I haven’t been writing in Skrutt for about ten months. Seems like I have been working all the time. Doing some kind of career I suppose. But I have bought and listen to an awful amount of records, or so it seems. I am going to review some of them further down on this side. Rather often when I listen or see the news I been struck by a sense of disbelief. Another war is rising in Balkan, machineguns and mortars cracks the night once again. Will peace and hope never be a part of Balkan anymore? In the United States a new president have sworn the oath. I don’t think he is the President the world needs. Ripping up environmental agreements. Put women’s rights back 30 years. Cure criminality with dead sentences. Europe as well got problems of our own, and it is spelled animals. Mad cow disease and mouth and foot disease. Sounds like two rather good band names but is not funny at all. 


The EU summit in Gothenburg is over and leaves the inner city with shattered glass, graffiti and destroyed shops. Over 25.000 people demonstrate against the European Unions big scale politics, which leaves the little man further away from the decisions. Do we going to remember this? Or what the summit was all about? Not a chance, the riots and the cowards in hoods is forever connected with Gothenburg.

In some of these groups pages on Internet the call these riots a victory. Victory of what? That you get the citizens of Gothenburg’s loath and despise? That the people which rights you say you defend was cheering the police force? Ironically these actions in Gothenburg have put these groups in the same square as fascists, neo nazis and other right wing extremists. The same disguises, the same lack of humanity, the same blind violence. I want to end this part with a quote from Nietzche witch going something like this, “if you hunting monsters, don’t become one during the hunt”.


Outside my window is it summer and I have two more weeks to work before vacation. Seems like an eon of time. Going to spend these precious vacation days with my family, some diving and a week on the boat. And after these streams of words down to some real business, the reviews or to be truer, briefings....


Green Day – Warning. Green day seems to write better and better music after each new record. And this one is no exception. In some reviews I have read it says that Green Day has moved from punk to rock with this release. Typical for ignorant journalist that think punk is equal to fast music and not to attitude. Maybe have the group slowed down a little. But it’s still catchy tunes that sticks like glue in your head after one or two times. And with lyrics like “minority” Green Day is far from an ordinary rock band.  Especially found am I of  “Church on Sunday”, “Misery” and of course “Minority”. This is a record witch is well worth your money.

Avail – One Wrench. This record is so god that I hardly have words, except from fucking good. The band displays so much anger and in a way that recalls me of Poison Idea. Like P.I Avail can combine this fury with strong songs and catchy (well) music. On almost every record are it – if it is a good record – at least one or two really bad tunes. “One wrench” does not include a single bad tune. Furthermore, Avail has a unique sound and makes music full of surprises. The only other band I can think of that has as strong identity as Avail is Good Riddance. Yet another record worth your hard earned money.

Randy – The Human Atom Bombs. Without doubt one of the most interesting bands from Sweden and for that matter the world today. I know that I haven’t always liked Randy, but the two latest records have convinced me. They mix all kind of music and get delicate soup. This record is more “good old time rock´n roll” than Thin Lizzy.  Some says it sounds like The Clash, maybe so but most of all it sounds like Randy. One of this years best records, a must in every decent record collection.

Bombshell Rocks – Cityrats & Alleycats. I really loved Street Art Gallery, a record that expressed a group that gave it all without remorse. It was an unpolished record, but you had to surrender for the performance. One of the few recordings there you could really hear the cocky attitude and that the lads was doing it for the hell of it. The new one is maybe to polished or it is just that the song is weaker? Yes and no, the biggest problem is that some of that attitude has been lost somewhere between the recording studio to my CD player. Anyhow, no matter how pale the recording is, “Faith & Dedication” is a killer tune. Their next release will be a blast.

Skrutt Records – Burned Favourites Vol 1. It not so easy to review a record that my good friend Peter has put together. First of all is it best to declare that Peter and myself have different opinions of many records! I have not been a part of this record! Had that been the case, the mix had been completely different! I am not so positive and soft when it comes to reviews as Peter! To be honest I bought this record just to get Peter happy. But, But, But “Burned Favourites” is far better than ever could imagine. No really bad band and no shitty recordings make this record quite ok.

Levellers – Pig. Since I first heard “Levelling the Land” have I loved this group, even that  some of their latest releases weren’t to good. But there were always one or two tracks that reminded me of the magic this group could create. Pig, however have one good track, “Edge of the World”. The rest is too much Beatles for me. I must be one of the few individuals on earth that doesn’t like Beatles. In my book Beatles is a pop-band that converted in a hippie ditto. This do not generates “gold stars” in the same book. Seems like this is a “kill your darlings” review. Their next release might be better, but I doubt it. And for this record, a single had been enough!

New Model Army – Eight. N.M.A was one of the few bright spots during the 80´s for us who loved hard rock but not “heavy-fucking-metal”. The band shined at most with their release of the magnificent “Thunder and Consolation”. After this Justin and the boys was walking down the slope. I deserted the group around “Love for Hopeless Causes”. After some years I heard that the split up and I didn’t care. I heard the started again for some years ago and I still didn’t care. However, during an “attack” in one of Gothenburg’s better record shops when I didn’t found anything I looked for, I bought “Eight”. I had no greater expectations when I put the Cd in my player. After that I had listen to the record several times i have to admit that this is good. Okay, we do not talk a new “Ghost of Cain” but it is a big step forward. Two songs from “Eight” is so strong that they going to fit in a “Best of N.M.A” record, “You Weren’t There” and “R&R”.  Their next release is from now on in my “got to get list”.