Englands glory?

I interviewed Broken Bones twenty years ago and then after that it have happened a lot of things. Some of the guys in the band seems to be in the wrong mood but what the fuck. Here it is The Broken Bones interview, done in august 2005.


Please a little bit of history, what have happened since the last time I interviewed you(1985)?

Quiv:       I wasn't in the band in 1985

Dave:      Me neither

Oddy:      I'm not sure ... When did you kick me out Bones, you bastard?

Bones:    I didn't fucking kick you out

Oddy:    Since 1985, I was kicked out and Broken Bones went shit - Now I'm back and we're great again.

Bones:    Bollocks!  The "Trader in Death" EP was one of our finest and you weren't on that

Dave:    You didn't play on "Fuck Off and Die" neither, did you Odd?

Oddy:    Oh ... Fuck off!

 Bones:    Since 1985, we released a couple of albums; had some line up changes.  Split Up.  Reformed.


Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, interests,work   and something bad about every one?

Quiv:    I'm too old for this!

Dave:    You've already said you interviewed the band in 1985 mate ... that's enough!

(Long Pause)

Meatman:    Next Question!


Of course you´re being compared to Discharge, comment?

Oddy:    Bones is in Discharge.  It's hardly a surprise ... We're just ... better!

Dave:    Careful Odd ... you know what he's like when he's got it about him

Bones:    I haven't got it about me!  Piss Off! 

            Discharge is Discharge and Broken Bones is Broken Bones. 

            They're both fucking good bands if you ask me.


Which other groups are you being compared to?

Quiv:    Dr and the Medics?

Oddy:    You're a twat, you are.

(Another Long Pause)

Dave:    We don't know mate.  You tell us if you like?

Bones:    I don't care!


Many people would say that you play hardcorepunk what about that expression? How would you describe your music yourself?

Oddy:            It's what you want it to be ... we're not really into labels.

Meatman:    Typical fucking rock star response!

                    It's punk rock. 

                    Hardcore punk rock if you like, but it's punk-fucking-rock.

                    Nothing to be ashamed of!

Oddy:        What do you think Bones?

Bones:        (Shrugs his shoulders)

Dave:        Well, that's settled that then!

Quiv:        HARDCORE

Oddy:        The music Quiv ... Not your DVD collection.


How many records have you done? And how many different labels?

Meatman:    The discography is on the website

                    There's plenty but the albums are "Dem Bones, "FOAD", "Brain death", "Stitched up", "Without conscience" and "Time for anger"

Quiv:        "Stitched Up" was shit.  I hated that.

Oddy:        That was Bones and his 27 minute guitar solos ...

Bones:        Not to worry ... no-one fucking bought it!

Dave:        To be honest mate, it went downhill until "Without Conscience" then they got this first class drummer ...

Quiv:        Heard it all now!


Which type of people comes to your concerts?

 Oddy:    Depends where you are playing.  In the UK, we see a lot of the "loyal" and the "faithful" who remember us from the 1980's

            In the USA there was more of a mix of the "faithful" and a new, younger, audience.

Dave:    The UK is starting to go that way Odd ... we played a few gigs late last year to a younger audience.

Oddy:    Ahh ... but they were there to see Conflict!

Dave:    Now Now ... Not the 'C' word mate.


Is there any good bands in your home country?

Oddy:    Conflict!


What is typical swedish? What do you know about Sweden?

Oddy:    A military power during the 17th century

            Sweden has not participated in any war in almost two centuries

            An armed neutrality was preserved in both World Wars

Meatman:    What the fuck?

Oddy:    Just looked it up on the internet!


Have you heard any swedish bands?

-Meatman:    Were Anti-Cimex from Sweden?

                    They were better than Discharge

Bones:        Fuck off! 

Quiv:        ABBA?


Which reviews have you got on the new CD?

Dave:    We've had a few reviews sent over from the States

Oddy:    Terrorizer ran a review and an interview recently

Dave:    Yeah.  An interview with YOU!

Oddy:    Err ... Anyway; we're quite pleased with the response to the album.


Do you care about reviews?

Bones:    I'm not.

Quiv:        Do you read them then?

Bones:    That's not the point.  They won't change how I play my guitar.


Which is the most peculiar review you ever have got?

(Long Pause)

Oddy:    Nothing comes to mind


Bones, is he in Discharge nowadays or how is it?

Oddy:    Nobody says anything about the "D" word, do they?

Bones:    No!

               I still play for Discharge.  We're working on a new album now.

Dave:     That'll kill it for sure mate ...

           (Bones hits Dave, playfully)


Is it important to have a name which sticks out? Which is the best punkbandname?

Oddy:    Conflict!


How is a good concert with you? Is it violent?

Oddy:    Not at all.  Those days are gone, thankfully.

            You can enjoy any punk gig these days without worrying that someone will throw a glass at you.

            Our gigs are intense.  You get all we have to give.  I burst a blood vessel in my eye singing so hard recently.

Quiv:    Somebody call an ambulance, for fucks sake ...

Dave:    Wrap him up in a blanket someone, in case he gets a cold ...


When you do songs, is it important to have a lyrics which is about something important or is it OK to sing about love   (I know that love is important but you know what I mean?)

Quiv:    I tend to see something on TV or read about something in the newspaper and start jotting them down.

Meatman:    Then he sends them to me and I tell him they're shit!

Quiv:    That's true actually.  I send them to Gav and he says they're shit

Dave:    Then 2 days before we start recording, we sit in the pub get bollocksed and re-arrange the lot!

Quiv:    Yeah ... that's true as well.  Actually, getting bollocksed is more frequent than re-arranging the lyrics.


Politics and music, does it go hand in hand?

 Quiv:    They're always something to write about, I suppose.

            It's not always politics though. 

            On the new album, I wrote a song about the fucking irritating adverts you get on TV

Dave:    Oh mate ... next question.  Don't start him off on ambulance chasers.


Which is the best political band?

Meatman:    Let me guess Odd ... Conflict?


Dr Strange is that a good label?

Oddy:    Bill (Dr Strange) is great and he's been really, really good to us.

Dave:    Definitely.

Quiv:    Ditto.

Bones:    No arguments.



What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle or what?

 Oddy:    It's just up to the individual.  I don't mind being called a "punk"

Meatman:    Thought you weren't into "Labels"

Oddy:    Oh bollocks to you then.  Next question!


It have been a lot of terroristattacks around the world lately, are you scared and what shall we do about it?

Dave:    Everybody should be scared.  It's a senseless waste of human life is what it is.


Have you done any songs about this stuff?

Bones:    On our first album, Dem Bones, we wrote a song called "Terrorist Attack" and we still play it today 'cos it's still relevant today.


Who does the paintings on your CD?

Oddy:    A guy called Stan ... What's his website Gav?



What about the bands future?

Oddy:    We're working with Ezzat from SOS records on a "best of broken bones" compilation which will be out soon

Dave:    He's also helping us with a potential second USA tour in 2006

Oddy:    Hopefully to coincide with the British Invasion gig


.And about your?

Quiv:    Our what?

Dave:    Future!

Quiv:    Oh ... to have one would be nice.

Oddy:    Miserable bastard!

Bones:   I'm gonna be a Dad soon

Quiv:     Fear the worst!  A baby Bones!



Something to add?

Oddy:    Thanks for taking the time to interview us mate.

             Appreciate being asked.

 Meatman:    You really are a fucking rock star, aren't you?!?