Duncan 'Kid' Reid from the classic punkband The Boys have taken some time and answered 28 questions from me. He donīt answer so much on every question but Iīm really satisfied to get contact with a band like this. October-2008


You?re still playing sometimes? Is it more fun to play nowadays than it was in the beginning?

-Its probably more fun now. Its a bit like losing contact with an old friend for 20 years, forgetting all about them, running into them again and realising how well you got on!


What is the most funny which have happened during all these years with Boys?

-The most funny thing. Probably seeing a naked Vom persued round a restaurant in Tokyo by a waiter trying to get him to put his trousers back on.


You have always been called a punkband? Do you like the description?

-I don't mind it. We obviously don't have a lot in common with Crass but, hey, it works.


What does punk mean to you? Is it only a musicstyle or is it a lifestyle?

-It was originally a rebellion against everything that was going on in the seventies -boring old rockers etc. Now, I think its an exciting musical and fashion style that’s lasted down the years.


Which members is it in the group right now?

-All the original ones except that Vom plays drums.


What did you do between Boys back in time and Boys now?

-Saturated the world with Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals and ran Nottingham Forest Football club.


Do you have any other bands on the side of Boys?



Which is your most political song that Boys did/have done?

-Are you kidding! The Garden Gang.


Your most succesful song is First Time I can imagine? How did that lyrics came foreward?

-From the sick and twisted mind of Honest John Plain.


You talk about some album called "Junk" please tell me?

-It was an album recorded between Alternative Chartbusters and To Hell with the Boys. A lot of the songs were included on THWTB and others turned up on later compilations like Odds n Sods.


Do you do any new songs nowadays?

-Not really. Cas & John write all the time although not necessarily in the Boys style. Matt & I can't be bothered. I'd like to have a go at recording a few new Boys tracks as long as we can put the time in to develop them properly. Therein lies the rub as time is tight and we are spread all across Europe.


When you play live today, which ages do come to you concerts?

-It seems to be people barely out of their nappies apart from a few hard core 85 year olds.


Many old punkbands are still playing, any favourites from the past?

-I've enjoyed The Damned and The Vibrators over the past year.


Which is your onwn favouritesong with Boys?

-They are all great.


Which is most fun and which is most boring to play?

-We used to play Independent Girl which was always a real drag live. Everything else is superb.


How is it to live in England right now, I mean politically?

-You're asking the wrong man.


Is it any good bands around today that you like?

-I like The Fratellis and lots of other bands.


Have you ever been to Sweden and played?

-No, unfortunately.


Have you heard any good swedish bands?

-I love The Hives.


Tell me a little about your other project The Yobs? How did you came up with that idea?

-In a fit of dyslexia we accidentally recorded some disgusting Christmas songs while trying to get from the recording studio to the pub.


Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcerts and five most important things in life?

-All of the first 5 Ramones records in any order, I've forgotten every concert I've ever seen, Air, Water, Food, Clothes, Heat.


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-I've never bought one.


The most embarrasing record in your collection?

-See above.


Which group do you really want to do another CD, alive or dead group?

-The Beatles.


Futureplans for the band?



For you as a human being?

-To save the world.





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