Bustups is a wonderful little band from the little country of Sweden. Linda have answered the quetsions. It was done during a period In august-october 2005.


Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, interests, work and something bad about every one?

Linda(vocals): I´m soon 29 years and lives in Malmö on Sofielund in a three room flat with my daughter which have her third birthday in December, Sometimes lives my boyfriend and his cat  here too. I´m interested in music of course, ska. And I like to go to concerts and dance all night to god music. Hm, secret and horrible. Yeah, it depends on who you´re asking but this says something “" what happens on the road stays on the road" is a code of honor which I think is important. Old days, now I´m engaged and I´m in love. 

Anna Asp, saxphone, 21 years. She goes to the theatreline at Fridhem school. Anna will soon make her debut as a statist in a vampiremovie. Anna plays and do own music and she is a fantastic singer and she´s really fantastic on her saxophone.

Henning Frizell, lives with his girlfriend in a small apartment in Malmö. He works on a home there it lives persons with psychical problems. Henning likes to go to concerts and he often goes with the rest of the band on punk(rock) concerts in Copenhagen and Malmö. Henning is more fun than the most people and he cannot tell a story without being funny. 

Anders Baeck. The ADHD child in the band. He have check on everything and he drives fastest. He look after so the the rent is paid and he´s always the most alert even if his legs are broken. He lives with his girlfriend in Malmö and he´s have been 30 recently. Otherwise he use to be the most sober in the band but there´s exceptions. In Berlin after the christmastour he became most drunk of all and he said to everybody  " I take care of the band Im like the father of the band and when everyting is klippt and klappt then I can party...."


Have it been many personal changes in the group?

Linda:2002 we exchanged our drummer Henning and a short while after that Daniel started to play bass with us. 

But now have Daniel decided to quit playing with us so now we´re looking after a new bassist. We like to get a permanet solution and not one who only can be on the christmastour. 


Any other bands at the same time you play with?

Linda:Sometimes Anders plays with a nerdpopband. Anna writes own things which she plays out sometimes.And we who plays the horns is on different recordings sometimes and when we´re needed.


You take an opion against racism, is it important to take opinion against things wgen you play music?

Linda:I think it is important to take opinion against things which is engage me, And not to react on stupidity is stupid itself..

Politic and music, does it goes hand in hand? Is music a good way to get out your thoughts?

Linda:What is politics? The most can be politics. I think it´s impossible to write anything without being politic. But isn’t it partypolitics but all decisions  which is done over our heads and all unknowledge and ignorance must be fighted against.


Best political band/artist?

Linda:Right now I think it is the song Propaganda with Slackers which is uncredible good.


When you do songs, what are you being influenced by lyrically?

Linda:When I write lyrics it comes from all my feelings of different types, sadness, abandoness, anger, frustration or as my new and best song ever by big love. So the lyrics is a way to work up and think about things which have happened in life. Therefore it can angry lyrics about unjustice och acid old men in a suit or how important is it to be fight about things you beleive in. Or how it can be on a mondaymorning.  But you must have something funny to sing about just to manage to go on.


You play skamusic, howcome you play that sort of music and that´s not the most trendy right now?

Linda:No, you have right. It´s fucking untrendy with ska. But I am addicted of it. I don´tt thin it´s a day without listening to ska., so when I write a song I don´t think it´s going to be a skasong but it became ska anyway.  


Is there any good skabands in Sweden right now?

LindaYeah, surely many but I like Liptones. And USCB

You get some good reviews from Per Bjurman too, do you see that as a compliment or how do you take that?

Linda:This was one of our first reviews so of course it meant something to us. But mor e what he wrote more than that it was just he who was writing....


But he named you something else that Bustups first?

Linda:I don´t blame him. I have also hard to remember name, titles and years.( and the clock)


Do you care about reviews?

Linda:Sometimes. If it feels like if the reviewer really have put some time and energy just to write a review so can I be learned something from it. Some critics is useful. And then there is the people who only want to namedrop and show themselves to the world and have almost never to listens to the new material, then I don’t care.


