I know, it has been a while since I wrote last time. However better late than never. Time flies and falls in to history and so does all records both bad and good. I will not use this chronicle to dig trough all these records that I have missed to write about. But You get some reviews at the end.


For over two years ago in my latest chronicle in Skrutt I did have great doubt about the new president George W Bush. And I think time has proved me right. No, I do not think Saddam is misunderstood, an angel or likewise, rather the opposite. But I am convinced that the second Iraq war was undertaken under false flag. Where is the evidence of mass destruction weapons? I do not think that we ever see any. But U.S.A and England has secured oil wells for years to come......... I have a split view on the recent Iraq war. The world been rid of a dictator of the magnitude of Hitler and Stalin. On the other hand has the coalition “taken the law in there own hands”. Just because you got military might does not get you the right to stand over international law. How will our future be when US and friends can start a war on doubtful grounds? What country will it be next time, North Korea, France, Sweden........


This fall Sweden goes to referendum about yes or no to the European currency. And I ain´t going to be political correct in this matter either. Sweden is a European country and a member of the EU. We have had that referendum, (I voted no). And now when we are in it some people will do it half ways..... They (ironically) scare us with fairly the same arguments that the yes side had before the referendum in 1994. “Unemployment”, “we sell out our country”, “decisions are made some other place” and so on. Here is the bitter fact. We have already sold out our country and yes, the decisions are taken in Brussels since 1995. That fight was lost in 1994. Unemployment comes and goes with the times and is far beyond Sweden’s nor EU government capability to prevent. I do not think nothing much will change if we get a new currency or not. But I dislike the “narrow minded” and arguments of isolation and alienation   that the no side has, and going to vote yes.


Finally after these misuse of words, bad spelling and sentences whit no ground in an English dictionary its time for some reviews. But first some words (of wisdom): Love your near ones. Be good to your self. Do not ever sell out your beliefs. You are never to old to do things, no matter what others think or say. And most important of all, rock on and be in the sun.....


NOFX – The War On Errorism.

I always get the new NOFX records and listen to them and tape one or two of the tunes. No more no less, and so have it been since “White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean” witch is until today in my opinion THE NOFX ALBUM. But I get some hope that a new “White Trash...” was on its way when got the “Pump Up The Valuum” album. The group did it, and the newest album is as good as “White.....” and (after a little time) going to be there strongest piece so far. The difference between this album an a ordinary album is not the songs, the have just added two lost ingredients.  They are political aware in a new sense and the have found that lost anger and put it in almost every tune. From “Church & Skate” to “whoops, I OD´d” this album is damned near five stars. I have played this record so much that my oldest boy screams “I wanna go to the punk rock show”.


Randy – Welfare Problems.

You can never be bored by this act. Every new album shows a new side of the band. While some other bands sounds like blueprint of “medio-core”, Randy is everything else but a copy. They have led us through musical influences from the fifties to present day with the ground in punk rock. “Welfare Problems” is dated to the late seventies. The album includes a few downs but most highlights. The albums big hook is “X-Ray Eyes”. That song stuck like glue. However I have I big but to this record and to the “Human Atom Bombs”. Why can’t the boys get a real producer that give them the sound the tunes deserve. To be honest, it sounded bad on “Human Atom Bombs” and its near to be a disaster on the new one. I do not matter how good the tunes are if the production stinks. Please, hear my pray to the next album.


Mad Caddies- Just one more.

I have had heard a few tunes by this band and thought it was ok. I did not expect a record like “Just One More”. I get happy of this record and sings along playing (air) both horn and guitar. Its albums like these that reminds me of what its all about, having fun. How it sounds, great. If your a hard core/punk rock puritan don’t buy this record. All others buy it and love it. The summer of 2003 is saved.


The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – A Jacknife To a Swan.

This record is not so new, but its worth to write about. I have always loved this group and their special mix of punk/hardcore and ska. My love fainted a little when a received MMBT “Pay Attention”. An album that contains lame tunes whit a even lamer sound. Somehow it felt that “Pay Attention” was a try to get a commercial breakthrough. On this album the crew has thrown all such ideas over board and done a great album. I think the first six song is the strongest beginning of an album that a have heard in years, maybe ever. Ok, the rest of the album is not so god as the first six tunes. But in average this is one of the best MMBT album since “Don’t Know How To Party”. In Everybody’s Better they sing “To Be King You Don’t Need  Castle”, an MMBT are back on the throne by just doing what they are best on.


Good Riddance – Bound By Ties Of Blood And Affection.

I like this group, a really do. But somehow they don’t  touch me any more. It’s like I have heard all the songs whit a little difference before. And this is sad, because GD was in my opinion one of the groups that was path leading during the nineties whit their unique sound and way to create songs. Somewhere along that path did they lost it, I can’t say when or why.

Maybe have the used their share of creativity? To be honest its not a bad album, but..... In some songs on this album it sounds like Poison Idea, so how could it be bad. Have you never heard GD (if it’s possible) you can buy this album. Rest of us can use our hard earned money on something else, beer, meat and sex.........



They  Droppin´ Like Flies sings The Real McKenzie’s. And they sure do, first Joey Ramone and then Joe Strummer. Punk rock have lost two of its major front men. I am glad that I have seen both bands live. Both have made a place in history books and made thousands of to start bands to be a new Ramones or Clash. They have probably made a bigger impact on present time than many politicians have.