Craig Hayworth from scottish Bovine took long time to get but here is his answers to my faboulous questions. It took place 20/9-2000


-We've been together as Bovine for 2 years come this november, before that it
was a high school band doing covers of songs that the band liked in Davids
garage, we decided to get serious about the band so we hired a practise room
in Falkirk and practised some songs that David had written intill we thought
we were ready to play them live, then we blagged our first gig on 5th feb 99
at the engine room in falkirk after we getting the clubs owner to come down
and hear us play in the studio, we played tons of gigs at local venues and a
few across the rest of scotland, we recorded our demo on 20th feb 2000 to
send out to promoters and zines we also managed to sell a few at gigs, we
are currently planning a small english tour supporting shatterhand in
december, we are currently auditioning new drummers because Steven had to
leave for his job

Please tell me a little about every member?

David(18) sings & plays guitar, he writes most of the songs, spends most of
his life in the house with the curtains shut (we think he might be a vampire
or something)or in the pub.
Andy(18)plays lead guitar and does backing vocals, he gets all the women, he
is a stud (bastard) spends most of his life in the gym or in the pub.
Craig/me(21)plays bass cant sing has smelly feet and spends most of his life
writing to promoters and sending out tapes,in bed or in the pub.
Steven used to play drums now he just works and see's his burd, we somtimes
see him in the pub.

How is punklife in Scotland?

-Pretty good, its starting to take off, in Falkirk there are lots more people
starting to take an interest in the live music scene, and lots of great punk
and metal bands playing, only on a small scale right now but its getting
bigger all the time

Any good bands?

-Turtlehead are really good, and Shatterhand are great as well everyone
should check out these two bands from Falkirk

What do you know about Sweden?

-Not much, its near Norway i think, and Millencollin come from Sweden

Do you know any good swedish bands?

-Millencollin and Entombed

You like football?



Which team? 

-Glasgow Rangers

What do you think about Celtics Henke Larsson?

- We dont like Celtic

Why didnīt Scotland make it to Euro 2000, you have done much better than
England there or...?

-Coz were shit

How is a good a concert with Bovine?

-Lots of jumping around, lots of fast pop punk, we just try to enjoy ourselves as much as we can when were
playing and get the crowd to have fun

How does the average fan look like?


What have you done excpet the demo CD you sent me?

-Thats all weve recorded so far but we will be recording again soon, apart
from that weve been drinking a lot!

Have you heard anything from any labels?

-We got a good review from a small label called Potato Print Records, but no
five album deals yet

I compare you to Mega City Four, Senselss Things, what other comparings
have you heard?

-Weīve been compared to the Clash(?), Blink182 and Speedowax, but we dont
think we sound like any one band we take influences from lots of bands but
try not to copy anyone

Why do you play this sort of music?

-Because its fun to play and its the music we all listen to, and its easy to
play aswell!

Is it many interviews?

-Weve done a few like this one and one video interview for a local videozine

What the most frequent asked question?

-Why the name?

To be in Kerrang , have it made anything possible for you?

-Yeah weve made a lot of contacts and been offered a few gigs in England, we
had a lot of people asking for copys of our demo and a few that even liked

What does Bovine mean?

-It means any thing pertaining to cattle or someting that is dull and stupid

Idols when you were small?

-Mine was Spiderman I canīt speak for the rest of the band

First record you ever bought and the last one?

- 1st: michael jackson -bad. last: Beauty School Dropout - Teasing the fat kids

What do you think about the new way to communicate, with email and
internet and that sort of things?

- Brilliant, confusing, weird, wonderful and exciting

Do you have an own site, any favourite site?

-Our site is

Future plans?

-Tour England in december starting on the 15th at the
Indian Queen in Boston, record a new e.p, gig loads and try to find a way
of making a living doing this


-Never play leapfrog with a unicorn (Murphys Law)

Something more to add?

-Thanks peter for taking an interest in our band,
if anyone wants to contact us for a cd or exchanging gigs:
write - 230 King Street, Stenhousemuir, Stirlingshire, Scotland, FK5 4JT.
e.mail -
phone - (01324) 570468