-The band started somewhere during 96 and then after that we have sme personal chnages, we have tried about 3 singers, 2 bassists and 4 guitarists before we came to the band we have now. Fact is that I am the onlyoriginal member in the group. All these personal changes have been positive for the band but it has been very hard working without a singer or a guitarist but that have done that we have found our sound and we hope that we can have this lineup in the future


How is a good gi with Bowser?
-Itīs very speedy and we donīt play anything wrong.

How does the middle Bowser fan look like?
-He/she can look any way but I think she/he is doing some extreme

What is the most peculiar thing which have happened on a concert with Bowser?

-Once upon a time I played so my drumkit was melting. ;-)

Please tell me a little about every member ,age, family and so on and something bad about every one?
-Tony Graf. Plays drums, age:born 76, interest, design and music. Family, Mum, dad, 3 sisters(2 halfsisters). Bad about me: Nothing, Iīm perfect in all ways
Måns Allerbjer. Plays bass, age Born 79. Interest:Do nothing and music. Family:Mum,Dad, 2 sisters: Bad about him: He smells sweat

Pontus Fagersteth. Plays guitar and sings: Age. Born 78. Interests:Working and music. Family:Mum and dad and 1 sisters. His feet smells..

Håkan Ljunggren. Plays guitar and do some background vocals. Age:Born 78. Interests:To be with someone and music. Family :Mum, dad 1 brother. He has very easy to be angry and heīs easy to cheat.



How can it be so that you plays this sort of music which isnīt so popular right now??
-We plays skate punk because of the simple thing that we think itīs very good and itīs only in Sweden the music isnīt so big. In Germany, Brazil, Europe,USA and Canada and in Denmark the music is so big that it was back in 1996.

Which reviews have you got on the record, do you care about reviews?
-The one we have got this far is positive, you care about the good ones and not about the bad ones ;-)
Which bands are you being compared to?
-Itīs a little bit different, but often itīs Bad Religion, NOFX, Lag Wagon and so on

What are you listening much to right now?
Good Riddance, Tiger Army, AFI, Turbo Negro & Strike Anywhere.


How is it to be living in Sweden?
-Itīs OK but I want some warmer climat.


How did you react on the terroristattack on the 11th of september and where were you when you ehard about it?
-Iīm think itīs always terrible when civil people must die in militairy actions but USA have killed their share of civil people during their time so theyīre not better iether. I was at home when I heard about it.


What does punk mean to you?
–Good music with good lyrics which tries to change the community.


Have it changed your life anything?

-I was a little paranoid for a time and that thing with anthrax wasnīt so fun.

How is to play punk in Gothenburg today? -In my time there was many places to play , for example Sprängkullen which was the mecca for punks?
-As we said before, punk isnīt so big in Sweden but thereīs some people who tries to keep it alive, for example (west coast punk community) which is setting up punk and hc-gigs in Gothenburg.


Is it much interviews?
-No, not so much.


Which is the question you never get, please ask it and answer it?
-Hell I donīt know, it must be some serious question which I have a really good answer to but I canīt come up with it now.


Is there any good bands in Gothenburg/Sweden?
-Yeah-Gothenburg/Sweden have a lot of bands but if you see in the punkstyled music itīs not so many good bands left. It have been some good reuinions in the last time as Skumdum and Strebers. But as I said the punk isnīt so big in Sweden anymore and many of the bands seems to want to play rock instead of the melodic fast punk as Randy to take an example. But I think when youīre going to change musicstyle so much why donīt change name too as Randy have done with their music


When you do music, which is most important , is it to have good lyrics, a good melody or to have a refrain which people can remember?

-For me the lyrics is most important and then the music , the refrain isnīt so important I think because we donīt want to do any MTV-hit


Futureplans for the band?
-Continue to play melodic punkrock.

Futureplans for yourself?
-To get a real job in layout and design.


Have you done anything more than the CD with seven songs which you sent  to me? How can I get it if you have?
-Yeah, we have some demos in our bagage but we donīt print anything new issues of it.


-You can change things if you believe in what youīre doing.

Something to add?
-Yeah, ehhhh... no I mean.


Please rank your five favouriterecords, five best concerts and five most important things in life?
Records: 1.Misfits "Walk Among Us" 2.Tiger Army "The Power of Moonlite" 3.Death by Stereo "If Looks Could Kill, I'd
 Watch You Die" 4.AFI "The Art of Drowning" 5.Satanic Surfers "Hero of Our Times"
Concerts: 1.Lagwagon in Copenhagen 99 2.NOFX in Christiania 2000 3.Refused ni Gothenburg 98 4.Millencolin in Gothenburg 96
 5.No Fun At All in Gothenburg 96.
Most important: 1.That we donīt use animals and people. 2.Donīt waste your To say Iīm sporry when you have the chance. 5.Donīt give up your dreams



The first , latest and most expensive record ever bought
–The most expensive is the ;Misfits box which look like a coffin. The first record I think was Destroyer by Kiss , itīs a little bit difficult to remember. The latest record I bought was Unconsciously

Confined withSatanic Surfers.



Youīre from Gothenburg and then you must support GAIS, why or why not?

-Personally I hate both hockey and football.



Can you think of of being part on a record with a team or a political view that you support?

-Yeah we could do, but not a team


Do you care about politics?
-Yeah, much!



Will you vote this fall? Is there any party which you support?

-Havenīt decide me yet, but it must be the extreme leftwing



You have never thought about swedish lyrics?

-We have one swedish lyrics "Hisingen Hardcore" and itīs on our mp3.com site but it will not be so much more than this because we want people all around the world share our lyrics and understand what we want.