Which is the most peculiar review you ever have got?

Linda:I think it’s fun that almost every journalist writes the same thing, Actually. When we did our second demo we heard that we sounded American and almost every paper wrote that. But one paper wrote that we sounded German, I wonder if I sound like queen Silvia maybe. 


You have never thought of doing some song in swedish? Why or why not? 

Linda:For me ska in Swedish smells a little bit Frisbee, barefoot and grass….but there’s exceptions like Eskalator. No, I still will go round in a minibus in German and it’s easier to get gigs with lyrics in English.  


Covers, do you do that things?

Linda:Yeah, it happens in livegigs..

Many skabands mix punk into their skamusic,not you, do you like punk?

Linda:Is it possible not liking punk? Of course we do that. But punk isn´t only to play, it´s a way to live also, as to be a singlemum and buy St Pauli shirts to your child  ;)


How do you think it is in Sweden? Politically??

Linda:I´m worried about the rightwingwinds which blows in the country. It is like , more harder it is people stop thinking about other people. They care more about the taxes than where the money goes. But there is exceptions and the rightwing get resistance from the tight Christdemocratstyle.


The socialist party got much critics how they act when the tsuanamicatastroph was in December 04, opinion about that? Or was it only a way for the opposite parties to get some pluspoints?

Linda:The oppositeparties do what they can to be ”the peoples party” and they hide behind their disguisting way to see on people. Of course the socialist party got critics but it is always so that the party which have the power get critics, they hold each other behind their backs and get out a bureaucratic fog to hide some mistakes. So does the powerful people even if it´s rightwing or leftwing. 


Do you vote when it´s election or what?

Linda:I vote but I´m not satsfied with thaty. I try to engage myself into important questions but the time isn´t always enough.


Is it many interview? Is it boring?

Linda:I like interviews but I have secret dreams about meeting an interviewer in real life. Everything is via mail today and that´s easy but in the same time things get lost. 


Which is the question you never get but you want to have? Please ask it and answer it

Linda:Does Anders Baeck like icecream? Yes he do but he´s not allowed to eat Big Pack.


Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcerts and five most important things in life?

Linda:Social Distortion White heat, white light, white trash

Slackers Wasted Days

Slackers Close my eyes

Mr Rewiew, Streets where Im living

Give em the boots IV, if you can choose lowbudgetcompilation?



Linda:Slackers inHelsingborg 050805

Skatalites in Malmö 011215

Lars Fredriksen and the bastards Copnehagen and Malmö 0408

WholeRoskilde 1994, because it was my first festival and therefore I cannot take one gig apart from the other.  ....

Bustups in Hannover 2005, the afterparty with Bustups versions of old punksongs on ukulele. You can buy it as a bootleg in some shops....



Linda:1. Vilda, Christoffer Francke, Bustups, family and friends

2. The icecreamfactory

3. Short skirts

4. Tattoos

5. Möllan 214


The first , latest and the most expensive record ever bought?

Linda:The first was Alphaville, The latest Slackers Red light and the most expensive I don´t know because I pay with card.


The most embarrasing record in your collection?

Linda:Mauro Scocco


Where do you stand when were talking about mp3, download or not, does it help or is it not a help for smaller bands?

Linda:Me myself like mixed tapes. It´s underestimated I think. 


Is it not more important criminals they can hunt?

Linda: Definitively As judges who buys sex for example. 


Futureplans for the band?

Linda:We hope we get some more rehearsaltime to finish our halfready new songs, we write the most together. We plan and hope to do a fullength..


And for yourself?

Linda:See above:)



Linda:As long as you can see yourself in your eyes without being ashamed , you have done right! 


Something to add?

Linda:Thanks for a good interview. Good questions there I was forced to think a little. And that felt good this tuesdayafternoon. I hope you’re satisfied. 


Linda Byqvist