed me and my outlook on life, but to fill in feel nothing special. It becomes stiffer in the body.


It was a great party, I understand? Many friends from near and far?

-Yes, it was around 200 old friends, everything from old babysitters and my first mate to the new friends I've known for a year. One of those party that makes you understand that you have done a few things right over the years.


How have time for anything else, you have the restaurant, from what I understand, you're working on Strömsholms brewery (are you working there only or owns or how is it ?, You have the band... it is more strings you have to your bow?

-I work at my own pace but some times it gets a bit too much.


What is the best thing about playing live do you think?

-To become one with the audience. The buzz you feel in your body after a good gig.


Where are the best audience?

-On the next concert.


Tell us something really fun that happened during a gig, tour, etc ... anything you have not told sooner?

-Nothing suitable for printing.


How do you think it is to play today if you compare to when you started as a young punk band?

-It is just as fun if not more fun.


Is punk as important to you today. Is it the same thing? Has it affected your entire life?

-Yes, but my punk has matured with me. The discussion about what punk is right uninteresting. It means little different for different people.


In the past, we were able to shock people by cutting the hair, dye it any color or similar. If you now that youth would "shock" his environment, or at least get attention..what must be done?

-Sing Opera and play golf maybe.


Future plans for the band?

-Make 20-30 gigs and have fun.


For yourself?

-Continue writing music and lyrics, and being a good friend, husband, father and extra grandfather .


Words of wisdom?

-The Golden rule works even I am an atheist.


Something to add?

-Keep Up the good work with Skrutt.